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Three Tips That Can Help You Save Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce

A marriage can be a fun experience if you are willing to work at making sure that you and your spouse are happy. But what do you do if you find out that your spouse is unhappy and that your marriage is in danger of ending in divorce? Do you put your tail between your legs and walk away? Or do you stand up and work with your spouse to repair the damage that has been done? It depends on the type of person that you are. I personally would prefer to fight for my marriage. I am not a quitter, nor do I want to be labeled as one.So here are a few tips that I have been using to make sure that my marriage is in good health and that my wife and I are happy. We do go through or problems, but these tips have always helped us to get through the ruff patches.1) Communication and listen to your spouse. Communication is the key to any relationship. Set up time every night to talk with your spouse. Use this time to work on you talking and listening skills. Talk about anything that is troubling you, and listen to your spouse issues. They do not need to be fixed right away. They only need to be brought up.2) Be understanding to the problem. Any problem can be solved. Even the most sever problem can be fixed. Financial issues can be solved by getting a second job. Infidelity can be solved by couples counseling. Write down the problem and work with your spouse to come up with a plan of action to fix it.3) Do not give up on your spouse. I have never given up on my spouse during all the ruff patches that we have been through. And there have been some good ones that may have ended in divorce if it were another couple. But I stuck to my guns and was able to work out of the situation with the help and love of my spouse.Every couple is different, and I know that these tips may not work for everyone. But what do you have to loss if you by not working out your problems with your spouse. The cost could be more than you could handle.

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