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How to Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied So That He Does Not Look For It Elsewhere

In a marriage, as a wife, it could be one of your primary responsibilities to keep your husband sexually satisfied since sex is one of the proven ways to communicate love and affection for each other. In fact, sex, fortunately or unfortunately, happens to one of the most important driving factors that keep a marriage going. Even marriages gone sour can survive if both the partners have satisfying sex. But then why not, if this can bring you close to your husband, fulfill one of his basic needs and therefore guarantee peace and harmony in the relationship?The importance of sex in a marriage should never be underestimated, especially when we hear and read about hundreds of situations where the husband has strayed simply because he could not enjoy sex with his wife anymore! Therefore, to keep your marriage going on a happy note, it is imperative that you keep your husband sexually satisfied, over and above the other small and big efforts that you take to keep him happy. But how do you keep your husband sexually satisfied? Is there any specific tip that is applicable? Well, it is a combination of tips and techniques which can help you keep your husband sexually satisfied:o Over and above appearing sexually attractive to your husband be impulsive, unpredictable and flirtatious in your sexual advances. Sex need not be restricted to night and that also on your bed only. With him you need not be formal – in stead, caress him, touch and kiss him when he least expects it. If you find him gradually losing interest in sex, why not watch some blue films together? Wear the negligee he likes, dim the lights, sip your favorite wine and cuddle up to him. This ought to arouse him sexually; and after the foreplay you can surely keep your husband sexually satisfied. Remember every man, including your husband needs a bit of chasing once in a while, so that they feel wanted and desirable.o Words never lose its importance to keep a relationship going on a satisfying note. Never stop telling him how much you appreciate his way of making love; how a scene from a movie reminded you of the last time he made love to you, and so on. Make unexpected calls while he is at work and fix up a schedule for the night when you can be together. Contrary to popular belief, planned sex can also be equally interesting and satisfying. Put a ‘post-it’ on his lunch box to remind him of the date he has with you tonight; pamper him when he is moving round the house – in other words, make your sexual intentions very clear to your husband, so that he too feels equally charged. To keep your husband sexually satisfied should never be viewed as a chore – in stead, you should look forward to making love to a man who you love and care for.o To keep your husband sexually satisfied, do not always wait for him to take the initiative. He may be tired, stressed or simply has too many things on his mind. As a wife, be understanding and try to soothe his frayed nerves by words and action. Giving him a warm foot bath or massaging his back could be great turn-on for your husband. Try them and watch the results.

Make Your Marriage Last

Marriage is something two people do when they are in love. When they have the decision to love each other no matter what. There are a few things that will help your marriage to last. First thing to remember is never go to sleep angry. This is important because over night allows too much time for the problems to fester and become bigger.The second thing to remember is when you do argue and everyone will eventually. Remember to use words like “I feel like this…. when you do this” Never use words like “You always do…” You never…” You are placing the blame totally on the other person. It’s an accusation. Remember money is on of the biggest areas people fight about. If you have debt problems seek help.Take interest in what your spouse is doing even if it isn’t something you would like to do. Put the other person first. If grocery shopping needs to be done and there is no choice but to go, and if both of you are extremely tired. Who do you think should go to the store? Should you say, “you go I don’t feel like going.” No, you say, “I’ll go I know how tired you are.” This is putting the other person first. Compliment your spouse. Your beautiful, you look nice, I’m really proud of you. Thank- you for being so good with our children. Many think that you don’t have to tell them, they already know. Well the truth is we all need that affirmation that we are good, that we are worthy and that the spouse still thinks we are great!

God’s Plan For Your Husband

God’s plan for your husband is first to love you. He has a very express instruction from God in the book of Ephesians chapter 5 and verse 25 to love you. Therefore, one of your daily prayers for your husband is to obey this command. For the virtuous wife, Proverbs 31 and verse 11 tells you that the heart of your husband safely trusts you. God desires that your husband loves and trusts you continually.Your husband should be a strong and courageous man so as to lead, provide and protect both you and your children. To take care of a family in our time is one of the most challenging tasks. No wonder many men have feared to commit themselves to their families. This is not the plan of God. You need to believe God that your husband will stay strong and focused to undertake all his god-given responsibilities.God’s will for your husband is that he lives committed to you as his only wife. Your husband should not be caught in shameful affairs. God wants him to be faithful to you all his life without sharing his affection with other women – or even men. Please bear in mind that you deserve such a husband if you are living according to the word of God.For the faithful and godly wives, the bible encourages you that by your lifestyle, you will win your unbelieving husbands to the Lord. If your husband is not a believer, then know God plans that you join Him in His good agenda – to have your husband born again. Besides the issue of eternal life, God wants your husband to live a respectable, decent and long life.

2 Tips to Build a Strong Long Term Marriage – Divorce Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Marriage brings two individuals with different opinions and characteristics together. Despite these differences together they are unique and complete each other. The first thing a married couple must realize is that their life together won’t be a fairy tale, because their marriage will have problems.You have to build a strong marriage so when these problems do show up you can be better equipped to deal with them. To accomplish this you have to continue to work at building the bond in your relationship. Building a stronger bond is a process and won’t happen overnight.Still, when the bond in your marriage has become strong enough, it will be able to withstand anything. You will feel fulfilled to know that you built your relationship from the ground up and nothing stands a chance against your marriage, not even divorce.1. Keep Each Other As The Prime FocusBefore you got married your partner was your main focus, the two of you were very courteous towards each other and did a lot of the little things. When you get married it’s easy to forget the little things, or how to be courteous. You stop seeing each other as important as you once did. You might find yourself putting your kids, work, or even your hobby first. In order to build a strong bond, you have to take your partner seriously. Remember how lucky you are to be married to your partner and keep them as your prime focus.2. Welcome ChangeIf you expect the person you married 5 years ago to still be the same person you married 5 years later then you are in for a big surprise. The both of you will change as time goes on, this change is natural. To build a strong bond in your marriage you have to welcome this change that happens with time, not go against it.

How to Save a Marriage – How I Saved My Marriage and What You Can Do to Stop a Divorce Forever!

When it comes to ways on how to save a marriage, some people think that if a marriage is ending and a spouse has made up his or her mind to divorce, there is nothing that the other spouse can do about it. i.e: It’s not possible to “do” something that will save your marriage. Well, today I am standing here as a counter-example: My marriage was failing, my husband wanted a divorce, and everything seemed hopeless UNTIL I started doing the right things. And I stopped the divorce from happening.Before I build up your hopes of a magic solution that will quickly fix everything, I must confess that there is no such solution. However, if you follow the right path with enough determination; you can fix any marriage, you can stop any divorce and you can make your spouse love you more than ever; whatever the situation is. So please bear with me as I tell you how I repaired our relationship.First, when my husband said he wanted a divorce; I reacted the same way all spouses do when they learn it: I panicked. I begged him for forgiveness and pleaded for our marriage. This is what everyone thinks of doing (and probably does) and it is because out of the desperation in your mind, the emotions overwhelming you. You should avoid doing this at any cost. Yes, I did that too but all it did was to push my husband further away from me.If you want to learn how to save a marriage then you have to calm down first. You CAN repair your marriage but first it requires careful consideration of the situation and acting accordingly; not knee-jerk reactions and begging out of desperation will help you save your marriage. The first thing I did correctly was to relax and it is a step in the right direction to stop your divorce.

To Love, Honor and Cherish

If you take a look at the couples around you, it will become obvious that many were not paying attention while they were reciting their wedding vows. There are many reasons for this, none that are truly acceptable, but none the less there are reasons. Most couples, when they are getting married, seemed to be more focused on what they are wearing, how they look, who is there and who is missing. Other may not think about it because they are “in love” and feel that they already know what they want and what they want to pledge to their loved one.The true problem with this is that these couples, may not know what it actually means to be in love. That initial feeling between to people, the butterflies in your stomach, this is all puppy love, in my opinion. There is a huge difference between actually loving someone and being in love with someone.When you take care of your elderly grandparents and change them or feed them, you do that out of love. Which is, in my opinion, a far cry from the hearts and flowers feeling of being “in love”. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that it is not valid or a good reason to be with someone, but there absolutely must be more.A successful marriage must have companionship and friendship that can withstand the test of time. During a marriage you and your spouse village, hair will and teeth will be lost, and sometimes so will the mind. Ten, fifteen even 40 years down the road, you should be able to look at your spouse and love them just as much as you did, if not more, due to the life and experiences you have shared. This is more then just a romance novel love, this is the strongest type of love that there is.You need to realize that even though you may have fell in love with his smile and full head of hair, that will all change. You will begin to love him more for standing bedside you, through all the joys and sorrows that you have experienced throughout your life together. You will watch him go from a young, sexy boy into a responsible and secure older man. You need to be able to say, if I was to go back in time, I would choose him all over again.For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, to love, honor and cherish for as long as you both shall live. It won’t be without problems, changes or things to adapt to and deal with. Marriage problems are the glue of the marriage itself, for with each one you conquer the marriage becomes stronger than ever before. So don’t get divorced…GET REAL!

Can This Marriage Be Saved? – Find 2 Simple Ways to Save It

It is the most often asked question by couples experiencing problems in the relation.Of course, it can be saved if you opt for following some basic steps. As per a recent study, it has been discovered that divorce led to some health related problems like diabetes, heart disease, depression and cancer. For these health reasons, it is significant to save the marriage.However, the worst part is that some relationships can not be saved because of incompatible differences between both partners; it is really a matter of shame. On the other hand, some relationships are broken at the first indication of problems without parties attempting to conquer their issue.Tip 1Firstly, one needs to understand that every relationship hits a stumbling block at some phase of life and it is pretty normal, so you should not give up just because things do not go as per the map. Whenever you encounter an obstacle or two, it is important to work as team to overcome these. Do not stop talking with each other, articulate your sentiments and let everything be opened to other.Tip 2You should learn to appreciate and love each other. Talk about the hurdles, avoid arguments and do not ever try to sweep out any problem as it will only develop more misunderstandings. Always remember that marriage is not a “one way street” rather you both have to make equal efforts to maintain excitement and happiness in the relationship. Love simply means putting your spouse higher than self. If both partners start practicing it, they will begin acting in a considerate way and soon will accomplish that it is good to save the marriage rather than opting for divorce.

Are You in Need of Marriage Guidance? 3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Help For Your Situation

Think back to a time when your marriage was happy. This could be a few years ago, or a few weeks. Something happened over time, and your marriage is now heading for divorce – or so you may think. Don’t despair – you can save your marriage, and you can have a wonderful marriage again! Here are 3 tips to help you decide which marriage help would work best for you.Marriage CounselingMarriage counseling works best when both partners agree to go, and will open up and share everything and anything with the counselor. This can be hard to do, not many people are willing to bare themselves, even to their spouse.Although expensive, counseling helps by having a professional look at your relationship and discuss with you the different ways to solve your problems, and how to not let them happen again. Counseling also teaches couples how to build strong marital bonds, that will help them to get through the tough times, when they happen.Marriage Courses and WorkshopsAs each marital problem is different, so are available courses. There are courses for communication, how to handle money problems or affairs, and courses for second marriage problems.These are designed to give the couple ‘assignments’ to work on. Some assignments will be for the individual to work on, and some will be for the couple to work on together.Having a course will teach you how to build strong lines of communication, thus building a solid foundation for your marriage to grow and flourish.You will learn how to stop small arguments from scaling into huge fights, and you will learn how to spot an issue before it is able to turn into an argument.Online ebooksThese are written by professionals to teach an individual or a couple how to save their marriage. These are written by professional therapists, who understand that ‘live’ counseling may not be an option, because of the cost, or because one partner simply don’t do it.Ebooks are written in stages, that will take you step by step in many different areas of a marriage, and will let you focus on one thing at a time, and move on to the next only when you are ready – not when the course tells you to.

Another Sound Reason to Celebrate Your Marriage

“Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. -Lynnette, age 8.Even at the tender age of eight Lynette was onto something. I don’t have to mention this to the women reading: we men often practice selective deafness when our spouses and women friends talk to us. And we often run on and on about whatever interests us at the time–baseball scores, the stock market, stock car races, chain saws etc.–ignoring the feminine voice trying to tell us the dryer is on fire. The age old tale of Moses wandering around in the desert with the Israelites may have had some basis in actual fact; it could be that the old fellow may have been getting directions, just not hearing them very well. After all, the Sinai isn’t all that large a place.Why is it that people have a difficult time communicating, especially spouses, especially older spouses? Is it just because we have different interests? Are we built differently? Do men have smaller ears?Doesn’t matter, does it? It’s just true, and we have to learn to expect the difference, even if they’re just stylistic. Particularly as we grow older, hearing loss and styles of communicating become accentuated. Here, then, are a few tips on understanding the problem, and how to approach it in as courteous and loving way as possible to the benefit of your marriage. You might call it a sound investment in each other.Do you call your mate from another room in the house? This is such common practice you may not even realize it’s an irritation. Ask your mate, and their answer may surprise you. Particularly if your spouse is hard of hearing, they may tell you they hate it when you call to them from another room because they have to drop what they’re doing and go see what you want. They consider it disrespectful, and an interruption of whatever they’re doing. My wife and I work from home, in separate offices twenty feet apart, and we used to have this issue. Then we (actually I) understood she disliked the yelling back and forth, so we learned how to use our computers’ chat feature, and voila’, problem solved.The two of you may be operating with a different level of understanding, and the conversation may seem awkward, or strained. Thinking the conversation is over, mates have been known to simply walk away when this happens. As you might imagine, or if it’s happened to you, this is a mystifying outcome. Your spouse may believe you’re finished, or they may feel as if they’re being attacked in some way if they misunderstand. It’s been said that the real obstacle to understanding isn’t ignorance; it’s the illusion of knowledge. If we think we understand something but really don’t, all manner of mischief is possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem inane or childish.Especially for older married couples, the possibility exists that the trouble communicating is related to some physical ailment, and should be investigated. Some people’s hearing does fluctuate over time. Those with Meniere’s disease often exhibit this characteristic, as do people with other hearing disorders. It’s important in these cases to understand that this natural fluctuation in hearing is in addition to the other factors that can cause variations in your mate’s ability to hear you. Here again, my experience may be helpful. My former career in aviation involved long periods exposed to high levels of sound, from turbine engines, screaming rotor blades, and radio frequencies drilling into my headset day after day. As conscientious as I tried to be, wearing ear plugs, headset and helmet all the time, my hearing loss is still significant. One thing my mate and I have learned to do is be aware of the deficit, and make adjustments accordingly: We don’t converse when the dishwasher is running; we don’t call each other on our cell phones from a windy place; we turn down the TV or radio prior to asking questions etc.; and we’re careful to get the others’ attention before trying to talk in a crowded room. If my wife realizes she hasn’t made herself clear, she’ll actually touch my arm, and repeat what she said. As an addendum to this, I never pull the deaf card when I actually forget something she told me to do, because, well, I’m a guy, I forget things. She seems able to remember what I said on our honeymoon, and every day thereafter. Go figure.As for situations that elicit irritation and possible conflict when differentials on hearing occur, here are a few to be aware of: Going out with friends. Did they understand you? Talking on the phone.It can be a source of real frustration for both of you when a hearing loss or inability to interact well with other people restricts your social life. Every one of us needs to get out with friends and family once in a while, and if one of you is threatened by that situation because you don’t hear well, it’s much easier to just stay home. One solution to this is to identify locales such as restaurants and the like where you know the extraneous noise level is low. Another possibility is to meet at someone’s home, or your own, or, if they insist on going out, call ahead for a table or booth in the quietest part of the facility.If you don’t know for sure whether or not your mate heard you it can be irritating, confusing, even dangerous. If hearing loss is a reality, perhaps a signal of some kind is in order. A simple question, such as “Did you hear me okay?” may suffice. On the other side of this scenario, the one who doesn’t hear well, or who has a habit of inattention, needs to acquire the habit of asking for a repeat, if that’s what it takes. No one likes being ignored; no one dislikes being asked for clarification.I already mentioned our difficulty with cell phones in the wind. My spouse has learned that any attempt to phone me when it’s windy is a study in frustration. So she doesn’t. She goes out of her way to find a calm spot, or waits till she’s inside.So communicating well in a quality marriage is more than just hearing each other, but it’s that, too. At some point it comes down to basic courtesy and appreciating your spouse’s interest. As they say, there’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. In marriage that’s one bit of wisdom that helps create a sound investment for both of you. One last item: sometimes what’s truly important is hearing what your mate doesn’t say.

Our Marriage Lacks Sex

Quite a lot of couples who are married will tell you that they suffer with a lack of sex in their marriage. Most married men will tell you they never get enough sex. When you first get together with someone you can never get enough of them.The same happens when you first get married. You have your own house so nothing stops you. Remember all the different places you had sex in when you both got your own home? I’m quite sure that you tried every room and probably the stairs. If you both felt the need to have sex five times a day you both would have made it happen.What changes in the marriage to cause couples to have less sex? A big part of this could be because of children. Taking care of children takes up most of your energy. Looking after the children on your own whilst your partner is out working can be very stressful on any person.You only have one thing on your mind when your partner get’s in, and that’s let me go to bed and get some sleep. Your partner will probably feel unloved and put upon. Your partner will think well I’ve been to work all day and think that this is a little unjust. This is a common theme, in which each partner can begin to feel resentful.There could be different reasons why there is no sex in the marriage. Being stressed, over worked, taking each other for granted are all problems that could cause strain within a marriage. It is a well known fact that medication can also alter a persons sex life.If you want to get the sex back into your relationship think about how you can change it. Stop thinking about who is to blame for this situation. You both need to talk and find out what you can do about it. See if you both can change these problems. Try to start afresh and take your marriage back to the beginning. This doesn’t mean that you need to have sex at every opportunity, but work out who you are and your needs again.Kiss and cuddle for a few nights then introduce sex again. Bring laughter back into the bedroom. Take things slowly, learn about each other’s needs again. Don’t just think about your own needs, think about your partners too. Have lots of foreplay. Start to enjoy sex again, make it fun.To stop the lack of sex in your marriage do things like, lighting candles, romantic dinner’s, dressing up, massages, curling up on the sofa, feeding each other food. There are plenty of methods to liven up your sex life. Get someone you know to babysit and go out for a candle lit dinner.More importantly start thinking in your mind about what you would like to do to each other.

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