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Monogamy Or Polygamy

In some countries, polygamy is allowed and men can have up to four wives at one time. The question is, should polygamy be practiced, or are men better off with having only one wife?From a scientific perspective, humans are polygamous in nature, just like the lions in the wilds. Just like animals, humans have to ensure the survival of their species. Thus, it is logical for men to practice polygamy to maintain the human population, and also to continue to breed.From an historical point of view though, our forefathers do practice polygamy. However, with the passing of time, humans found that they could breed just as well with the practice of monogamy. Furthermore, with the rise of human activists, women have achieved the same social standing as men, a feat only accomplish in the past few decades.As such, polygamy has been declared illegal in most of the countries in the world. Gone are the days when women only stay at home with their dishes.Though it is illegal to practice polygamy, the very nature of men defies whatever laws which have been enacted to bind their polygamous urge. Men are known to two-time their partners, and this number tends to increase at times. Has our law played its part to uphold the spirit of gender equality, or does it simply turn a blind eye in the wake of raging hormones?This topic is still up for debate, though polygamy may very well never see the daylight again.

Save This Marriage – My Partner is an Addict

A happy and successful marriage will have things such as honesty and good communication between the spouses and it goes without saying that trust is extremely vital as well. If the bond of trust between the parties is broke then this means that the relationship has suffered a devastating blow to its integrity as well and this can often spell out the ultimate demise of the relationship. The spouse who has been betrayed will have a hard time recovering from the breach of trust committed by their partner and the spouse who has broken the trust will no doubt struggle to process the enormity of what they have done.Whilst we tend to associate a breach of marital trust with the likes of infidelity or having an affair, not all affairs manifest themselves in the guise of another human and many marital partners suffer from personal demons in another guise: addictive personality. Coming to terms with living with a partner who suffers from an addiction is an extremely traumatic affair and one that many spouses will suffer to come to grips with. Many feel resentment and outright anger towards the addicted spouse, blaming them for being “weak” and for their inability to resist temptation that comes their way.The truth of the matter is that no one ever willfully chooses to be an addict. The allure of addiction is that the addiction provides a means of temporary relief and salvation from the problems and stresses suffered by the addict. Of course, such relief and succor is temporary and is quickly overshadowed by the consequences and ramifications of the addiction whether this is down to risks to health, wealth or legal status.It is important that regardless of your own personal feelings towards your spouse that they enroll in a support network and group in order to help them overcome their particular addiction. Make sure that you are there with them every step of the way, because a major stressful event such as a divorce or separation maybe enough to tip them over the edge into a full blown mental breakdown.Addicts rely on their addiction to provide them with some degree of comfort, therefore the onus falls on the supporting spouse to show that they can provide an equivalent degree of support and emotional stability for the addict spouse. Do not give up hope and do not write off your spouse as a lost cause.

Signs Your Husband Does Not Love You

One of the areas where women are well gifted at is intuition. This can greatly help you to determine what your husband is going through even before he tells you anything. You will be able to detect when things are not going on well although you may not know exactly what the problem is. For example, you may realize that your husband does not love you as he used to although you may not know the reasons behind his waning affection.Intuition is a good first step in bringing to your attention that something is amiss. However, you should also be aware of important signs that will leave you in no doubt that your husband does not love you any more. Here are the signs you should watch out for.When he rarely tells you he loves youMost likely, at the beginning of your marriage, and even before you got married, your husband used to tell you quite often how much he loved you. With time, he may have started saying it less and less. Perhaps it has reached a stage when he hardly even speaks about his love for you.Are you the one who always seems to declare your love before he responds that he also loves you? This may be a sign of his waning love. At least this will show you that he is slowly drifting away from you.When you spend less time togetherOne of the ways through which you can gauge your husband’s feelings towards you is how frequently he wants to be with you, and for how long. If you realize that you have to compete for his attention with such things as the television or newspaper, this is a clear sign that he is losing interest in you.Therefore, if you want to know whether your husband does not love you any more, you should determine the efforts he puts in keeping you company.You should also determine how frequently, or rarely, you spend intimate time together with your husband. Does he seem to lack interest in making love with you? Watch out. This may show that he is falling out of love. The lack of physical intimacy will be a reflection of his emotional distance.If your husband is less interested in you physically, you should not just put it down to exhaustion after work. Most likely, your husband does not love you as before. This is therefore something that you should not take for granted.Once you can read the signs your husband does not love you, you should start taking steps to correct the problem. You should not give up even when he is already talking about separation and divorce.

How to Live in Harmony Despite Differences in Financial Levels

Money plays a vital role in marriage as it is needed for family upkeep. But what happens if the woman earns more than the man or that she becomes the breadwinner for the family, especially with the current rate of job cut in many organizations? To Live together happily despite differences in income, the following measures should be adopted:Couples should learn how to appreciate each other regardless of who gives more or less and always bear in mind that whatever is done is for the common interest of the family and common goal.Notice any negative chatter in your mind and replace it with positive comments such as “I KNOW THAT WE CAN RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM” and not “THE PROBLEM IS NEVER MY BUSINESS”Suspend judgment or criticism so that you are prepared to hear about your spouse. Resolve to listen carefully and deeply so that you can you can understand the fears that is hidden beneath the surface words. When you identify and understand concerns, you are likely to find acceptable solution.Speak to your spouse with respectful words. Avoid and refrain from insults, derogatory remarks and uncomplimentary compliments. It is better to say “I DON’T REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN?” rather than “THAT SOUNDS LIKE ONE OF YOUR IDIOTIC IDEAS”Be ready to look at your own position and admit your position whenever you are wrong. This takes critical humility and self evaluation. Then re-establish closeness as soon as possible, apologize and get on with each other again.

5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Weddings are absolutely amazing. The buildup is really exciting, as is making the arrangements, and the thought of planning out your future lives together. However, once the honeymoon ends, your marriage truly begins. No matter how wonderful of a marriage you dream, you need to make sure to have a healthy marriage. So how do you keep your marriage healthy? Let’s look at a few ways.To start, make sure you two have independent interests. This is a really good thing for your marriage. It gives you two some time to be independent, and it also gives each of you something unique to talk about. How healthy can things really be for your marriage if you and your partner have the exact same interests and experiences?Try having spontaneous events! As your marriage continues, it’s easy to fall into a routine or grow comfortable doing the same things together. Trying something new however can bring a lot of excitement. Excitement is a great way to keep your marriage healthy. Why don’t you try planning a night out together? What about going to a nice new restaurant together? The sky is the limit!Make sure you two take weekend trips. It would be nice if you two could take full vacations together. However with work schedules and the cost, this can be difficult. Even a weekend trip though can be a lot of fun and bring a lot of happiness for you two. You two can go out to a nice dinner, and follow it up by a nice hotel. It will be fun!Never ever threaten a separation or divorce! This seems kind of obvious, but you would be surprised how many people do this. With your marriage, you two need to be confident of the marriage. You both need to believe that it’s going to last forever. How are you going to believe that if either of you keep threatening to separate? No matter how mad you are, never make a threat like that unless you truly are considering getting a divorce.Finally, spice up your sex life! I’m sure everyone will love this tip the most, but your sex life has a connection to how strong and satisfying your relationship is. So make sure to keep your sex life interesting! Why don’t you two try a new position? What about a new fantasy? Or even a new adult toy? Talk to your partner about this, and figure out something new to try! You two will have a lot of fun. :) Good luck with your marriage!

How to Stop a Divorce From Happening – What You Must Do Right Now If You Want to Save Your Marriage!

Do you think your marriage is in serious trouble – a severe crisis that it might never come out of? But you don’t want to simply accept this – and want to stop a divorce from happening? Then the first thing I have to say is that I have been in your shoes and want to congratulate you for striving to save your marriage. I stopped a divorce from happening and I am confident that every marriage can be saved. I know that you think you have tried everything and it’s all hopeless, but I bet you haven’t.When you want to stop a divorce, the first thing to do is quit your depressed state of mind. This makes you “desperate” to save your marriage and being desperate makes you act in wrong and dangerous ways. When you are desperate, you feel forced to “do” something which is almost always trying to talk your spouse out of a divorce. This leads you to apologize, beg etc. which are all further damaging to your already strained marriage.Calm down. This is crucial. You can stop a divorce from happening, rest assured – but to be able to achieve that, you have to relax. A severe marriage crisis is a LOT to think about. When you calm down, you will allow your brain some very valuable time with which to process everything that has happened lately.Another VERY crucial point in this is that when you have calmed down, you’ll stop applying pressure on your spouse to stop a divorce. This will give your spouse some time in which they’ll be alone and free from your pressure – and this will give them time to really reconsider things.I never made an inch of progress in stopping a divorce from happening until I quit being desperate and depressed – it’s that important.

Save Your Marriage Despite the Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the major things that can tear apart a marriage. Affairs outside of marriage are a betrayal of everything that marriage is meant to be about. A marriage is meant to be a joining of two lives, you and your husband bound together for life, and tearing that bond apart is one of the most demanding things in your life to overcome.In a marriage, cheating isn’t just what happens when somebody starts a physical affair outside of the marriage. Cheating can also be emotional, when one of you in the relationship starts to share your life with another person outside the of marriage.This can be described as emotional infidelity, and it is becoming an even more severe issue in recent times. One of the grounds for this is due to the workplaces, one of our main social activities in modern times, have become more and more mixed.As well as that, it has become easy to liaise with people on the sly. Email, texting and instant messaging have all made it very easy to hook-up with people that you shouldn’t be hooking-up with. While this may not be the motivation for emotional infidelity, it is a main ingredient.At the same time, the ability to have physical affairs has also become much easier. Couples spend more time away from each other than once was the case, and it is quite common to spend the greater part of time at work, which provides us with a very neat justification when we decide to cheat on our partner. Having an affair is a choice, there is no mistake about that.However you should remember that these things are rationalizations and chance events, not reasons. To change the excuses won’t alter the relationship, it won’t resolve anything. But that doesn’t signify that you can’t rise above infidelity in marriage. Cheating is a quite a dilemma, but that doesn’t mean it’s an insurmountable one.The most important thing you need to consider is exactly what went amiss in your marriage. Cheating isn’t something that comes about by accident; there are always reasons when these kind of things happen. Something has broken-down in your marriage and it’s necessary that it be fixed so that you can get past the infidelity.It’s important that you don’t condemn the other person. Yes, they did cheat on you. No, it was not your fault. However, you need to move beyond it, because if you play the blame game you’ll really only postpone the sort of emotional healing that has to take place. You have to, the best way you can, put this all behind you.Once you’ve worked out the reasons why and have started working on it, it’s necessary that you reestablish the trust in your marriage. Infidelity devastates trust, and it’ll be difficult to repair that which was been broken. You need to buckle down and work on building the trust again. Don’t hope for it to happen straight away, and don’t hope for it to be easy.But if you can take these actions, you really can redeem your marriage. Cheating in a marriage is terrible, but every relationship can be retrieved. You simply need to go out and find the advice and the help you need to heal your relationship and then take action accordingly.

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