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Help For Men Trying to Save Their Marriage

Times are changing, and today, more and more men find themselves trying to save their marriage.  When you feel that your marriage is in trouble, you should do whatever you can to save it.Ideally, both partners should do what they can to save the marriage.  A divorce does more than just end a marriage – it drastically affects personal lives, including not only the divorcing couple, but their family and friends, as well. Showing your love for your partner is a great way to start.  Too often, as couples get comfortable in the marriage, we forget how important it is to show our spouse that we love them.  Women want their husbands to be romantic and thoughtful, as much as they can be.Give her a gift for no reason.  Write her a love note, and leave it in her car so she’ll see it on her way to work.  Take her out to see a romantic movie.Good communication skills are a must in any relationship, especially a marriage.  The husband should allow extra time out of the day to talk to his wife.  Spend quality time together.  Listen to, and understand, your wife’s feelings and problems.In a stable marriage, you should both have complete trust and faith in one another.  If your wife is a professional worker, you should never feel jealousy towards her.If you find that it’s hard for you to solve your marital problems, try talking to family members or close friends.  Seek marriage counseling for professional advice.  There are many forms of this available to you.  There are ‘real’ marriage counselors, there are ebooks which you can buy online, which are written by professionals.  Either one will help you to truly understand what is happening in your marriage, and will show you how to correct the problems, thus saving your marriage.

Save My Marriage! – Help For Troubled Couples

“Save my marriage!” If you are one of those shouting this plea at the top of your lungs then you have come to the right place. This article is devoted to ways that couples can salvage a troubled marriage. The first thing that you should know is that you are not alone. As this article is being written (and as you are reading this right now) thousands upon thousands of married couples all over the world are experiencing the same problems that you and your spouse are experiencing. If only they are as lucky as you are in stumbling upon this little article about how to save a marriage.  In pleading, “save my marriage,” you have already taken the important first step in salvaging your relationship and that is to ask for help. The reason why you found this article is because you are seeking help about your problem. Sadly, many couples fail to even reach this stage. This is because many of them are in denial that they are already having problems. The shame comes from the fact that marital failure is considered by many as personal failure. Nobody wants to look like losers right? And no one wants to admit that they have failed. Looking like a loser is an important step in saving a marriage. By admitting that you have a problem, then you can start seeking for a solution. There is an underlying reason for all marital problems and this is what you should search for. The best way to look for it is to recall trends or patterns in arguments between you and your spouse. Try to determine a common issue that sprouts up whenever you two fight. Is it money? A bad habit? A sin from the past? Whatever it is you must find it then deal with it appropriately. Failure to do this step may result in the same issue coming up in the future. So even if you were successful in saving the marriage for now, troubles will likely arise not long after your reconciliation. After you have found the underlying problem now is the time to fix it. Whatever the problem is you must fix it together. After all, it takes two to dance the tango. Either you solve the problem together or do not solve it at all.  Congratulations for shouting “save my marriage!” You are on the right track.

How to Repair a Strained Marriage

If you want to know how to repair a strained marriage then go through this article and get a few insights on ways that you can do this. When a marriage is in trouble there is usually a cold war going on between the couple. Nothing is being said and lots of assumptions are being made. Carrying on this manner will not solve anything.Couples always want the other to take the initiative and be the first to address the situation. Leaving this responsibility on your spouse is cowardly and is a no win strategy. Get you spouse to open up. If they are not in a position to be able to talk with you; then get them to talk to someone. It does not have to be a counselor. It could be a friend, or a trusted family member. Ultimately you want to hear their side of things.Every couple in the world over fights; it’s how you react or handle the fighting that leads to problems. When looking for ways on how to repair a strained marriage; try not have unreasonable expectations on your spouse or make outrageous demands. Keep it simple.Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Ask yourself how would you feel if you were them and going through what they are going through. How would you want the situation resolved? If your partner is seemingly cold to your efforts do not intensify them; take a step back and try some other time; maybe your timing was bad.There is lots of material that can help you on how to repair a strained marriage. What most focus on is the necessity of communication. They offer really great advice on the various ways you can get your partner to open up.

Fix a Marriage For Yourself, Not the Children

If you find yourself absolutely miserable in your relationship, don’t use the children as an excuse for staying in it. While some experts claim that a divorce will stress the children, you may want to consider the effect your fights are having on the kids. The benefit of not seeing Mom and Dad fight anymore may outweigh any negative results.The rest of this article will assume that you have exhausted all the means to fix a marriage. You have talked to your spouse, gone to counseling, considered the future effects of a separation. You’ve tried everything and have realized that a happy marriage is not going to happen. Don’t remain together “for the children”. Here are a few reasons why such an argument is not a good idea.1. Yes a family with two parents may be the ideal environment for children. However living with one happy parent is a vast improvement over living with two unhappy people who are constantly at odds with one another.2. Realize that your children will not be happy so long as you are not happy. You won’t be able to fake happiness for long – and the children will notice. Once you’ve realized that you cannot fix a marriage, it’s time to find the happiest option for you and the children.3. You and your spouse may resolve not to fight in front of the children. Yet it will be hard to hide the negative undercurrent between the two of you. It is likely that an unkind word, sarcasm, a dirty look or worse will slip through.4. Your happiness and over-all well being does matter. You’ve tried to fix a marriage and realized it wasn’t going to work. Now is not the time to be a martyr, now is the time to find what will make you happy.5. Remember that this is your decision. Don’t let your relatives or friends tell you how to fix a marriage. Don’t let them take a perceived moral high ground. This decision is about what is best for you and your family.

How Can I Make My Husband Want Me? Important Tips For Wives

“How can I make my husband want me?” you may ask. This question is more common than you may realize. Marriages usually change as time passes, and you may find that your husband does not seem to be interested in you – at least not as much as he used to during the early stages. This is something that can throw you into confusion if you do not know the appropriate steps to take. You will obviously try to get as many pieces of advice as you can to help you save your marriage. The pieces of advice you are likely to find are themselves so many that you may end up getting more confused as to which ones to follow.If you would like to bring back the sparkle in your marriage by making your husband have a renewed interest in you, you don’t have to do many things. Before you take any action, you will need to be mentally prepared. You should be open and ready to make any necessary adjustments.Determine any areas of conflictIf you have some conflicts between you and your husband, there will be friction that can affect your relationship. You should therefore try to figure out any possible areas of conflict. You should see to it that you solve any pending problems as quickly as you can in an amicable manner. This may call for compromise.Letting troubling issues lie unresolved for some time is bound to create resentment, which will drive a wedge between you and your husband.You should bear in mind that in many issues, it is not important to be right or win an argument. Making compromises will help you to improve your marriage better than trying to prove that you are right.Maintain your personal interestsIf you would like your husband to want you, you should make your life interesting in the first place. This means that you should pursue your personal interests.Many wives immerse themselves in taking care of their families and they forget to develop their own lives. After some time, your life will become less interesting, which may make your husband become more withdrawn.Although you need to spend a lot of time with your husband and family in general, it is healthy to have other friends with whom you spend some time.Maintaining some level of independence will make you be more interesting to your husband. This does not mean you have to do anything major. Even a hobby can help you to make your husband want you more. If you are happy with yourself, you will draw your husband more.

Stress Triggers in Marriage

Have you ever wondered why some homes are a battle ground between couples? Or why some marriages easily collapse even before it takes a footing? Well the sad thing is that some couples have failed to understand that for a marriage to succeed, they must have to watch their own attitude.Marriage cannot be separated from the attitude of the individuals that make up the marriage. It is said that your attitude determines your altitude. This applies to your home and marriage. A good attitude from both sides is an indication of how well the marriage will go and this has a way of affecting the children positively.A good attitude does not bring stress to either partner. But what happens when either the man or woman :* is a habitual nagger,* makes outrageous demands often,* is always suspicious,* is unorganized,* is disrespectful,* easily picks up quarrel with every issue,* talks at the top of his or her voice,* is incorrigible?Have you noticed any of these stress triggers in your home? If not, then look no further for the cause of your stressed up life. The earlier you take the bull by the horn and avoiding these stress triggers, the better for you and your family. These stress triggers can destroy your marriage and home if not properly attended to.There is a saying that, “as you lay your bed, so you lie on it”. How have you been laying your marital ‘bed’ of late? Have you quickly forgotten your excitement on the day of wedding? Recall the joy on the faces of your guests that day. Or peradventure you still have a copy of the video recording or CD or even pictures of that occasion.Take a good look at them. You know, you can still relive those moments again in your marriage and enjoy it happily. Just be open to watch your attitude and mannerism towards your spouse, ensuring it is a positive one and see things change for the betterSave your marriage and save your home.

43% of All Marriages End in Divorce – Don’t Become Another Statistic

At least 43% of all marriages end in divorce, but you don’t have to be part of that statistic. No matter what the problem in your relationship, whether it is infidelity, a break down in communication, or you are just arguing more and more – there IS hope out there for you. As long as you both still love each other and there is some spark left in your hearts somewhere, your marriage is salvageable. Sure, it may take time and effort, but working on your marriage can lead to having a deeper love and commitment for one another than you have ever had before.Isn’t it worth taking a second look to see if there is something there worth saving? Yes, throwing in the towel now may be the easiest thing for you to do, but that does not mean that is what is going to make you happier in the long run. Divorce is not always the best option when you are in an unhappy marriage. There are several different options to weigh up and divorce should always be the last.Some people have found marriage counselling effective. There are also a variety of self help books that are written specifically to help stop impending divorce. Some books are even offered electronically and are available for download instantly. You can get helpful advice, ideas and inspiration from these ebooks, enabling you both to work on the problems in your relationship almost immediately and look forward to a more stable and happy marriage.

How to Save My Marriage From Divorce – Advice For Couples in Conflict

“I want to know how to save my marriage from divorce.” Sadly this is a statement that many people are making on a daily basis as they feel their primary relationship slowly coming apart at the seams. When the dynamic within your marriage starts to shift you may feel that the only course you can take is to divorce. It doesn’t have to be. If you still love your partner and keeping your family together is your goal, there are definitely some simple things you can do to reawaken the commitment and create an even closer emotional bond between you two.When I was discovering how to save my marriage from divorce I came to realize that the harder I held onto my spouse, the more they pulled away. Sometimes, particularly in relationships where the partners are living together, one or both need a bit of breathing room before they can start to work towards healing the relationship. If your partner has said they need to leave your home or they need some time apart, your natural instinct is going to be to fight them on this. You want them to stay with you so you two can work things out. Letting them go may actually be more beneficial in the long run. Often times a person doesn’t fully realize what they are at risk of losing until they’ve had some time alone. Let your spouse go and chances are very good they will come to really miss you before too long.You’ve also got to get behind your spouse and be as supportive with them now as you were in the early days of your relationship. It’s so easy to fall into a trap of resenting and secretly despising your partner because they don’t help you with the children or they seem more devoted to pursuing their own interests than they do of contributing to rebuilding the marriage. This can happen if your partner feels you don’t support them. Make an effort each day to only see the good in the person you married. Focus on those qualities you love most about them. If you can do that, you’ll find that both your attitudes will shift over time to a more positive and open place.

Beware – Marriages Don’t Come With Instructions

Marriage is a Pandora’s Box, a Tower of Babel–to use a biblical expression. It was never designed to be the panacea of personal satisfaction. God has more in his sights for our learning in the institution of marriage–the person of God has an ‘interesting’ sense of humour it seems.This comes of no surprise to those married for some time. They can afford a tongue-in-cheek smile for they’ve been exposed to, and have largely conquered, the challenges. They’ve had to modify their various modus operandi and trim their views.Marriage is a quest of discernment–begin it and continue to live, better and better; kick against it and we struggle until we’re spat out, as if by allusion to Laodicean methodologies.Furthermore, children (and the raising of them) come without instructions. We see many parents get the task of parenting horribly wrong, notwithstanding ourselves. Jeepers, I’ve made some real clangers (and continue to!).Still, we must learn. Thrive and survive or wallow and perish. It requires compromise but not in values or beliefs. The compromise is at the heart level, the surrendering of the will. Furthermore, it’s said that the husband must surrender his heart to love his wife, and the wife must surrender her will to respect her husband. A universal law it seems.Marriage, like raising children, is a ‘learn as you go’ proposition. Early in marriage we still have the “Probationary” plates on, having proceeded to the Wedding on the “Learner” plates. Heck, we still feel like we’re on learner plates at times, in seasons. Ask the man with the 43-year-old marriage and wife that’s just walked out if he’s learning anything new? Or ask the woman in her very early 60s if she’s learning anything with her husband taken from her twenty years early.Life is a ‘learn as you go’ proposition. The quicker we understand and accept that truth humbly the better we’ll actually begin to enjoy and interact with life.

Marriage Family Counselling

Marriages are made in heaven and undone on earth – may be the principle followed by the modern generation. Economic depression, stress and tensions of modern life, ego problems etc take a toll on happy marriages. While most of the time the partners reconcile, many follow the warring path. Invariably, children are the victims of such marital discords. At a time when they need the care and love of both the parents, young minds suffer insecurity and worries of a broken home. Often they find themselves in an embarrassing situation in family courts, when they are asked to choose between father and mother. These situations can affect the young children in a negative manner. Maladjustment, hatred towards marriage, lack of self confidence etc are the problems faced by such children.There are many reasons which cause rift between the partners. Infidelity, lack of communication, interference of parents etc can be some of the reasons. But these problems should not be allowed to fester. If they cannot be settled by the couples they should seek the help of experienced marriage family counsellors. Such experts are practical minded people with lots of experience. Family counsellors have mended fences, even in severe cases.Even couples can seek the help of materials like CDs and books written by famous marriage counsellors. The answer to their problem may be found in such tools. Marriage fitness camps are there now a days, where the couples can interact with counsellors for long periods. Question answer sessions, assignments etc which are to be completed by the partners can also help saving the marriage. E-mail sessions run by counsellors also go a long way in stopping divorce.

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