Save This Marriage! Discover How to Stop a Divorce From Happening to You!

Go back in time to when you were first married.  The two of you were so much in love.  Life was wonderful.  Your dreamed of all of the good times that lay ahead for you.All of a sudden, you find yourself fighting to save this marriage.  Marriage isn’t at all what you thought it was going to be.  The love that was once so new and grand is now a thing of the past. You, like a lot of other people, have found yourself unhappy in your marriage.  This could have started soon after you got married, or it could be years later.  It seems like you’re sleeping with a stranger – this just isn’t the person you married!It doesn’t have to be this way!  Even though you sometimes feel like all hope is lost, IT’S NOT!  You CAN find yourselves as much as in love with each other as you were when you were first married! I’m sure you’ve heard how important communication is, in a marriage.  Find out what is causing the problems in your marriage, and talk about them.  Be as honest with each other as possible.  Marriage consists of compromises.  Two people cannot live as one without compromising.  It will never work.Both of you should make a list of what you think the problem or problems are in your marriage.  After that, make a list of things that you enjoy about each other.  Exchange the lists, and see what you can both do to come up with solutions.Be sure to make physical contact often.  Every little touch, while it doesn’t seem like much, brings intimacy back into your marriage.  A simple touch here, a kiss there, a hug for no reason at all, etc.  The more you touch one another, the more you will feel that spark start to come back into your marriage.As it took time for your marriage to get this bad, it will take some time to make it good again.  But everything good in life is worth working for.  You deserve a happy marriage!  You had it once, you can have it again!


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  87. The director of the National Typhoon Facility Rick Knabb and also AccuWeather Typhoon Specialist Dan Kottlowski detailed
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  248. The impact of the physical destruction caused by the
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