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When Your Husband Ignores You is it Your Fault?

As women when we get married we all have this vision of what the perfect man we would like to marry is like. We want someone to wine and dine us, make us feel loved, and cherish us till death do us part. Many times society has made men into the bad guys because they are not always able to do this and as women we cannot understand why our husband cannot change. The problem is he is hardwired to be the way he is and many times we just cannot change these things.Now that I have given you a reality check, there is still hope for your marriage. I’m sure your husband didn’t always ignore you, so I’d like you to think back to a time before your husband went into his shell.Did you nag your husband a lot because you didn’t think he did something correctly? Nagging is never a good thing and can spiral out of control as time goes on and your husband ducks back into his shell more and more. You see, the nagging is probably a reason that your husband started to ignore you, which caused you to nag even more. Each time you nag your husband you take away a piece of his feeling of respect that he desperately needs, even if you don’t think he deserves it. Try to stop the nagging and there is a good chance that he will open up to you as time goes on.Before your husband starting ignoring you, did you make comments about all of the new clothes that someone at work was buying? This may have been construed by your husband that he’s not a good bread winner and he needs to work more. He may have acted on this impression and started working more which upset you because now he’s always at work. In his mind, he just can’t win, so now he’s ignoring you.These are just two examples of specific situations which may have caused your husband to ignore you. Each case is different and it may take some real soul searching to find that one specific thing that has caused him to tune you out. Once you find it, you will have to make sure your husband understands what you meant by it or take steps to turn the damage that has been done around.

How to Understand Men – Your Way to Making a Happy Marriage

Knowing how to understand men is one important thing that we, women, have to keep in mind in having relationships with our boyfriends or husbands. We sometimes think of not being understood in the relationships – but we often neglect about how to understand men in our lives.In the end, we find our spouses or boyfriends cheating on us and we never cannot understand why. So early on, let us try to decipher what men really want from women.Why men are so engrossed with sexMen’s sexual drive is indeed different from that of a woman. The hormone testosterone in the man is responsible for wanting for sex or their libido. Thus, it is but normal for men to be constantly seeking for sex. If you want to understand men and their sex drives, you might also want to understand that they have different feeling towards sex because of the testosterone pressure they feel in their bodies. In relationships, women are constantly seeking for attention, for love and pampering and men tend to be seeking for sex. Knowing these differences and understanding why these differences exist will truly help you in how to please your partner to make him happy in marriage.Men need space for themselvesEven women need space too. We all need space in our lives. Being in a relationship or tying the knot with the man you love does not necessarily mean clinging to that man day after day. Sometimes when women are so overwhelmed and in love, we tend to love having our man around and spending time with him always, but we have to understand that sometimes men want to have their quiet time or time with friends. Not because you are married you can always tag along with your man anywhere he goes. In marriage, you can manage this by giving time for him to be by himself and schedule time for you to spend together. Although too much space for both of you can also be bad for the relationship, so make a balance.Men need time to thinkYou may probably get upset when you are trying to bring up a concern and your man does not seem to respond to that immediately. Sometimes we think men are not interested in what we say and in dealing with issues that we bring to their attention. To us, it seems like he was thinking about something else, which sometimes can end up in arguments. We have to understand that most often, men want to process their problems and their thoughts to themselves, and they may want to think about it for some time. Oftentimes, men want to talk about it when they are able to come up with a solution and they do not want to talk about it piece by piece.These are just three ways on how to understand men in your life. There are still a lot of differences between men and women that somehow we need to understand to help us build a good relationship with our man. So the next time we get upset or angry with our spouses, let us take time to put ourselves in their shoes and learn how they think about it and their behavior towards a situation. This way we will be guided on how to understand them and how to make wonderful relationships with them.

Here’s Help If Your Husband No Longer Loves You

With every passing day, more and more wives complain that their husbands no longer love them. Perhaps you are one of them. This usually happens as you and your husband get used to the daily grind of married life and you begin to drift apart. There are many reasons that make couples fall apart, often very slowly at first. However, whatever the reasons may be in your case, there are a number of things you can do if you notice that your husband no longer loves you as he used to.Although it may be rather devastating when you realize that your husband no longer loves you, you should pick yourself together and carry out the following measures.Let him have some spaceIt may sound ironic, but you will actually fare well when you give your husband some space if he does not seem to love you as he used to. Getting yourself out of the way is what you may need to make him reconsider his position.Depending on the severity of the situation, it may even be necessary to take a short holiday. You may need to go away for a while in order to give him the space he needs. This will help you to stop being a bother to him.Another advantage in going away is the fact that you will give your husband the opportunity to really feel how life will be in your absence. In the process, he is likely to start missing you, and then he will appreciate you more.Accept the situationIf your husband no longer loves you, he may be forthright about it and tell you so in your face. Although you may be very bitter about this, you should accept the turn of events with grace. This in itself is enough to make your husband think twice about the issue, as you will have reacted in an unexpected manner.When you respect the way your husband feels, he will realize that you respect him. This is something that is bound to make him appreciate you more. You will thus be on your way to building trust between you as a couple. In fact, he will share how he feels about you in the first place because he still values you to some extent. You should take it from there and start mending the broken fences.If your husband no longer loves you, you should not give up even when he is already thinking about a divorce. You can still take measures to save your marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage From a Certain Divorce – How I Did it and How You Can Do It!

I know how horrible it feels to be in an ending marriage. A marriage encompasses your whole life, and when it is in crisis; it ruins your whole life. But I have saved my marriage – and I will tell you how to save your marriage from a seemingly certain divorce.My marriage was ending, and my husband had made it clear to me that he wanted to end this marriage. But I couldn’t accept it and I did everything I could think of to save my marriage. But these were all desperate attempts – I tried to talk to my husband about it a hundred times, then I apologized for every mistake I had made, and then I flat out begged him to reconsider. A divorce seemed inevitable.And what happened? Today I am still married to my husband and to say that I have “saved the marriage from divorce” is something of an understatement. Our marriage had never been better before – we’re in the midst of a second honeymoon!So what happened to change everything?It is that I was taught how to save a marriage the right way. Apologizing, begging, trying to talk your spouse out of it all are wrong. The correct way of saving a marriage is making yourself less reachable (less accessible). Your spouse should believe that you are not so easy to get.This is so because people always want what they can’t have. When you beg, it marks you as someone easy to have. You have to completely reverse this situation and turn the tables on your spouse to save your marriage!

Tips For Making Your Husband Fall in Love Again

Soon after you get married, some changes may begin to take place so slowly that you may not even notice them at first. You may think things are still okay until it reaches a point where your husband does not seem to love you any more. Or it may come as a bolt out of the blue when he personally tells you that he no longer loves you. This is something that can leave you quite devastated.We live in a world where divorce is almost second nature, and many couples opt for it when they reach such a point. The fact that divorce is popular, however, does not mean that it is the best solution in many cases. You can instead find ways of making your husband fall in love with you once more.Give him some timeIf you are like many women, you will feel a great urge to approach your husband with the issue when you notice that something is wrong between you. It is a woman’s natural instinct to try to solve any problems as quickly as she can. However, you should understand that men are different, and your husband is one of them.When you do not let your husband have some space, you may just irritate him further. You should respect your husband’s need for some space. Don’t make things worse by nagging him, although you may not view yourself as doing so.Even before you sit down to solve any problems you may have, your husband will realize that you value him, which will prepare ground for reconciliation.Take a look backIf you want your husband to fall in love with you again, you should take a look back. Try to find out where and when things started shifting between you. This will help you to nail the root cause of the problem that led your husband to fall out of love. Once you are aware of the thing that caused the problem, you can start working for an amicable solution from that point.Be ready to make some compromisesEach of you will need to avoid taking too strong a stance. Begin by making some necessary compromises so that you can solve any differences you may have.Avoid negativityThere is hardly anyone who enjoys the company of someone who thinks negatively most of the time. Develop a more positive attitude if you really want your husband to love you again.You should take appropriate measures to restore the love between you before things go too far. However, even if it has reached a point where your husband begins to consider separation and divorce, the situation is still not beyond repair.

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