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Broken Marriage Help – Tips to Help Save Your Relationship

If you feel that the relationship you share with your spouse is becoming strained, you’ve likely been looking for broken marriage help. Unfortunately, even if we have the best intentions when we wed, things don’t always go the way we plan. You may find that the dynamic between you and your spouse has shifted dramatically and you’re left wondering whether the marriage can even be saved. If you love your partner and you want to find a way to salvage the relationship and make it even stronger than it’s ever been, you can do just that. With the right guidance you can actually have a more fulfilling and loving connection than you did the day you wed.When you are searching for broken marriage help it’s important to first consider the state of communication between you and your spouse. Do you two still talk about what you are feeling or have your conversations been delegated to general talk about household duties and raising your children? If you two don’t focus on each other sometimes your marriage is definitely going to suffer. Make time to talk to your partner and ensure they understand that you want them to share all of their feelings with you. Tell them that you’ll do everything you can to stay open and objective. If they anticipate you reacting negatively to them, they will be less likely to share.Also, you must give your partner room if they ask for it. One very important piece of broken marriage help is to always respect what your spouse asks of you. You may feel that you’re losing them forever if they tell you they need to separate for a time or they decide to sleep in another room. This can actually be the thing that makes them realize what they have in you. Sometimes time apart helps a person understand what they risk losing so if your partner wants some time alone, give it to them. It just may mean you’ll end up with an even stronger marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage – 2 Tips That Will Help You Greatly in Stopping Your Divorce Forever!

Maybe it would be better if all marriages didn’t begin with great ceremonies and dream-like honeymoons. Because you can’t get better than that! And it’s not good to start a thing at its best – because, from the best, and the highest, the only place to go is down. And when they go bad, they can go worse.I had such a marriage that had gone downhill since the honeymoon. I did everything to save my marriage and stop my divorce. I tried to talk to him, I begged to him, I cried to him… Then, when those didn’t work, I acted like I didn’t care at all.None of those worked, and my problematic marriage went worse. He had stopped caring about me altogether and I thought it was now just a matter of time before he began to talk about the possibility of divorce.How do you save your marriage from such a situation? Well – I did. Not only a “saving”, also; because my husband loves me even more than he did in our honeymoon. So what did I do to achieve this:Tip 1: Under no circumstances, never, ever, never beg to, or cry in front of your spouse. Here comes the basic law of human nature: If you can’t have something, you’re going to want that something. Let’s rewrite this: The more you beg for somebody, the less he or she will desire you. Which means that you should stop begging at once.Tip 2: You won’t read this tip anywhere else. The notion of a divorce can be scary, scary even for the spouse who actually wants to end the marriage. You can use this to your advantage, but it works only and only if your spouse hasn’t actually talked about divorce to you. This means that he or she wants a divorce, but is scared by the idea. So, what happens when you just “utter” that word? He or she now takes a defensive stance and this can save your marriage!

Where to Start When You Want to Save Your Failing Marriage

Tom works long hours and Denise feels he takes her for granted. Tom feels that Denise spends all of her time meeting the children’s needs and doesn’t have time or energy left for his needs? Does this remind you of your life at your house? Can this or your marriage be saved? Should it be saved?First, you must decide whether your relationship is worth saving. While almost every relationship can be saved it will take hard work from both people. So both people must decide that they want to make it work. One person can not do it all on his or her own. You may feel that you want to stay in a marriage because it is convenient or because of the children. But that is not the same thing as really making the relationship work that is merely deciding to remain roommates in the same house.Next, you need to really look at the problem or problems that are affecting your relationship with your spouse. One of the biggest problems in how to save a marriage or any relationship is that people believe the symptoms of the problem are the problem itself. For instance, many people think that it is an affair is the problem that leads to a break up. In truth, the affair is a symptom of a deeper problem, like lack of intimacy, lack of attention or boredom. If you do not deal with the underlying problem, you can stop the current affair but fail to prevent future affairs. It is when you start to deal with core issues rather than symptoms, you can save the marriage. So what are the core issues in your failing marriage? Is there a trust issue? Is there a lack of attention paid to keeping the relationship strong? Maybe one person is controlling or a constant nag? Whatever your issues are you need to take stock and make a list.Once you have identified the core problems, it is time to open up the lines of communication. This means both verbalizing your own feelings and listening to your partner’s concerns. Remember to start by talking about how you feel. No pointing fingers here, just an honest discussion of feelings. Remember each spouse needs a chance to talk and be heard.Finally create an action plan together to solve the issues that are negatively effecting your relationship with your spouse. If you don’t spend time together like you used to, plan a date night every week. Take turns coming up with creative ways to spend an evening together each Wednesday. If lack of communication is the problem, commit to spending 20 minutes before going to bed just talking to one another. And, then do it. Brainstorm together action steps that will fix the problems you have both identified. Keep the action steps small enough to be manageable but large enough to make a difference.So now you are on your way to a stronger relationship with your spouse. Just remember this is a process not a one time fix. Every relationship needs on going care and attention to remain strong and healthy year after year.

The Women Men Adore – Keeping Your Man Attracted to You

If you are someone who wants to make your relationships work, you may have wondered what types of women men adore and what makes them want to say ‘I want to marry you,’ or ‘I want to be with this woman forever.’If you are newly married or long-been married to the love of your life, you would also probably want to know what made them marry you and what can keep them interested and attracted to you.Find out in this list of what women men adore.- A confident woman. Men love a woman who is confident about herself. One who can manage her life and one who also has her own opinion and who does not just always depend on a man. Men love challenge and they tend to be more attracted to those who are not needy emotionally – and financially. In these times of more empowered women, men are also looking at women who can also share with the future finances.- A woman who understands. Men, women… we all appreciate an understanding partner. Every time we make some failure in our lives, we want to be with someone who can understand us. If we have made a big mistake in our lives, we want a partner who understands that we are not perfect. Men too need understanding from their partners, not criticizing him for his faults. He loves to have a woman who listens to him and tries to understand why he made mistakes.- A beautiful woman. Of course, men love to see beautiful women. Beauty of course may vary from men to men. You do not have to look like that sexy hot babe on a magazine cover but you have to at least look good and pleasing to the eyes of your man, clean and be someone who of course has a fit and healthy body. Indeed, being beautiful does not mean being somebody else. You just have to believe in yourself, look good and feel good about yourself and cultivate the qualities you have as an individual. For sure, being beautiful inside and out will make you one of the women men adore.- The love and life partner. Women may think that men are only after sex and the physical intimacies, but men adore women who are great companions, someone who can cheer them in times when they are down, and someone who makes them feel special. He loves to have a woman he can share a healthy sex life with at the same time offers good loving and companionship.- A woman who is grateful and knows how to appreciate their man. Men love to see a woman happy with the relationship, and they want to know if they are successful in making you happy. It does not have to be an insincere appreciation every time your man accomplishes something. You can a find a lot of things to be sincerely grateful for about your man. Look more on the positive qualities of your partner and not in his shortcomings.The women men adore may not always be someone who is perfectly beautiful but it matters that a woman shows her love for him, gives time for him, understands and appreciates him. Start with small things and you will find great ways to make a happy relationship together.

How to Please Your Husband – Tips to Make a Happy Marriage

Making a happy marriage is of course an effort from both partners, thus, if you are a wife who wants to make your marriage happy, it is important that you know how to please your husband.One way of showing your love to your spouse is giving. When you give and know how to please your husband, you will most likely receive more love as well. In a relationship, however, it is important that you give and love unconditionally.For ideas on how to please your husband, here are a few to add to your list. Keep in mind that no matter how small it is, it could be of big help to maintaining a happy marriage.* Listen and pay attention. Listening is one way to settle arguments, appeasing anger between spouse and in decision-making in marriage. If you know how to listen, you will be able to iron out things easily.* Learn to manage your finances well. Do not indulge in luxuries and debts without letting your husband know. Troubled finances between couples often cause arguments and can sometimes lead to divorce, so avoid it from the start.* Take care of your children. Provide them with good food and nutrition, as well as keep them clean. Although parenthood should be a shared responsibility, giving extra care to make the children healthy, clean and well-taught can be a good way on how to please your husband, especially if you are a homemaker.* Limit jealousy. Some levels of jealousy may be flattering to a man or woman but it can also grow into an annoying habit. Before you get into that trouble in your married life, learn to trust your husband. Keep jealousy to a level where it is still admirable. Trust your partner.* Make him enjoy the lovemaking. It is an essential part of marriage and gone are those days that only men can initiate the lovemaking act. Initiating lovemaking with your partner will also make him feel wanted. If you want to please your husband in bed, variety is also a key. You can find many resources online on how to please your husband in bed or ask him what he likes.* Make yourself pleasing. Be attractive for your husband. Not because you are already married you will now quit making yourself beautiful to your husband. Still do. You may not be conscious like before when you were dating, but try to be pleasing at least to the eyes of your husband.* Be loyal to him. Marriage is about commitment to your husband and keeping that promise is indeed a good requisite of a happy marriage. Support your husband in times when he experiences bad days at work or if he is having a hard time with his business.* Appreciate your husband. If you love to be appreciated, so is your partner. Cultivate the habit of being appreciative for things that your husband do for you, for the family and for the marriage. Instead of picking on his weaknesses and finding faults, learn to appreciate him. This way, he will most likely reciprocate it with more good deeds.Knowing how to please your husband indeed is an important thing in making your marriage work. Of course, it takes two to make the relationship a happy and successful one but do not wait for who will start pleasing who. You can start with yourself.

Are You 100% Satisfied?

Have you ever heard the commercials asking ‘are you 100% happy with your marriage?’ or ‘are you completely satisfied with your intimacy?” Radio talk show host Dennis Prager points out that the advertisement is built on a brilliant but flawed premise. He notes that you can apply that to everything in life.Are you 100% satisfied with anything in life? That’s a fair question. But who can honestly answer ‘yes’ 100% of the time? None of us can. That’s when the marketing mentality kicks into high gear.Choose any category in life and you can ask that same question. Are you 100% satisfied with your job? Are you 100% happy the way your kids are turning out? Are you 100% happy with your diet? Now you might say that you’re 100% satisfied with your spouse and your kids, but are you really? If you could change something in them, would you? Or if you could change several things in them, would you? If you could change yourself, would you? Of course you would. So, in essence, you are not 100% satisfied. Again, none of us can say ‘yes’ all the time to these very common situations.The one hundred percent satisfaction question can never be satisfied from the responder’s perspective. We are rarely 100% satisfied with even our most cherished things. We are not satisfied with our weight, our looks, our children, our jobs, our bosses, our commute, our cars, our houses, or our marriages. Be careful you don’t fall into the trap and respond the way the marketer wants you to respond. He or she knows the answer to the question before you open your mouth. If you say you are satisfied, she’ll ask “are you absolutely sure,” which is again a qualified question. “Absolutely sure” is very different in the marketer’s eyes than just plain ol’ “sure.”Here’s the trick then: the answer isn’t flawed, the question is. Asking ‘Are you very happy with your marriage’ is far different than asking ‘are you 100% happy with your marriage?’ isn’t it? Even asking ‘are you extremely happy with your marriage’ exposes the flaw in the 100% question. If you’re in the 60-70% happy range you’re doing fine in just about anything. Of course, marketers know this and exploit it to their financial advantage. Often it’s not malicious, but merely good marketing.So, next time you see one of these commercials, know that the company is using a time-honored marketing ploy to make you feel like you’re unhappy and dissatisfied. In reality, you aren’t but that wouldn’t sell products, would it?

My Husband is Ready to Leave Me and Won’t Go to Marriage Counseling – Advice That May Help

Over the weekend, I got an email from a very upset wife who said that her husband was getting ready to leave her and she felt that there was nothing or little that she could do to stop it. She had seemingly tried “everything” on her end of things and her husband was resistant to most of them. She had eagerly suggested marital counseling, but the husband refused to go, saying it would be a “waste of time.” So, she was left with little but her own desire to save the marriage and she feared that this was not enough. She asked what she could do, on her own, to turn the situation around because she was clear on the fact that she didn’t want to lose her husband. I’ll share some of the highlights from my response in the following article.Accept What Is And Work Forward From That Place: I started out by telling her that if she was meeting resistance and had tried to negotiate and still run into a brick wall, that she had to accept this as her starting point. There is little good in trying to strong arm, guilt, or “make” someone change their mind. This only alienates you from them and gives you yet another point on which you disagree.She did not need to add any fuel to an already raging fire, so I felt that she should stop trying to change his mind because this only made her appear high maintenance, desperate, and needy – all things that likely weren’t going to be attractive in her husband’s eyes anyway and would probably contribute to him only wanting to leave sooner. Instead, I wanted her to agree that time apart, should he chose to go that route, might just do everyone some good. Now, of course, she may have had to stand behind that statement. She may have had to keep a straight face right as he walked out the door. But, she also needed to understand that his leaving or his staying didn’t really matter all that much if the underlying tension and drifting apart weren’t addressed. There were bigger problems at stake then which roof was over his head. And countless husbands decide to come home and work things out once they have the time and distance to clear their heads.Presenting Yourself In The Best Way Possible: Another thing that you need to understand is that what you have right now (in addition to relationship problems) are perception problems. If your husband wants to leave you, it’s likely because he perceives that things are better for him without you than with you. To make him want to stay (or to get him back home, if he’s already left), you will need to change this perception. He must eventually come to see that he’s much better off with you than without you. And, he’s not likely to decide this if you are fighting him every step of the way and telling him that he’s wrong or selfish to want to leave.So, always take a second to think about how you are presenting yourself and how he is perceiving you. Always remember that your goal is to overcome the negative way that he perceives you right now. This may require for you to not say what immediately pops into your head or to put a positive spin on something before you just come out and say it, but taking this one step is vital in turning this around.He has to come to realize that the two of you can still interact and connect in a positive way. This may well not happen overnight and is more likely to be a gradual shift, but it is a shift that needs to happen if this is going to change. In order for this to happen, you must have control over your emotions and you must display this to him. You want to appear strong, capable, and understanding – all at the same time.Addressing His Wanting To Leave You: My best advice is to sort of find a happy middle of median. You want to make it clear that you don’t want him to leave, but you only need to state this once. Your goal now is strengthen your position, not weaken it. If he still insist on going, tell him you are sorry that he feels this way, but you must concede that the break may do some good. Explain that you love him and want him to be happy and if this is what it takes, so be it. You will support him in this decision and will use the time to your benefit also.”Using the time to your benefit” doesn’t mean or imply that you’re going to go out with other people or do things that you will regret. But, you should make the best of it and see friends, work on yourself and display your best self because it’s highly likely that once the dust settles and the quiet kicks in, he will be watching and this is exactly when it’s most vital that you are aware how you are presenting yourself. (Seeing the counselor on your own can be a very good idea. It will support you and it will allow him to see that you are serious about what you’ve been saying.)You want him to see the vibrant, capable woman that he first fell in love with, not the desperate, moping one that would be so easy to give over to right now. At this time, you must act “as if” you already have what you want. This will help immensely toward attracting what you really want and toward presenting yourself as the person (that you are deep down anyway) that is going to turn this thing around.

Fix Your Sexless Marriage – Live a Life With Passion

Is it possible to fix your sexless marriage? This article will answer this question…According to a recent survey, about 15% of couples live in what is defined as a sexless marriage, meaning that they have sex 10 times a year or less. This means that what once was considered a taboo topic cannot remain one for long. This problem has gotten too big for it to remain so secretive.The worse thing about sexless marriages is that most people are too ashamed that this has happened to them to take any action. They simply give up on love and passion and do nothing to mend their relationship.This is wrong. You can’t give up on love. There’s a great chance that you can fix your sexless marriage if you decide to. It depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into your marriage and how open you are to new ideas and the fact that this is a problem which has to be treated for you to be happy.In all likelihood, your marriage didn’t become sexless due to a lack of love. You and your partner likely still love each other but over the years something has wilted between you. It happens to a lot of couples and you can revive the passion.The first thing you need to do is to believe it’s possible to fix your sexless marriage. The second thing is to take a long look at your life and see where you can take steps to improve the interaction between you and your spouse.The third thing is to make your life more exciting and fun. The fourth is to spend high quality time together as a couple. The fifth is to be able to accept temporary rejection and slowly rebuild the intimacy you lost.It can be done and it’s in your hands. Never give up on love.

How Do You Know If Your Husband Truly Loves You? Tips For Wives in Doubt

People change with time and married couples are no exception. Wives find husbands changing and becoming different people after a few years of marriage and the opposite is also true. How do you know if your husband truly loves you – is a common question that bothers many wives. You might have spent some glorious years together but the stress and anxieties of every day life is bound to take a toll on the marriage and today you seriously doubt whether your husband is the same loving man who you had married. Fortunately, men are not very good at pretending and their present state of mind usually shows up in their actions. The important issue here for wives is that these early signs of drifting apart must be acted upon fast, or else, the distance between the two of you could grow bigger by the day. How do you know if your husband truly loves you? Watch out for such signals:o How do you know if your husband truly loves you? Look at the quality and quantity of time he is spending with you! If there is a shift in his preferences and he would rather spend his free time away from home, then you have reasons to worry about.o When men are confronted with an unpleasant situation, they either deal with it head on or not deal with it at all. Perhaps your husband has chosen the second route. This need not necessarily mean that he has found someone new. He could be organizing his life in such a way that he spends more time at work, with his male friends or has even revived an old hobby and spending time with that.o You have got some part answer to your question: how do you know if your husband truly loves you by watching his changed lifestyle.o You could also get an easy answer to your doubt how do you know if your husband truly loves you if you watch his intentions to help you out either with your life or with your work at home. A man who is still in love with you would always take keen interest in what you are doing and if there is anything bothering you at home or at work. He is genuinely interested in you. You can get your answer to how do you know if your husband truly loves you when he remains aloof and disinterested in all your affairs.o If you happen to see such signs in your marriage and you are keen to save it, ignoring them does not help. After you have come to know if your husband truly loves you there are essentially two ways to look at the situation. If you get confirmed that your husband is still in love with you but somehow is unable to express his feelings, you can relax and put in several positive inputs to make your marriage work better. However if you see things moving otherwise, you need to solve the issue immediately, before it completely goes out of hand.o You might as well modify the question how do you know if your husband truly loves you to when do you know if he loves you or not. You know he still has loving feelings if he still takes active interest in your life, helps you at home, ensures that you are happy, remains in a jovial mood, makes plans for a holiday and more. These are very positive signs of affirmation that your husband has nothing else in his mind except you.

Can You Salvage Your Marriage?

So you think your marriage has broken down, but you’re not sure whether it’s been written off completely. What you think will happen if you stick around for just a little bit longer? Could it improve? if you were to make a real effort to change the relationship do you think you could make a difference, and could you work with your partner to make these important changes?These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you are thinking of trying to salvage your marriage. There are plenty of people in relationships who have managed to pull themselves back from the knife edge of divorce and continued to live happily ever after. I’m not that unlike you and tell you that this will be easily, is that all depends on the attitude of both you and your partner.There to be a genuine interest from both parties to make the marriage work again. There is little or no point in just one of you trying to make a change when the problems stem from both of you. This one-sided effort could result in you resenting your partner even more.In this day and age most people think there is a quick and easy to work for any ailment and this includes a breakdown in your relationship. If you have this kind of attitude you might as well give up now, as there will be nothing but hard work to get your marriage back on the straight and narrow.Even though will take a great effort from both of you in order to make this work, it only takes one of you to get the ball rolling and start the other thinking about how great your marriage could be again.

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