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Stop Your Divorce! What You Must Do Right Now to Stop a Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Some people think that you can do nothing to stop a divorce. They say that once a spouse has made his or her mind on getting divorced, you are at his mercy. I am now here to say that this is not true: Stopping your divorce is entirely in your hands, and your actions will determine the fate of your marriage.Of course, if your spouse wants a divorce, there is no way you can change his or her mind by apologizing or begging. Apologizing and promising to be a better spouse will only ruin your credibility, and begging will only create an image of a pathetic you. You can’t stop your divorce by these.What you need to do is to learn that people want what they can’t have. This is another reason why you shouldn’t beg your husband to save your marriage. You are making yourself “easier to have” with this. What you should do instead; is to act so that this principle will work for your advantage.You can make this by calming down and stopping trying to press your spouse for talking / apologizing. This will both remove your needy, easy to have image; and will allow both of you some VERY precious time for thinking – in your case, thinking to understand the real problems lying behind your marriage crisis; in your spouse’s case, reconsidering the decision of divorce. This is the first step I took to save my marriage. And it did all the good. So you should do this if you want to stop your divorce.

Learn to Love Your Husband Again – Helpful Advice For Wives Who’ve Fallen Out of Love

Is it possible to learn to love your husband again once that feeling has disappeared? Unfortunately this is a question that many married women wish they knew the answer to. Marriage is not always an easy road to follow and with all the pressures put upon a couple it’s easy to see why feelings sometimes shift and change. If you don’t feel that same overwhelming desire and love for your husband that you once did, don’t give up just yet. If you’d like to save your marriage, there is help for you. You can actually fall back in love with him and create a stronger and more meaningful connection than you’ve ever had before.The first step to learn to love your husband again is to let go of all the resentment and anger you may be holding for him. When we are in a partnership like marriage, it’s easy to start to resent the other person if you feel taken for granted. It’s something that many women feel and it can lead to their feelings for their spouse dramatically changing. It doesn’t have to be this way. Focus on letting go of those difficult feelings. Talk to him about the fact that you do feel taken for granted and what he can do to help remedy that. Although we think of a marriage as balanced, it isn’t always. You may have to compromise for now and accept the fact that you have to pull more of the weight. Let him know though, that you do need help and would appreciate it very much if he could step up to the plate for you.What we think about most tends to breed itself into our subconscious. If you’re focusing solely on your husband’s qualities that you dislike, that’s going to overshadow everything else. Stop letting those negative thoughts consume you. Make a point, starting now, to only focus on the things about him that you admire and adore. If you can push those negative feelings to the back of your mind, you’ll find your feelings will shift to a more positive place as well. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I Have 1 Week to Save My Marriage – Is it Possible?

I am going to regain the love and save my marriage in a week. Sounds great doesn’t it, but is it possible? Anything is possible, and if you and your partner are sill in love then saving your marriage within a week is very possible.If you are the one that desires to save your marriage and your spouse doesn’t seem real interested in straightening up their act, then by simply giving them some space will give them a wake up call.Most of the time people aren’t even aware that their marriage is in trouble. They continue to make the same mistakes, because they assume their partner will rather put up with their problems than leave. If you find yourself in a marriage like this then it’s time to take some drastic measures.Make the decision and leave for a while, just to create some space between you and your spouse. If your spouse still loves you they will contact you and when they do, they will be more than ready to listen to everything you have to say. This comes back to the basic rule “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.Give yourself a week from your spouse and they will be determined to save your marriage as much as you are. The only way this strategy can back fire is if your partner really doesn’t love you anymore. If that’s the case then saving your marriage period might be impossible, let alone a week.

Revolutionise Your Relationship

Have you thought about spring-cleaning your relationship? Looking after a family can be exhausting and, by the time the kids are in bed, all you want to do is enjoy your favourite soap opera or soak in a relaxing bath of bubbles! Of course, you rarely get chance to do either of these things due to the over-flowing basket of ironing or the sink full of washing up! So, how do you get to spend quality time with your partner? Here are a few ideas to help you to put the sparkle back into your relationship.Kiss Your Partner Goodbye!Between the kids’ demands, the breakfast chaos and the school run preparations, it’s easy to forget to say “goodbye” to your partner as he leaves for work! Try to take time out of your hectic routine to give him a kiss and hug goodbye, and wish him a good day.When he returns, try not to bombard him with all the domestic duties that need attending to or shout at him for leaving his dirty socks on the bedroom floor for the third time this week! Instead, greet him with a kiss and ask about his day. Take a few moments to share the highlights of the day and listen to what each other has to say.Remember, children observe everything you do. Greeting each other in a positive way will offer them security by helping them understand that their parents enjoy a healthy, respectful relationship.Enjoy a Child Free Weekday Treat!If you both work, arrange a few mid-week holidays but don’t cancel your usual childcare arrangements. Spend this time together doing the things you used to enjoy before you had your family. Benefit from a walk in the country; go to the cinema; enjoy a special lunch or spend a lazy day at home. The choice is yours but make sure you spend the day together!Hide the Remote Control…The routine on weekday nights can become very monotonous – you make tea, put the kids to bed and turn on the TV. Watching television may sound like a good way to chill out but it won’t do your relationship much good. For a start, you probably won’t even speak to each other once you’re absorbed in the latest TV drama!For a minimum of two nights a week, hide the remote control before your partner comes home. Then suggest doing something else instead. Perhaps you could dim the lights, enjoy a glass of wine and TALK! You could even take advantage of an early night to recharge your batteries.Go On A Weekly Date!”Ha! Impossible!” I hear you cry. How on earth can you squeeze in a weekly date – and who will look after the kids on a school night? Staying in is the new going out. Choose one night a week to enjoy a meal together when the children are in bed. Order a takeaway, light some candles and use your best crockery. Make yourselves feel special without leaving your front door. Make sure this is scheduled into your weekly routine and look forward to this special treat!Say “I Love You”You probably tell your children all the time but it is easy to take your partner for granted. Saying you love each other will strengthen your relationship and help you feel good about yourselves.It’s also good practice to remind each other of all the reasons you are together. Reminisce about what attracted you to each other all those years ago – it might be the same thing that makes your stomach flip now, or simply something that puts a smile on your face. Either way, it’s worth a giggle together!Nurturing and paying attention to your relationship will help you to enjoy a healthy, prosperous future together! Try these tips out and see how your relationship improves!Start your journey today – achieve confidence, balance and joy.

Saving My Marriage by Pulling it Together

If you really want to save your marriage from ending then it’s time for you to pull it together. It’s very difficult to watch a marriage that was strong for so long just simply fall apart. It’s very heartbreaking for friends and family alike to see the two of you going in different directions. If you don’t want that to happen to your marriage, then it’s time to pull it together.Time-Out – Take a moment to stop, catch your breath and take a step back from the situation. I don’t mean take a break from your situation but to step back to calm down. It doesn’t take much for things to get overheated. Now is the time to give yourself a personal time-out. Before you do anything, step back, take a deep breath and try to relax before taking any action. When you use this as an opportunity to reduce or remove your anger, then you can truly start to communicate and take the next step to help save your marriage.Try To Understand What Is Happening – While on your time-out, take a look at what is happening. Now is the time to look at the big picture and then look at it from your spouse’s or an outsiders perspective. From your point of view it may seem bad but from there point of view it is not so bad. By looking at it from another point of view you might find out why things have gotten so out of control and you may find that the solution is relatively simple.Look for the root of the problem – By understand what is happening you can follow it back to it’s beginning to how it took root in the first place. You may find that the problem is really relatively small and as such something that you can easily overcome to save your marriage.If your goal is saving my marriage, then by pulling it together and taking these three steps then you might just bring back what really belongs together…the two of you.

How to Build That Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Save Your Marriage

No marriage worth its name is without the usual turbulence. Couples, who boast that their marriage has been one continuous honeymoon, are either lying or are not sensitive enough to even realize the simmering undercurrents that are as inevitable as tomorrow. Come to think of it, a marriage can not be termed ‘happy’ unless there is a tiff now and then, a little misunderstanding over small issues, etc. But if there are more tiffs than happy times, then it is time to build that bridge over troubled waters to save your marriage. Remember a marriage neglected, is a marriage ruined.However, you cannot do anything to save your marriage, unless you know the areas that are causing tension between the two of you. It could be something that is ‘silly and insignificant’ but that is only your version. Your spouse could be thinking otherwise. To avoid having parallel views, it is better to critically analyze your own situation and look for some tell-tale signs of a neglected marriage, in order to save your marriage and build a stronger bridge to strengthen the relationship:• Are your priorities same? Is your spouse spending more time at the golf course or at the shopping mall? When two people in a marriage have separate and engulfing priorities, it shows. Sporadic communication, children ignored, separate friends’ circle, different agenda, lack of time for each other, are some the after-effects of different priorities. It has a high-speed snow-balling effect, which can ruin an otherwise perfect marriage. A glowing example is when one or both partners are workaholics. Therefore, to save your marriage, before it gets out of hand, discuss the matter frankly with your spouse and come to a mutually acceptable solution.• Limit your distractions. It is always possible to have your attention divided amongst several things that you are committed to do. But trouble starts when the distractions are too many and happen too often. Apart from being stressful, the togetherness goes for a six and the marriage seems to be another marriage of convenience more than anything else. Ignored, this too can further the distance between the two of you. Take your spouse into confidence, and talk matters out. To save your marriage, you might have to take the initiative to schedule some exclusive time which both of you should spend together without any interruption from any other source.• When did you last spend some quality time together? This requires some deep introspection as this could hold the key to your troubled marriage. Remember though, that many people are insensitive to this intrinsic necessity. Therefore to save your marriage, and in your own interest, you could devise some ways by which you force your spouse to go for a vacation, go for a cozy dinner or simply go for a romantic walk in the woods. You would be surprised, what this little togetherness can do to help you build that bridge over troubled waters.• A bit of pretense helps to save your marriage. Though it may seem to be a Herculean task to take a renewed interest in what your spouse does or what makes him or her tick – but a wee bit of effort can rekindle that lost spirit of love between the two of you. Small gestures of encouragement or gratitude can go a long way in clearing misunderstandings and many misgivings which widen the gap in a relationship. However, this is not a one-time activity. If you sincerely want to save your marriage, you have to be consistent in your efforts so that your sincerity shows. After all, love is a good cause to walk that extra mile.

Let’s Save Your Marriage! – I Got My Spouse Back to Me, and You Can Too Stop Your Divorce With This!

I know of the horrible feeling of seeing your marriage head towards the end with each passing day. This is true even if you actually want to divorce. But what if you want to save your marriage? Then you feel totally ruined and desperate.I said I know of the feeling, because I have felt it. I have gone through all this, unfortunately. It felt so bad, and made me so desperate to see that my husband wasn’t showing any interest in me any more. I  had no idea on what I should do to save my marriage – how do you save your marriage when you obviously can’t force someone to love you again?Fast forward to today.We have just returned from a vacation with my husband, we had a great ten days which were even better than our honeymoon – yes, I have saved my marriage and yes, that’s an understatement.How did I do that? By using simple methods. They were so powerful, and have stopped so certain a divorce that, now I’m totally sure that those methods can save any marriage.The methods rely on one simple behavioral pattern – that people always want what they can’t have. It is build upon that principle. If you make yourself less accessible to somebody, that person is going to want you more.Currently this principle works against you as your spouse knows that you don’t want a divorce – so you’re easy to have for your spouse at the moment. This works against you, but by utilizing the “being the unreachable and inaccessible” method not only cancels the disadvantage, but even works FOR your advantage.If you want to save your marriage, you have to play for this principle!

Prenuptial Agreements – Because There’s No Such Thing As a Fairytale Marriage

You’re a world-class fashion model on a photo shoot for Italian Vogue in Machu Picchu. After the shoot, an incredibly handsome tour guide, his beautiful brown eyes radiating softness, offers to show you a nearby sacred site. “Yes, I’d love to go,” you coo. Following him up the slippery, serpentine trail, your gaze is helplessly fixed on his perfectly shaped butt and legs. Later, when you sit together, gazing westward across the stunning valley of the Urubamba, he explains its ancient mysteries. You suddenly realize you’re falling madly in love.A week later, at your East Hampton summer beach house, and over your daddy’s acerbic protestations, you marry the tour guide in a private ceremony overlooking the sparkling ocean.Then, shortly after returning to Manhattan, as you pass Bathazar in Soho on your way to a business meeting, you suddenly recognize your true love seated at the bar. A beautiful girl sits alongside, leaning against him, giggling while whispering sexily into his ear. Neither of them, of course, pays the slightest attention to their surroundings.All of your amorous illusions instantly crash and burn.A sensational divorce follows. Incredibly, the former tour guide walks away with your East Hampton summer beach house, and three million in cash. You’re left feeling like a homeless war refugee.Hopeless romantics often make serious blunders when choosing a matrimonial partner. In today’s economically sobering climate, it’s little wonder why so many individuals turn steely-eyed in drafting prenuptial agreements before cementing their plans for matrimonial “bliss.”What Is It?Lawyers specializing in prenuptial agreements spell out, often in painfully meticulous terms, exactly what happens if your marriage suddenly – or slowly – hits a brick wall. Prenuptial agreements are designed to protect all the material assets upon which your financial and emotional well-being ultimately depend.Prenuptial agreements crafted by knowledgeable attorneys can help spouses responsibly manage ownership of assets while enjoying their marriage. Agreements address issues like taxes and the filing of individual or joint returns. They also address real-estate matters. For instance, if you’re a penniless poet, and plan to reside in a house owned by your lovely millionaire soon-to-be wife, the prenuptial agreement will thoughtfully articulate what, if any, house-related payments you would be required to make. Inheritance rights are also carefully drafted in prenuptial agreements. And, of course, before excitedly skipping down Madison Avenue to choose a Vera Wang wedding dress, a wise prenuptial lawyer will soberly contemplate how things will be divvied up in the event your fresh-faced fiancé turns out to be a card-carrying lunatic.Who Needs It?Anyone who might be concerned about losing control of his or her financial and material assets, as a result of getting married, will want a prenuptial agreement.BenefitsPrenups can be especially helpful when you, or both you and fiancé, possess serious assets. Often amorous couples settle on a “yours is yours and mine is mine” legal approach. If the marriage suddenly turns out to a nasty cat-and-dog fight, or simply sinks into a depressing and bewildering abyss, each spouse gets to retain all the priceless property they owned prior to taking that risky walk down the aisle. Neither party can claim the other’s property. Any assets acquired during the time span of the marriage are usually divided equally. But skilled attorneys can also alter those rights according to your particular ownership interests. Additionally, you may want to opt out of the default state laws, which can vary widely on legal interpretations of what’s deemed an “equitable” distribution of communal or marital property.RisksThe only thing worse than having no prenup is having an unenforceable prenup. That is, one that’s sloppily drafted, or as is generally the case, not honored outside the United States.Moreover, most American judges don’t like prenups, either. They deem them unfair to the spouse with the least money. So it’s essential that any attorney you hire rigorously follows all formalities, including guaranteeing that Mr. or Miss Right receives scrupulous legal counsel. Full disclosure is paramount as well. Each party must divulge the entire nature and extent of his or her assets in writing.A final risk in drafting a bulletproof prenuptial agreement, and one not to be taken lightly, is entailed when you fail to recognize that all negotiations are, by their very nature, adversarial. In other words, by the time your precious document’s ready to be signed, that magic feeling may have evaporated into thin air.

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