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Little Known Secrets of Happy Married Life

Every marriage is unique and there are just those little things that are special to you and your partner. For example the pet names you call each other; or the silly games you play. That’s one of the secrets of a happy marriage. Keep the uniqueness the both of you have and happiness will always be nearby.Understand your situation and your spouse. Do not compare your marriage with someone else’s; after all you do not know what goes on behind closed doors. So much has also been said about communication. It is one essential ingredient to a happy and successful and marriage. Communication does not involve talking only.It might be good to eventually get a silent partner to talk. But when they do talk; are you listening to them? It’s important to be very receptive to what your spouse is saying and understand exactly what they mean. Most problems that arise in marriages are because of misunderstood words or intentions. So being attentive your partner is another you thing you can add to the list of secrets to a happy marriage.When you have arguments with your spouse understand that it’s not about having your own way or forcing your partner to see things from your point of view. Handle things in a responsible manner. This is the time you should realize the words you say you cannot take back. Always choose your words carefully when communicating with your spouse.There are many secrets to a happy marriage really. Just being nice to your spouse is another. I’m talking about things like buying small gifts now and then; surprise them once in a while. These are just a few tips really but there are more. If you are really concerned about keeping your marriage happy; lots of information is freely available on the net.

Stuck in a Bad Marriage and Feel There is No Way Out? – What to Do

Are you in a marriage that is smothering you? Do you feel there is no way out? Do you feel trapped? You are not alone. There are millions of married people who feel stuck in their situation and that there is no way they can leave the marriage or find happiness.While the best marriages are partnerships that involve friendship, love, respect, even freedom, the bad marriage often lacks one or more of these ingredients and that is why it isn’t working. To further complicate the matter, there may be financial reasons why you can’t leave. Women and men also often stay in a bad marriage for the sake of their children.The amazing thing is that when I have asked my clients who felt they were in a bad marriage what they wanted, they would reply that they didn’t want to be married or with that person, but failed to tell me what they really wanted. One of the prime ingredients for a bad marriage and feeling trapped is that one or both parties don’t really know what they want, they just know what they don’t want.If you don’t think that is true, just look at how many people finally get out of a bad marriage and are still unhappy or enter into another bad relationship. The problems in these troubled unions often run deeper than just a personality conflict. While the problem you have with your spouse is real, there may also be another underlying cause that is making you unhappy.You may be so focused on the marriage that another big problem is going unnoticed. I am talking about knowing your self and your true feelings. Getting out of a marriage or changing the dynamics of a marriage is a big life change. Are you really ready for a life changing event? Here is how to prepare to change your life. I like to call it the Life Changes Starter Kit, something we all need because sooner or later we all want to change our lives.First of all, you must know what you really want. Therefore, your starter kit must include a way to question yourself at all levels to find the key answer, what you really want to know. While you may consciously and rationally think you know what is best for you, there is another part of you that cannot be denied and must be understood in order for you to find happiness. It is your emotional self, your subconscious mind. The subconscious is where all our urges and desires come from and is very powerful.Many times, the problems we have in life are caused by a conflict between what we want subconsciously and what we think is best consciously. Rational thought and emotional desire can be completely at odds with one another. Therefore, you must question yourself at the deepest level to find out what you want and why you want it. There is also a part of you, deep within, known as the super conscious, that can guide you in any situation.When you know what you want and why, at the deepest and most powerful level, you will be ready to make a change, even to find some way out of an impossible situation.

How Do I Get My Wife to Love Me Again? 3 Common Mistakes and 5 Tips on How to Correct Them

Where a person should start amidst a conflict between two people? One must start treating the core of the problem. Well, here is a husband’s dilemma: How do I get my wife to love me again?Then, what will be the next step? Know your purpose in wanting to resolve this matter. Some of the purposes may include:1. The husband is after the welfare of his family.2. The husband wants a whole happy family.3. The husband is head over heels in love with her wife.You already know why you want to achieve this. So, what difference it may bring? It will be your motivation to bring back the love of your inspiration in life.Move forward. This is the time to take the needed step.1. Court your wife, and make it sweeter this time around.2. Send her flowers even almost everyday. Express your affections to her every time you meet her at home, visit her in your children’s school, or even accompany her to have your groceries for the week.3. This time, be the wife at least for a week. Do whatever she is doing as a wife and mother.4. Wash the dishes, do the laundry and iron clothes. Make the house clean, especially your bedroom. Fill your room with fresh flowers, most of the time.5. Finally, spend more time with your wife and children. Do this to renew your bond, first as couples; and, significantly, as a whole family.My Best Wishes on getting your wife’s love back forever.

Will My Husband Ever Love Me Again? Tips and Advice That May Help

I receive a lot of emails that have the same theme. The writer (often the wife or the ex wife) wants to come up with a way to make her husband love her in the way that he used to. Perhaps they are just growing apart. Maybe they are contemplating splitting up or are in the process of doing so. Whatever the situation, the wife has decided that she really wants for things to return to the way that they used to be. And, she knows that the cornerstone of that is loving and affectionate feelings. She wants very much to get these things back but she isn’t sure how. She worries that perhaps too much has happened or that too much time has passed.Many of the wives will ask me things like “will my husband ever love me again in the way that he used to?” This is a tough question for me to answer since I am not directly involved in the equation. But, I can offer some advice that might help you to set up the situation so that it is favorable to returning the loving feelings. I will discuss this more in the following article.Things That Aren’t Likely To Make Him Love You Again: Before I get to the things that you should be doing, I want to discuss the things that you shouldn’t be doing. And yet, it is so very easy to fall into these traps because these things provide some relief at the time. Everything feels so immediate and it can be very hard to step back, bide your time, and do what is smart rather than what is emotional.A man is going to be much more attracted to something that elicits positive emotions in him like confidence, amusement, and interest than he is going to be in things that bring about negative emotions like anger, fear, and jealousy. Sure, making him angry and getting him to debate you or engage with you is surely going to get his attention, but it’s not likely to work in the way that you had hoped. Negative attention is not good attention and this will often get you further away from what you really want.Likewise, you want to steer clear of the negative perceptions. You don’t want to be seen as someone who is coming in at a position of weakness. You don’t want to appear high maintenance, needy, clingy, bossy, or unyielding. As I said, these things will certainly get a reaction from him (and many of us reason that any reaction is better than nothing) but these things are likely going to hurt your cause rather than help it.Setting It Up So That He Can Love You Again: Hopefully, by now, you can see that what we’re aiming for here is to replace negative perceptions, actions, and habits with positive ones. It really doesn’t matter where you are in the process, you should now try to make every interaction with him one that reads more positive than negative. This is true whether you still live together or have already split up. He’s not likely to have loving or affectionate feelings if every vibe or interaction that he’s getting elicits negative responses.To that end, you should do everything that you can to bring about positive perceptions and reactions (as long as it comes across as believable.) This doesn’t mean trying too hard or doing things that read as not genuine. However, you already have a good deal of information at your disposal. You already know the circumstances that were involved when you and your husband fell in love in the first place. Take a step back and see if you can remember what drew you together. Take an objective look at the circumstances that were present at that time. It’s highly likely that you showed him, at least mostly, the best version of yourself. You likely took the time to really get to know what he valued most highly and needed the most and then made those things available.There’s nothing that says you can not take this same kind of inventory today and go from there. I’m not saying that you create manufactured circumstances that aren’t genuine, but you already know what he loves about you. Make sure that you are showing him that on a regular basis.Working With What You’ve Got: One common comment that I get from women is that they have no idea how or where to start. Perhaps that are too estranged or have drifted so far apart that things are going to feel awkward or forced. You don’t have to complete everything in one day. It’s better to move slowly anyway. Start by just observing. See where you are leaving yourself open to negative perceptions and determine what you can do to change that up a bit.Next, focus on being the kind of partner that you would want. Listen more and complain less. Really take the time to take inventory as to what is going on with him. It’s often been written that excitement and “spark” in a relationship is due to discovery. However, sometimes we feel that when we are together for a while, there is nothing more to discover. This isn’t entirely true. You’ve just quit looking and quit asking.You may have to move quite slowly. You may have to take baby steps until you gain some ground. That’s perfectly OK. What you are really after is to slowly replace the negative patterns and habits with the positive. Your husband may not consciously realize what is happening, but as his perceptions begin to change, so too, will his feelings. It’s often not that his feelings of love have changed or vanished, it’s that the circumstances, time, and effort have changed dramatically, but many people mistake this as a change of feelings.

How Do I Save My Marriage? Saving Your Marriage by Doing the Right Thing! Do Not Miss This

How do I save my marriage? That fact that you are asking this question tells that you are having trouble on relationship with your spouse; and you are making extra efforts in preserving the bond with your partner, without considering the easier way by simply getting out of the relationship. That is just the good part; however, on the other side of the coin, if you are asking such question on yourself, then this is where some issues arise.  If you are currently experiencing the end of the road of your marriage life, this is one of the hardest things to do because at this point, your emotional level is very low; seeing your marriage with the person whom you loved so much ends. This can cause depression among many people with weak emotional profile; making them very desperate enough in wanting to get their spouse back. This is a sure way of eventually ending your marriage because looking needy and desperate in front of your spouse tends to push back your partner away from you.Many people commit this big mistake in desperate move to save their marriage as a result of their depressed state clouding their mind to think properly on the situation. Hence, one of the best ways to solve your problem on how do I save my marriage is to calm down; relax, find time to unwind yourself and let your mind clear off from any state of depression. This will greatly help you manage your emotion properly; without giving in to its desperate moves. This technique has saved many relationships from going to divorce; and it also saved mine (oops, did I just mention I had been into this situation before?) from having a bad ending.

Thoughts on Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Weddings are a time to celebrate romance, and yet sometimes it is also important to address practical concerns as well. The pre-nuptial agreement is one of those things. While it is decidedly unromantic, a pre-nup can also be very important, and they are becoming more and more commonplace, even among couples who are not wealthy. These are some of the things to keep in mind when thinking about pre-nuptial agreements.Of course, there are a variety of reasons to consider having a pre-nup, but the most common one is to cover the division of assets in case of a divorce. A well-written pre-nuptial agreement will discuss things such as how pre-marital assets are to be allocated in case of divorce, what the terms of alimony would be, and any other situations that are particular to the couple’s specific circumstances. Although we think of a pre-nup as being intended to safeguard the wealth of the richer partner in the event of a split, there can be more to it than that. When the couple does not live in a community property state, the pre-nuptial arrangement will likely contain alimony provisions that would prevent the spouse with fewer assets from being left penniless should the marriage dissolve.In addition to cash and property, other items likely to be covered in a pre-nup include other valuable articles like the wedding jewelry, original works of art, and sentimental items like family heirlooms. When there is nothing in writing, etiquette would state that if the wife leaves the husband that she should return the wedding jewelry to him, but in the reverse situation, she should be allowed to keep it. Some couples even put in something about custody of their pets! It is all about being sure that the things most important to you are protected, while at the same time, making sure that your partner is being treated fairly.The idea of a pre-nuptial agreement may seem entirely modern and mercenary, but in truth, similar arrangements have been made for ages. In fact, the Kettubah, the Jewish marriage document, includes provisions to ensure that the wife and any future children will be provided for should the husband leave them. This part of the document was intended to be as much a deterrent to divorce as anything else. (Kind of like that line in the old song “Making Whoopie”: “you better keep her, I think it’s cheaper”!) A well done pre-nuptial agreement should seek to lay the foundation for a successful marriage.If you do decide to have a pre-nup, it is important that both parties engage the services of an attorney to inspect it before signing, just as you would for any other type of legal document or contract. The lawyer can also suss out any details that may not be permissible in your state (custody of future children is usually not something that will be legally binding, for instance). Of course, in the end, remember that a pre-nuptial agreement cannot circumvent the law, even if both parties have signed it. Should it be needed, the pre-nuptial agreement will be used as a guideline by a judge, while still taking into consideration how circumstances may have evolved since the document was drawn up. If you do decide that a pre-nuptial contract is appropriate in your situation, hopefully once you have gotten the document signed, you will be able to file it away, and it will never become necessary to use it.

Happy Marriage Tips on What Makes a Good Marriage

What makes a good marriage is more than hard work. Many happy marriage tips focus on staying aware of the fact that marriage is a partnership. Many times couples lose their focus and feel like lone rangers in their marriage. That’s why finding ways to keep that special spark alive is so vital to a marriages’ success.Avoiding temptations to do things that will hurt your partner is another thing to focus on. Always respect your partner, either in opinions, or in ideas. Keeping things on an even basis and not getting involved in power struggles. Compromise, forgiveness, understanding, and leaving pride at the doorstep are some key elements to a good marriage relationship.One of the most common happy marriage tips is in the area of communication. When a couple loses the ability to express their ideas and opinions, then a one-side relationship can occur, which will leave them needing help, and not doing what makes a good marriage. It takes both sides enforcing their commitment to the success of the marriage daily.Keeping your sex life exciting is a very common area of failure for many. Learning to give your partner the attention they need, in spite of what’s going on at the job or around you is also a key component of a successful marriage.These happy marriage tips are vital parts of what makes a good marriage, and should be taken seriously by all married couples who sincerely desire a successful marriage that will make it until death does them part.

How to Stop a Divorce – Is Your Marriage Heading For the End? Here is How You Save Your Marriage!

Is your marriage in a crisis that you think it might never get out of? Do you think it is heading straight into divorce – but you want to stop this divorce from happening? If that is so – first of all I want to congratulate you. Too many people just let the marriage go when there are marriage problems. They say, well, this doesn’t work! Just like that. But I don’t see a marriage as a come-and-go thing. Marriages are meant to unify two people until eternity – not until some problems appear. I congratulate you for feeling the same way as me. I stopped a divorce and here are some very important points on how to do it.First of all, most spouses react to an ending marriage (which they want to save) by knee-jerk responses: They look for some sort of a quick fix to change everything and save their marriages. They want that quick fix to repair every marriage problem there is. This is understandable (I did it too) but not a correct thing. You must, like I did, put it in your head that there are no magic way of stopping a divorce. Stop looking for that.I know that you are currently at a desperate state of mind – that’s why you feel you should apologize / beg to your spouse in order to stop your divorce. This is exactly that knee-jerk reaction you should avoid. If you want to save your marriage, it is IMPERATIVE that you enter a calm state of mind. Know this very well – You can stop this divorce from happening. But in order to do so, you have to be calm.Being in a calm state of mind (I call this “marriage saving state of mind”) has so many positive points. First, it will stop the pressure you’re currently applying on your spouse. They are fed up with this marriage and any further pressure will make the case even worse. This will give your spouse very precious “alone” time to really think things through and reconsider their decision.Secondly, it will enable you to stop looking for quick fixes, and will make you look at everything from a much wider perspective. A serious marriage crisis is a lot for the brain to process. Being calm will give your brain that time to process things and, looking from a wider perspective, will enable you to really understand your marriage problems and what should be done to fix those problems and stop a divorce.

How to Heal You Broken Marriage – 3 Steps Getting Back Together After a Separation

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get your marriage back on track and how to do it fairly quickly. Before we begin, it’s very important for you to understand that almost all marriages have problems at some point AND almost all problems in relationships can be fixed!Let’s talk about how to do that. I am going to show you the fastest way to heal your broken marriage and recapture the love of your spouse, even if you are the only one trying! Divorce is an unnecessary and painful option that can be avoided.Cope With The ImmediateThe first step in the process of healing a marriage after a break-up is almost always a surprise to many couples but it is crucial. What you need to do more than anything else right now is create a little emotional distance. Any interaction between you and your partner at this point is guaranteed to be driven by intense emotion. Not so good. Emotions are too raw and not much can be accomplished.Why do you and your partner need time away from each other? You both need time to regroup. Try to think of it as a preventative measure to preserve whatever good feelings remain between the two of you. This period after a break-up can safely be described as a time of temporary insanity for many. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives. Your behavior can be unpredictable and uncharacteristic. Attempting to reconcile your relationship right now will only lead to more of the same unwanted results.Take The Time To Heal YourselfUtilize the time apart to heal your wounds and revitalize yourself. When the time comes for you to reconnect you want to bring the very best of yourself back to your marriage. Your spouse will find you much more appealing.Here’s what you can do:
Work on improving your personal well-being – focus on your physical, emotional, social, or professional health.

Do not isolate yourself – participate in life outside of your marriage, maintain relationships with friends and family members, reconnect with old friends, attend social events, begin playing your favorite sport again, take a class, etc…

Take an inventory of your marriage – make a list. What patterns do you see, what do you regret, how would you like your relationship to be, what can you do differently?
If you can do these things while you are apart, you will return to your marriage with a renewed sense of yourself and a better understanding of your relationship. You will be that much more prepared to restore your relationship and rescue your broken marriage from divorce.Reconnect and Heal Your RelationshipWhen you feel that you were successful in restoring your own emotional balance, it is time to attempt to reconnect with your spouse. This will not be nearly as difficult as you are imagining. You will be surprised at the kind of response you will receive from the smallest gesture on your part.
You can begin by scheduling a regular time to get together – something planned and concrete that you can both expect and look forward to.

Do the things that you enjoyed doing together before you were married and try new things as well.

Your goal is to remind yourselves that things can be easy and effortless between you, not always painful and difficult. Strive to create hope that you can heal what is broken your marriage.
Three things to remember:
The goal is to reconnect so keep it lighthearted and have some fun. This is your time to remind your spouse why they fell in love with you the first time. Use this time to rekindle feelings of the initial attraction between the two of you.

It’s too early to resolve any major problems. So just have a good time. The atmosphere should be carefree and cheerful. Enjoy the casual intimacy.

Keep in mind, your spouse is wounded too. Show some kindness and let your spouse know that you care and your intentions are genuine.

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