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Marriage Guidance – Finding the Support You Need

Have you recently noticed a tough patch in your marriage? There are many problems that a couple could face. You might not talk about important topics, you might be feeling lonely, or you could be drifting apart. But it’s not too late to sort things out before they get too hard, which is when different types of marriage guidance can help.Is Counseling Not For You?Don’t worry, counseling isn’t the only option when it comes to marriage guidance. There are a number of workshops or seminars that you could try for less rigid support.This kind of marriage help has been around for years, helping couples to get the information they need to save their marriage. They are often available in the local area, or could be offered by a religious organization. Your best bet is to look up local help online.How Can Workshops Help You?The individual topics will always vary between different workshops, but they will usually teach you vital marriage skills, including:
How to keep the lines of communication open to ensure a happier and stronger marriage,
How to resolve conflicts successfully to stop arguments before they escalate out of control,
How to recognize problems before they come too big for your marriage to endure.
All workshops will vary in their length, they could be a few hours or they could go on every week. Some couples are happy with shorter ones, where others may need more ongoing advice.Seeing the Results You NeedTaking marriage guidance in this way can leave you feeling confident and happy about your marriage. It’s perfect for people who don’t yet want to try counseling, but still want to learn the ingredients for a successful marriage and resolve problems before they get too big.

Having Difficulty in Dealing With Marriage Separation? – It Doesn’t Have to End This Way!

Anyone going through a rocky time in their marriage at the moment would feel for anyone having difficulty in dealing with a marriage separation. It is a very sad time for anyone having to endure a marriage breakup.A recent study conducted by the Chicago University found that divorce has a huge impact on one’s health EVEN if you remarry. Obviously, the message that comes out of this is that you should do everything in your power to make your marriage work. That’s much easier to say than it is to apply in practice with divorce rates higher than they have ever been; however, it doesn’t mean to say that all is lost just yet.The interesting thing to learn for anyone dealing with a marriage separation is that a separation doesn’t mean the end. In many cases it does, but that doesn’t mean that yours has to end this way. There are many examples of couples who after having been separated get back together again and go on and enjoy long term, happy marriages.What do you have to do to get back in the arms of the one you love and rekindle your lost love? First you have to act in a calm and thoughtful manner. You need to make contact with your ex and try and arrange a face to face meeting. It is so important that you do not pressure your partner under any circumstances. You have to meet and try and work together to resolve your issues. It is important that you listen to each other and avoid playing the “blame” game. Invariably, it takes two to tango and it is unlikely that one party is 100% to blame for the separation in the first place. At your meeting it would be good if you could have a focus for your meeting. It could be something as simple as “what has to change if we are to get back together again as a happy and loving couple.” Having such a focus is helpful if your meeting is getting off the track but it also gives each of you the opportunity to say what’s on your mind and what you are unhappy about.This is a mature and positive way of dealing with marriage separation. If you could resolve your issues and give your marriage another chance you will have done a fantastic job in getting through such a difficult situation. If you reach a stalemate in your discussions, it may be necessary to seek some outside help. Do this because you will be in a much better space if you can avoid going down the path of a divorce.It was love which bought you together in the first place and hopefully, it will be love that takes you to the next stage of your marriage. Life isn’t easy, nor is learning to love someone again after a nasty breakup. It takes a special person to ask for forgiveness but it takes a more special person to forgive. Forgive and forget and get on with loving each other again and you will not have to worry about dealing with marriage separation ever again.

A Newlywed Guide to Christian Marriage and Sex

Perhaps this article should be entitled “Recovering Your Newlywed Attitude Toward Christian Marriage and Sex”! It would seem that most newlyweds are rarely at a loss for how much, where or when to have sex. That being said, it also seems that Christ can be forgotten amidst the passion and heat of a new Christian marriage. God certainly has a lot to say to Christian couples regarding their sexual relationship. Here are four practices that you and your spouse can put to work to deepen both your sex life and your walk with God as a couple, regardless of how long (or how short) you’ve been married.#1 – Pray. Cover your marriage bed in prayer. Pray together that God would deepen your connection with each other, not only sexually but emotionally and spiritually as well. Pray for the unity that Mark speaks about. “And the two shall become one flesh…” Pray for what you want for your spouse, sexually speaking. Perhaps there is healing needed, from past wounds. Bring Christ into all of it, from healing to satisfaction to bliss. Where possible, pray together! This can be very uncomfortable but the key is just doing it. Just start. And don’t try to be eloquent or wordy. She prays for him and he prays for her.#2 – Talk. In the morning, share your experience from the night before. Share what you felt in your body and your spirit. Share memories and stories. This can be a very fun and enlightening time. Ask questions of each other. “When I did this, what was happening to you?” Or, “When this happened, tell me what you felt.” And then, thank each other for both the experience and the conversation.#3 – Pursue. As life gets busy and couples get familiar with each other, it’s all too easy to begin to take each other for granted. The roses and date nights that were such an important part of engagement give way to soccer practices and late nights at work. Just like you would schedule a workout or a meeting with a client, schedule a weekly date. At the beginning of your time together, share your hardest time of the week and what you are most grateful for. At the end of your time, share an affirmation with each other. Compliment each other’s strengths, gifts, bodies or accomplishments.#4 – Stay hot. Don’t be afraid to pray for passion together! That heat, that sexual excitement, is a sign of God’s presence in your sexual relationship, particularly when it is expressed selflessly and for the satisfaction of each other, rather than oneself. Pick new places and times to make love. Play games. Share sensual massages. Explore each other. Realize that God is alive in all aspects of your Christian marriage and sex is not excluded!

Fix Unhappy Marriage and Improve Your Relationship by Asking Yourself 7 Questions

Every relationship from marriage to the relationship we have with our friends has it’s own set of rules. In order to fix an unhappy marriage and improve your relationship you have to understand the basics of these rules.The most common reason most marriages fail is because one or both partners have a weak understanding and patience for their relationship. Once you understand your relationship and have the patience to fix it, it will improve significantly. Only then will the both of you emerge from you problems with a more matured view.Answering these questions honestly will fix your marriage and improve your relationship.
Are my opinions getting criticized?
Are my feelings and emotions being ignored?
Do small disputes transform into huge fights?
Do either of us walk out on heated arguments?
Am I being truthful to my spouse?
Do we tell each other what we really think?
Do I want to stay in this marriage or leave?
When both you and your partner answer these questions honestly, it will make it a lot easier for you to pinpoint where the problems in your marriage are coming from. In most cases people tie the knot and leave their marriage on autopilot. They don’t bother with trying to build their relationship stronger. However, building a good is an important step to having a happy marriage.The married couples that understand this have a stronger compatibility, less stress, and more happiness. Asking yourself these questions may bring back some bad memories, but it’s the only way to fix your marriage and start building a fresh new relationship.

Ladies – Know Some Basics of Your Man Before You Say ‘Yes I Do’

Ladies! Before you say ‘yes I do’ to that man, please get to know some basic details about him. Before I became a Christian, I listened to a song that I really do not know the artist. The words of this song – if my memory is good – goes like ‘ I don’t care who you are, where you are from, what you do… as long as you love me…’ it is unfortunate that many ladies have been guided by such ‘I do not care’ attitude. It is good to feel love and to feel loved but remember feelings come and go. What you need beyond feeling is knowledge. There is the saying ‘knowledge is power’ which I strongly subscribe to.Do not make a decision to marry any man only on the basis of what you feel about him. The best decisions in life are those made on the basis of some sufficient knowledge related to an issue, product or person. When you have some basic facts and truths about a man’s life, then you can be sure to cope and live with him under any unexpected circumstances. Get me right. Every man has some negative past and present and by marrying, he will not turn into an angel.Some of the critical areas to focus on are like, past relationships – has he ever been married? To who? And what happened. How was he brought up? – Under one parent or both? What is his faith, convictions and passions in life? – are they compatible with yours? Does he suffer from any serious ailment? Is he committed to marriage for life or just for a period of time?

My Husband Doesn’t Show That He Loves Me

“My husband doesn’t love me!” These are the sayings and feelings that you may have had once or several times in your life, especially if you are married. The simple notion indicating that your husband doesn’t love you anymore can be quite unbearable to comprehend.He must have loved you once before to marry you, so you ask yourself, why doesn’t he love you now? What has changed? Could it be an affair? Have I grown unattractive? Do I smell? So many questions arise for us to really decipher what is really going on in your husbands head. Could it be the work he is doing, the people he has met? What of the children and family. Has he lost interest in that too? Or could he just be tired of it all?Don’t give up or lose hope in this situation. There is a way of better understanding this if all else you have tried has failed miserably. Knowing the proper strategic techniques can prove most beneficial for you in your current situation. The outcome can only lead to a desirable one if you put the “will” and effort into fixing your relationship before something surprises you in any given and unforeseen time. Lets face it, you love your spouse and you want to see this through until you grow old together.Knowing that this strategy is readily available to you can keep your mind at ease and focused on what to do now and how to do it most effectively. Learning how to fix a marriage and have your spouse fall in love with you is quite rewarding. So, reward yourself today.

Can Marriage Counseling Help in the Case of an Affair?

In relationships, there are circumstances when things may get so rocky that therapy becomes a necessity. One of such difficult times is when your relationship has received the ugly wound inflicted by an affair. Is it still possible to salvage the relationship with the help of marriage counseling? Marriage counseling can indeed rescue such a relationship that is at the brink of collapse. However, in order for it to be effective, there is need of commitment from both partners in the relationship.In spite of the religious affiliations and interest groups that people subscribe to, one of the areas where all people come to an agreement is the sacred nature of marriage relationship. Although we live in a world where people marry and divorce almost without thinking about it, there are always painful consequences associated with breaking up. In case the relationship between you has been intense or you have lived for a relatively long time, a break-up is bound to be even more devastating. It does not really matter the kind of betrayal that you have faced, the pain of breaking up is still very real. Instead of letting this situation ruin your life, you should let it work to your favor as you undergo your therapy.Although there are many ways through which betrayal can be manifested, the deepest kind of betrayal is having an affair. It is the greatest betrayal of the trust and love that your partner has in and for you. Trying to shift the blame in some way will only make matters worse. It is something that can easily tear the relationship apart.In order to save your marriage after an affair, there are some things you will need to take into consideration.Act quicklyAn affair is a serious thing that can quickly ruin an otherwise great relationship. You need to act swiftly in order to save the situation. In fact, you should not even waste some precious time while still asking whether marriage counseling can be successful.If you want to rescue your relationship from the brink, you need to act – and act fast. You won’t achieve anything if you do nothing. One of the best steps you can take is to go for marriage counseling in an effort to avoid a break-up. During therapy, you will not only work on the affair itself but also on the factors that led down this painful path. This will help you to look at the situation objectively and be able to get to the roots of the problem and thus avert a break-up.The benefit of marriage counselingThe secret to the success of marriage counseling lies in the fact that it enables both of you to communicate. Effective communication is the key to unlocking the real problem and gets the best solution. An affair does not do this.

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