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Steps to Marriage Separation Reconciliation

Separation is a time where couple can go into their own space to think about the problems in the relationship. However, some couples think it is just a time to wait for the divorce process to end. If you choose marriage separation as a time for you to reconcile with your spouse, here are the steps to marriage separation reconciliation.- Work out on an agreementThere will be many issues to agree on during the separation period, issues such as finance, children or household can cause conflicts if it is not arrange properly. It is best to work on an agreement to avoid further conflict during the separation period.- Have a balance in everythingOne of the steps to marriage separation reconciliation is to keep a balance in everything. Keep your communication clear and open. Take this separation period as a time to sort out your feelings and problems. Try to find out a balance to work out on your marriage problems and also time to make yourself more positive and stronger.- Marriage counsellingGoing through problems in a marriage is not easy and sometimes you need someone to talk to. Share your problems with friends, family members, individual counselling, marriage books to work together on your relationship issues.- Reflect and make changesIf you want to reconcile after this separation, you have to reflect and make better changes. You should see what you can do to make the marriage better and make sure you are always placing positive changes into the marriage during the separation period.After the agreed upon time to marriage separation, both of you have to make decision to the marriage. If either party is not willing to reconcile, you should always be respectful on the decision. Anger or forcing the other party will only turn the situation ugly.The steps to Marriage Separation Reconciliation is to consider the effort and using the right methods to repair the marriage.

Stop My Divorce – Some Great Tips For You to Save Your Marriage and Stop Your Divorce Now

Let me get quickly to the point: I am a woman who was able to stop her divorce and save her marriage. Looking back, I see the loads of mistakes I did along the way. To tell you of my experiences in stopping my divorce I have created a website, but first I want to give you some tips on what you should and should not to in order to stop your divorce.First of all, you do not beg to your spouse. This is an “order” if you really want to stop your divorce – if you have been begging to your wife or husband to save your marriage then stop it immediately. To keep your marriage, you have to be more attractive to your spouse. And if you beg, that means he or she can have you whenever he or she wanted anyway – which makes you very accessible, and is against the general “be inaccessible” principle which works wonders when one wants to get his or her ex back, save his or her marriage and so on. This is rule 1.The second rule is a continuation of the first rule – Extend your “inaccessibility”. Be absent from home so that your spouse won’t be able to see you all the time. Don’t go away for a week of course, but just leave at mornings and come at night, for example, at Sundays when both of you are expected to be home. This will remind your husband or wife that you are becoming more inaccessible to him or her by the moment – and this will hugely raise your attractiveness which in turn will help you to stop your divorce and save your marriage.

Combating the Marital Blahs

Is your marriage flat, stagnant… just plain dull?All marriages go through times like this. However, if your marital blahs have lingered more than several weeks, pay attention.Insight: Your marital blahs might be the symptom of something deeper… an erosion in your emotional connectedness.By emotional connectedness, I mean your bond, the feelings of closeness that you both share.If this erosion in your emotional connectedness is allowed to go unchecked, then the eventual result could be the loss of loving feelings and the breakdown of your relationship.Insight: There are two common causes of the emotional disconnect that underlies most marital blahs.Let me identify those causes for you now and provide you with some tips to help you overcome them. It’s time to combat your marital blahs!Insight: First, the erosion in your emotional connectedness could be caused by neglect of your relationship.Perhaps you two have become so busy that you’ve stopped attending to each other. As a result, you’ve lost your emotional connectedness and the marital blahs have set in.Tip: To counter neglect, have a daily check-in time.Carve out 20 minutes at the end of each day when you can check in with each other.Inquire into what’s happened since you parted that morning: “Tell me about your day. What were the highs and lows? What were those like for you?”This way of inquiring invites elaboration, unlike the typical question, “How was your day?” which can be answered in a word or two.Don’t give advice. Rather, respond with supportive words and actions: “That sounds frustrating.” “Of course you’re mad. I’d be mad too.” “I’m here for you. We’re in this together.” Or simply stroke or hold your spouse. Attend to each other.The more of these check-in times you have, the more you’ll reconnect.Insight: Second, the erosion in your emotional connectedness could be caused by avoidance of a conflict issue.There may be a difficult issue that the two of you have been steering clear of. You’re both afraid to bring it up. It’s come up before and it’s always led to a fight. So, you’ve been avoiding raising the issue.You’ve been keeping the peace, but at a price: the loss of emotional connectedness.You see, it’s hard to avoid an issue without at the same time avoiding each other. And when you avoid each other, you lose your closeness… and then the marital blahs can creep in.Tip: To overcome avoidance, plan a “talk-time”.Schedule a time to meet. For location, choose a neutral place like a coffee shop.Get that issue out on the table where it can be dealt with. Listen. Hear each other out. Instead of reacting aggressively, respond empathically.Ask each other: “What does this issue mean to you?” “What feelings does it bring up for you?” “What do you need from me?” “How can we create a solution that honors both of our feelings and needs?”Let your inquiry aim be to understand rather than to persuade. As you open your hearts to each other, you’ll start to feel closer.Then, you’ll be better able to work together to create a win-win solution. You can do it!If your marriage has become listless, think about the insights above. Then, put the tips I’ve given you into action. Chances are you’ll reconnect emotionally and defeat your marital blahs.

Let’s Save Your Marriage! How You Can Stop Your Divorce by Following What I Did to Stop Mine!

Do you want to save your marriage? Let’s do it together. I am saying together because I have been in your exact situation and have made a lot of mistakes, as well as the right things to do. So I have a lot of experience in this issue which I want to pass onto other spouses in a marriage crisis. I feel strongly that the institution of marriage is a sacred one and is what keeps us unified. It’s a pity that 87% of all marriages fail. I do not believe that there are any hopeless marriages – every marriage can be saved if you do the right things.As with most people, my first reaction when I understood that my marriage was ending was to go desperate. This is a very common reaction and makes you search for something that will quickly fix your marriage. I felt that I couldn’t just sit back and wait for my marriage to end in divorce – I needed to DO something to save my marriage! So this drove me to do all the wrong things, such as trying to talk my husband out of his demand of divorce. I apologized and apologized for everything, and then I begged him to reconsider. Obviously the wrong things to do – but how can you save your marriage otherwise, I thought.Unfortunately, all those things did was to make my husband even more fed up with me, and the marriage overall. But something changed the issue for me – and it led to eventually saving my marriage: I noticed that I was so desperate that I was totally unable to think correctly about how to save your marriage. I had let my emotions overwhelm me and they were guiding me to do the wrong things. I realized that I needed to stop this from happening – and I realized that I needed some outside advice.This is what changed everything for me! So, if you want to save your marriage, you must definitely ask for or seek some outside advice from a trusted source. Your own emotions are taking you nowhere.

Can You Love Your Husband Again? Revive the Romance!

The intimacy in a marriage can weaken over time. There is nothing unusual about it and thousands of marriages still survive, because there is love which binds the couples together, without any outward expression of passion. Even then, wives fret and ask this common question: Can You Love Your Husband Again?The main reason for this doubt appearing in their minds is without passion, most wives feel jittery and insecure after a few years of staying married. They feel that perhaps they do not love their husbands anymore. The drudgery of every day existence as well the overall predictability of married life takes a toll on their relationship. In case you too are bothered about the same question ‘Can You Love Your Husband Again’? – The answer is a firm YES. The only pre-requisite for success is that you have to be sincere in your approach. If your husband still cares for you, but somehow is unable to express it, or you do not quite feel the same way about him anymore, there are ways you can rekindle that romance and passion to rejuvenate your relationship. An honest effort in this regard can not only save your marriage but also bring a lot of happiness to your family life.Your first step when you are contemplating can you love your husband again is to revisit the time when you decided to make him your life partner. Obviously there were many qualities in him which you admired. Chances are that you do not look at those attributes any more, because you are taking them for granted. When you are wondering can you love your husband again, think about those qualities which made your husband irresistible. Over time not only have you overlooked these qualities, but anger, resentment, frustration and other negative feelings have occupied your mind, as you experience his several inadequacies. But people are what they are – and this does not make them unlovable in any way. Learn to ignore the things about your husband which irritate you or make you angry, in stead, start looking at him with a new and fresh perspective. For every bad thing about him, you could find a hundred good things which he has done for you. Focus on these points when you are thinking about can you love your husband again.Time can do amazing things to a relationship. With time, people go their own ways and this is very common when the marriage is a couple of years old. This is particularly true when children appear in the scene. Both the parents hover over them completely forgetting the fact that they also need to be husband and wife and not two adult friends maintaining a family. Kids, work, finance, home-building and list of other priorities which snatch away togetherness between a husband and a wife are endless. When you are wondering can you love your husband again, stop all other activities and simply focus on your time together. Talk of romantic things however silly they may sound. Give your concern about the kids a break and go out somewhere where you can be together – be it a cozy dinner for two or a simple walk in the park. While you are together, never bring up the topic which have nothing to do with romance or passion. Be with him as if other priorities never existed. Stop wondering can you love your husband again, because you know you can – only if you work hard at it. Remember, he is not just your husband but your best friend too. The best part about loving a husband all over again is the feeling of complete security and unconditional love which he provides you. Treasure it as much as you can, because it is rare in life. Going back to your concern of can you love your husband again, you have the answer in you.

My Marriage Needs Help – 3 Personal Things I Did to Help My Own Marriage?

It takes a lot of guts to say my marriage needs help, and actually go out there and look for ways to help it. Most people would rather just let things go, and wait to see if things were going to change for the better.I was like you…I knew that my marriage needed help, and so I set out to help it.Here’s 3 of the top things that I did…1. The most important thing that I did was realize that I had to steer the situation. Most people who say “my marriage needs help” is actually saying “my spouse needs to change”. It was difficult but I learned that I was the one that need to change, and only then might (might being the keyword) my wife change.To be honest, after a while, I realized that though she did change a bit, she really didn’t have to change as much as I did. She was only reacting to me, she just wasn’t doing so the way I wanted her to. When I gave her more positive things to react to, what do you know…she reacted more positively! Strange how that happens.2. I learned to think before I spoke. I paid attention to some very good advice in a book I read that told me to think before I spoke each and every time. I believe that Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln were also great proponents of this as well. It can be very hard, but doing so can do wonders for any relationship.We say so much stuff that we don’t mean. We hurt people so often because we don’t stop before we speak and think about the effect what we say is going to have. Doing so has changed not only my life, but my marriage as well.3. When I first realized that my marriage needs help, I began to seek that help. Honestly I didn’t want to sit in front of some marriage counselor who I believed probably had just about as bad of a marriage as I had. The chances, according to divorce statistics was that there was a 50% chance that they would have a bad marriage.I therefore began seeking out advice of people who have been there done that. It was a great decision. But not only that I also learned to communicate by studying other areas of life, outside of marriage. This helped profoundly.

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