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Which Questions to Ask – Marriage Advice For Couples

Marriage is an important decision to make in your life. Successful marriages last for lifetimes and bring endless joy and fulfillment while marriages between incompatible people will be most probably short and will leave a painful trace in your memory.Not just that, but also bringing children into a marriage where parents fight and shout on each other would just create a worse situation for the children and even more distress to the parents.So you might want to consider testing yourself together with your partner for marriage compatibility. Sounds serious and harsh? Well it doesn’t have to be so.We are talking about a set of smart questions which cover the main sources of relationship compatibility or incompatibility. The point is to select the right questions, of course, which would give results you can count on as both correct and tolerant. But what is a marriage compatibility?You may find a lot of astrological tests around on the net and offline and while it is a lot of fun doing them and they certainly contain wisdom of thousands of years of human experience, an intelligent person might find it difficult to base his or her decision on astrology. Rather a more scientific approach should be undertaken.So what are other alternatives? Aside from astrology you might find a lot of sets of questions to ask your partner in order to understand how much you agree with each other. It is absolutely a must if the couple wants to live without many fights for a long time together.But most of these question sets touch only the intellectual, rational part of human being. But we are emotional too! And we communicate with each other. And communication is known to be the key part of a successful relationship.That’s why in order to fully test your relationship compatibility before the marriage it is utterly important to test not only your agreements but also your emotional compatibility and your ability to successfully communicate with each other. Sounds like a lot of work to do, right?Yes, but there is one test on the Internet, which takes all three parts of marriage compatibility testing into one online couple compatibility test. It is called ACE – Online Couple Compatibility Test, where ACE stands for the first letters of the words Agreements, Communication and Emotions.This test not only contains the right questions covering all main parts of any couple’s life, but also measures your predominant emotional attitude and that of your partner. And finally it measures your relative speed of communication.It was scientifically established that people who communicate with the relatively same speed are much more able to actually understand each other and enjoy talking to each other for a long period of time.Those three characteristics make the ACE Online Compatibility Test for Couples the best choice for a responsible couple wishing to know in advance their chances for a long life together full of love, mutual respect and understanding.

Marriage Guidance – Discover 3 Guidelines When to Go For Depression Help and When to Do it Yourself

You didn’t ask for my marriage guidance or advice but I’m going to give it to you anyways.The debilitating disorder of depression can ruin your marriage and your life if it is not taken care of. There is a very good chance that your depression will NOT just “go away” if you don’t proactively deal with it.A very popular way that people try to overcome their depression is by going “the self help route”. They buy books, they buy DVD’s, and they take part in forums that deal with depression. It is for sure cheaper, easier, and less embarrassing than going for professional help but not always a good choice.In this article I am going to present three situations when it is imperative to go for professional help to overcome your depression and not to try to do it by yourself.1. When there are suicidal thoughts. Sometimes depression can bring a person to want to end their life. If this is the case in your situation then you HAVE TO go to professional AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (if not sooner.) It’s worth the money, its worth the embarrassment, and it’s worth the bother of going outside even in a blizzard.You might have experienced some relief from your depression when you read self help books or took part in depression forums online. However, if you are having suicidal thoughts, you cannot wait to “reap the fruits of your labor”. You need to get help RIGHT NOW before it is too late.2. You lack the discipline and motivation to follow what the self help books says to do. Self books are cheap, not intimidating, and you can do most of the exercises in the comfort of your own home.However, reading them will help you ONLY if you do what the book suggests you do to. If you only read it, get inspired by it, and then put it back on the shelf, then it will not help you.(Like they say, “Diet books are great, but keep on eating and you won’t lose any weight!”)A very powerful motivation strategy for a lot of people is to be accountable for what you do to someone else. If you try to overcome your depression only by reading books on the subject you will miss this type of motivation.If you know yourself from past experiences that self help books, instructional DVD’s, or forums DID NOT help you then you shouldn’t waste your time doing these things but you make an appointment to see a professional. Why should you continue to suffer with your depression when someone can help you?3. Your job, health, or relationship are suffering. When you try to beat your depression yourself even if you are successful it takes a lot of time. If you see that things are getting bad to such a degree that the damage is on the verge of being irreversible, then you cannot wait around any longer. Even if you will succeed in the end, you might be jobless, divorced, or suffer bad health for long time to come.Is it really worth it? If you see that things are really bad then go for professional help A.S.A.P.O.K. that is my unsolicited marriage guidance and advice. If you have no suicidal thoughts, your job, health and relationships are not tremendously suffering, and you have the self discipline to carry out what self help books then it’s a shame to waste the money and go to a professional to help you overcome your depression.However if you are not like that then listen to my advice; spend the money and go to a competent professional and begin to be happy and have a happy marriage once again.

Ways to Stop Divorces – Free Marriage Counseling Tips and Suggestions

Looking for marriage counseling tips can be extremely helpful in saving your marriage. They offer excellent ways to stop divorces, to turn your relationship around, and even make it stronger than it was before. By surviving these problem areas, your relationship grows in strength, and you grow in coping skills.You can find tips for saving your marriage just about anywhere on the net today. Lots of free advice is out there for the taking, and by searching them out it shows you care enough to take the time and make the effort. This goes a long way in healing a broken relationship.Many professionals offers marriage counseling tips that are really good in order to drum up business for more in-depth counseling. They offer good insights and ways to stop divorces. Divorce rates have skyrocketed in the past decades, due to stress and lack of advice. But now, if two people want to get help, help can be found and taken advantage of.No relationship is flawless. And many enter into marriage believing them and their mate are infallible and inseparable, only to find out that life and its pressures has a way of test this and pushing it to the limit. So being armed with the proper information and reaction techniques can be a huge and wonderful help.Marriage counseling tips come from thousands of other marriages that were also ‘one the rocks’. Then by the same mistakes showing up time and time again, professionals created tips for avoiding these pitfalls, and making ways to stop divorce before it has time to take shape.

What Men Want in a Wife – Making Your Marriage Work

Are you one of those wondering what men want in a wife? If you are a wife who wants to make your marriage a little happier or a little nicer for your husband, or if you are a woman who just recently gotten married – here are some ideas about what men want in a wife that might help you in giving your man what he expects you to do.* Men love independent and confident women. They want women who can manage their lives without being too dependent with their man. A woman who can earn for herself and is capable of making money to help him with the finances is also another factor that men in modern times are considering in choosing a wife. A woman who is too fragile and needy is not what men want to spend their lives forever.* Men love to be with a happy companion and a woman who looks at things positively. When men think of getting married to a woman, they think about being with that woman everyday of his life and living with women who constantly complains about just about anything is not an attractive partner in life. Although complaining can be inevitable at times, it would be attractive to men if your being positive and fun outweighs the negative energy in you. Having a positive outlook is a major element in attraction – whether you are attracting a man, wealth or the good things in life.* Men want great sex. It is not just by choice or what. Men by nature have higher libido than women, so they often want a partner in life that is compatible with them sexually. Men most often express love through sex that they tend to look for a woman who can also take care of their needs when it comes to that aspect. Women just have to realize that when it comes to physical intimacies, what men want in a wife is not just sex but great sex.* Men want to feel loved and cared for. Men want to have your time as well. This is especially true when you already have kids, women may tend to be so engrossed with kids at home that they tend to forget about giving even a little comforting hug to their husbands. At times, men want someone to cry on and a shoulder where they can just ‘be weak’ – so don’t forget to also to take some time to pay attention to the man in your life and cheer him up when he is depressed and down.* Men want to be appreciated. If women love the feeling of being sincerely complimented, men and husbands also love to be appreciated for what they give and contribute to building a good family. If men should learn how to compliment sincerely, and women and wives learn to be appreciative of the man in their lives, it would make a lot of difference in relationships. You do not have to appreciate something that is obviously not worth appreciating, but you can find many things to appreciate in your man. You just have to look at the positive qualities rather than picking on his mistakes.* Men love a woman who knows how to listen and understand. Men hate a nagging wife and they appreciate a woman who listens and understands, not someone who barge into the room with all the whining and nagging.When women take time to think about what men want in a wife, it truly can make a difference in the marriage. Although marriage is not a one-way street, you can always initiate a few things to make the relationship running well.

How to Save a Marriage and Avoid Divorce

As of the moment, millions of married people all over the world are having problems with their  marital relationships. If you are in the same predicament as these people and you still love your spouse then chances are you want to know how to save a marriage. The answer to that question maybe much simpler than you imagined. What you must know is that it is perfectly normal for married couples to have problems. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every marital problem has a solution and it is just a matter of finding the right solution for your problem.  Maybe it is true that millions of marriages all over the world are having troubles but it is also true that millions of married couples are also experiencing the times of their lives. These couples are the ones who were able to transcend their “petty” problems and misunderstandings and have learned to live with each other’s differences. Some people think that it is just natural for marriages to end unhappily, that divorce is now the norm and that living happily ever after is just an illusion. But if you will only look at the other side of the coin, there are couples that are successfully living as married couples and are enjoying every second of it.  Just because there seems to be a trend towards divorce, it does not mean that you have to join the bandwagon. You can easily go against the flow if you want to but it will take some very serious effort on your part and that of your spouse. It takes two to tango as they say. And if only one of you is concerned about how to save a marriage, then you may be better off as only friends.  One of the secrets in knowing how to save a marriage is to be able to analyze your relationship from the inside out. That is, you should look into your relationship from your and your spouse’s perspective and not from other people. You may look like a happy couple from the outside but at home  you may already be living like strangers. Try to analyze what is the real problem in your relationship but it is important that you do it together. Again, you are a couple and if you want to save your marriage then you have to do it as a couple. 

Three Tips to Rekindle Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce

Marriage does not need to be a prison for those couples that are considering divorce. Ending the marriage may seem like the best choice, but is it the only choice? I am here to tell you that divorce is not the best choice. Walking away from the marriage will not only affect your children (if you have any), but it will also haunt you in your future relationships down the road.Why not try to rekindle your passion and love for your spouse and save your marriage?Here are some ways that you can work to get your spouse back.1. Become passionate about your marriage and spouse. You need to fight for your marriage. Never say die. Work to get your spouse to communicate with you one-on-one. Go out on dates and try to rekindle the desire and love that was once there.2. Listen to your spouses wants and needs. This is a good time to convince your spouse that you are there for them. This will prove that you are a compassionate person who is still in love.3. Get into couples counseling. Alcoholics and drug addicts need counseling. It goes to reason that even couples need to go to counseling when they hit a ruff patch. This is a time for both of you to learn new techniques that can be used to help you communicate with your spouse to rebuild the marriage on a new foundation.There is no need to throw away a marriage that can be fixed. All it takes is some time and a little determination to get both you and your spouse on the same page.

Steps Your Can Take to Stop Your Wife From Wanting a Divorce

Unfortunately, many married couples face divorce at least once in their marriage. Most of the time, one spouse wants to save the marriage. So, how can you save your marriage, even though your wife wants a divorce?What would your lives be like if you stay together? Show her that you truly love her, and need her in your life. Tell her why you believe that sorting out your problems and staying married is best for you both. If the marriage is failing because of your actions, find out what they are, and do your best to change for the better.I don’t mean to change who you are. I only mean that if you unconsciously are doing something to make her feel unwanted, then try to show her more affection. If she thinks that you don’t help around the house enough, then show her that you will.Show her how much pain divorce causes. Divorce hurts not only the couple getting divorced, but it also hurts those around you. If you have children together, it especially hurts them. A lot of pain comes with divorce. Emotional especially. It is a long, drawn out process, and is terribly heart breaking.Make her see that you are willing to work to save your marriage. Quite often, all it takes is for one person to show attention to the matter at hand, and things start to improve. But, if there is change needed, then do your best to make those changes happen, and keep them happening. The absolute worst thing you can do is do something one day, and think it’s good enough for life.When you work together, your chances of stopping a divorce are very good. Sometimes, small misunderstandings lead to big problems, simply because they aren’t dealt with. When you feel something is wrong, do your best to talk about it. And then do your best to help the situation.In time, your relationship will become stronger, and the two of you will go on to lead much happier and more fulfilling lives together!

Let’s Save Your Marriage! – Things That Stopped My Divorce and Will Help You Save a Marriage

If you want to save your marriage, I first must say that I commend you on that. Marriages are holy bonds that are meant to unite two people until eternity. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to just say that things aren’t going well, and simply walk out of the marriage. The building blocks of a unified nation and world are marriages – so I congratulate you on not taking the easy path to divorce and trying to save your marriage. I have been in this exact situation.When my husband made it clear to me that he wanted a divorce, I was utterly shocked – even if I had seen it coming. He didn’t care about me any more. But I loved him so much, and yeah – this marriage had its share of problems but I loved it still, and I really wanted to save my marriage. Out of desperation, I said: “Do not do this, George! I love you so much… Do not end our marriage! I know the problems, and they won’t happen again!”Yes, outright begging, it was. And did it accomplish anything? No. All those tears I cried with him seeing, what was their use? Nothing. My husband was clearly fed up with me.The key in saving a marriage is “going against the flow”. When you see your marriage failing, and a divorce approaching, you go desperate. Like I was. And when you are desperate, your instincts (the “flow”) will tell you to do desperate things like begging, crying etc; to save your marriage. I have been there, and I want to tell you that if you want to save your marriage, you should go against the flow; and try following some outside advice. Right now, you are doing exactly that (by reading this article), so you’re on the right path. You should always remember that your instincts and emotions will never save your marriage.

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