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Find Out If a Person is Married

In order to find out if a person is married or not, you would require knowing the name of the person and the name of the place where the wedding took place. Most of the resources which help you to find out if a person is married would require inserting this information in the provided form in order to get the results. You would be lucky enough if you find a single record for your research because several people may have one name.There exist several other ways to find out if a person is married but the most efficient and effective way to find out if a person is married or not is to research on the available resource on the Internet. However if after performing your research on the Internet you can’t get any records then you may adopt other ways to find someone’s marriage information. The first choice should be the online resources because mostly you would be able to locate the marriage records immediately. The other secondary way to find marriage records would be requesting the office which keeps marriage information however for that you may require to prove that you have a genuine reason to check the marriage records.Some States would not allow you checking marriage information to find out if a person is married or not because some States only allow checking your own marriage information. It would be your responsibility to find whether your State allows accessing the marriage records or not. If it allows accessing the marriage records then you would require knowing the procedure of accessing these marriage records. For most of the resources procedure would be same that is you would have to pay the charges which would be around $20 and after that you would be able to see the marriage record online.Another important thing that one should keep in mind is that you can only perform a research to find out if a person is married or not if you are above 18. This law may differ from one State to the other; however most of the States would require it. It would be your duty to confirm about the local laws of your State. It is obligatory for the person who has been investigating to check someone’s marital status to be in the limits according to the laws of the State and country in order to avoid any issues.

A Marriage in Crisis

A marriage in crisis may or may not have obvious signals that you may or may not pick up on. Too many variables make this a difficult situation to diagnose. On the surface, your marriage may seem stable, albeit a little stale, but that staleness can turn into irreparable damage before you know and squarely put your marriage in crisis.Notice all the signals and nuances of your marriage. While it is not the be-all and end-all of a marriage, the first area of consideration should be how your sex life progresses. A healthy marriage will involve sex that satisfies the both of you. If one or the other partner is not happy with your sex life, this may go unnoticed by the other partner and will eventually lead to an erosion in your communication, which is a sure path to ending up with a marriage in crisis.The sexual interaction of a marriage is a tell-tale point for the health of a relationship. How often you have sex, how personally fulfilled each partner feels, and timing are all important details. Are you having sex at all? These things will tell you whether or not yours is a marriage in crisis.The lives of busy people sometimes precludes spontaneity. This might lead to a need for scheduling sex in the relationship. While this is better than no sex at all, it is far from being as satisfying as the unscheduled, surprise moments when sex is spontaneous.Spontaneous sex cannot exactly be scheduled. Couple that with a hectic family life and no wonder sex becomes the first victim of a marriage in crisis. Children make finding time to have sex even more difficult, and tends to lead to scheduling alone time. As mentioned, it is better than nothing, but “arranging” for spontaneous sex would be a great way to revive yourselves if a marriage in crisis is something you really want to avoid.By arranging spontaneity, we mean making time available, not necessarily for sex, but for some quality alone time. Sex may or may not happen, but the intimacy that does happen is a great tonic for ailing relationships. In a marriage in crisis, spontaneity always takes a back seat to other needs, which leads to unfulfilled partners, unmet needs and dismal unhappiness.Partners who show little signs of affection throughout the day will revive the relationship and prevent the formation of the marriage in crisis. Touching, hugging, a little kiss on the cheek, saying, “I love you” out of the blue-these are spontaneous acts, albeit short ones, that will remind the partner that you are still there and that your marriage is still intact. In this way, the candle of love is not extinguished as it is in a marriage in crisis.These little things are easy enough to do, and may go a long ways towards preventing trouble in the marriage. Being reminded of your partner’s affection towards you (and vice-versa!) is good for the marriage. Good feelings lead to a desire to find more time together, and may help resuscitate a lethargic sex life, as well.Not acknowledging the partner is tantamount to telling them they no longer matter to you and will surely kill the marriage. Just being polite, using “please” and “thank you,” is normal for you to use with other people, why not with your spouse? If you find yourself saying these things to strangers and people outside your relationship, then you have a marriage in crisis. Don’t ever take your partner for granted.By recognizing the red flags of diminished intimacy, sex and time spent alone together, you can easily prevent having a marriage in crisis. What you do about it will determine success in reviving your marriage. Don’t make a big deal of it, just quietly go about the business of adding thoughtful gestures to your days and your partner will pick up on them.Be polite, be thoughtful and considerate and let your partner know you genuinely enjoy being with them, even in a crowd of screaming kids. Find ways to make love that are energizing for you both. If yours is a marriage in crisis, these are the things that will put you both back on the right path to happiness.

Marriage – Not Just a Facebook Status Change

Deciding who and when to marry is one of the most life altering decisions you will ever make. Getting married is so much more than a change of status on Facebook.There are some important questions to ask yourself and each other before to make this commitment. There are some deal breakers that are worth identifying before you begin.Finances: What are you each bringing to the marriage? How much debt? What are your assets? What are your spending habits?Sex: Have you talked about attitudes toward sex, beliefs about sex, desired frequency, preferences, expectations and fantasies? What are your thoughts on masturbation, pornography etc.?Chores: Who is going to do them? How will you fairly accomplish what needs to be done? How important is a clean house to you?Children: Do you want children? If so, how many and how soon? How do you plan to parent?Relaxation: What do you like to do for fun? How will you have fun together?Drugs: How much and how often do you drink? Do you use illegal substances?Fighting: Do either of you have violent tempers? Have you ever hit someone? Have you ever been abused? Is it ever okay or necessary to hit your partner?Fidelity: How do you plan to remain faithful to each other? What is inappropriate behavior with someone of the opposite sex?In-laws: How healthy are your boundaries? How involved will the in-laws be in your lives? How do you feel around and about each others families and friends?Work ethic: What is your attitude toward work? Where do you fall on the scale between workaholic and lazy bum?Future: What do you think you will be doing in 30 + years.If you cannot or will not talk about any of the above issues, consider that changing your Facebook status to married may end up being temporary. You may find yourself a few years down the road changing your status back to single.

How Julia Child Taught Me the Secret of an Intimate Marriage

Last night I saw the delightful movie, ‘Julie and Julia.’ It was an inspirational film, based on two women who followed their passions and lived out dreams beyond their expectations.But that is not what compelled me to write on this sunny Saturday morning. No. It was Julia Child’s marriage to her husband Paul, that so intrigued me.They had the warmest, most loving, relationship. They really had the ‘secret’ to an intimate marriage. In fact, I was so impressed, I encouraged my 19 year old daughter to see the movie, if for no other reason than to observe the relationship between Julia Child and her husband.So what made their marriage so unique? What did they know that we don’t?They lovingly encouraged each other, privately and publicly, and often with a good dose of humor. They also believed the best of the other, and that set in motion a relationship so sweet, so tender that they were each a far better person for it. And their marriage was one we all dream of.Examples of Encouragement in Julia Child’s Intimate Marriage:1) Julia and husband Paul are having dinner in a restaurant (where they live in Paris) and she’s trying to decide what to do with her days. First she considers learning to make hats. You can see Paul doesn’t think it’s the best idea but rather than put her down, he asks, “What do you really like to do?” She responds, “Eat” and he leans in “And you’re so good at it!” to which she agrees and they both start laughing hysterically.2) They are having a Valentine dinner with friends and Julia is telling about when she and Paul met, she was only a file clerk but “Paul designed all the secret war rooms. Why, he single-handedly won the war.” After Paul heartily agrees, he raises his glass of wine to her, “Julia, you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life. I love you.”3) After eight years of working on her cookbook, Julia Child receives a final rejection letter from the publisher. Of course she is devastated and Paul snuggles with her and comforts her, “Your book is a masterpiece. It will change the world.” .And of course it does go on to change the world of cooking.What would happen in our relationship, if we chose to encourage our spouse? Believe the best in them? It’s a decision we can make today. Never mind if we don’t feel that they are encouraging us. It has to start somewhere and since we know that the only person we can change is ourselves; the action has to be on our part. We have to make the decision.Go see the movie. or not! But put a little ‘love and encouragement’ into your loved one and see your relationship grow and improve to a new level of intimacy. By the way: Don’t limit encouragement to your spouse. Watch all your relationships grow by encouraging your children, co-workers, friends, parents.

Let’s Save Your Marriage! How You Can Stop Your Divorce by Following What I Did to Stop Mine!

Do you want to save your marriage? Let’s do it together. I am saying together because I have been in your exact situation and have made a lot of mistakes, as well as the right things to do. So I have a lot of experience in this issue which I want to pass onto other spouses in a marriage crisis. I feel strongly that the institution of marriage is a sacred one and is what keeps us unified. It’s a pity that 87% of all marriages fail. I do not believe that there are any hopeless marriages – every marriage can be saved if you do the right things.As with most people, my first reaction when I understood that my marriage was ending was to go desperate. This is a very common reaction and makes you search for something that will quickly fix your marriage. I felt that I couldn’t just sit back and wait for my marriage to end in divorce – I needed to DO something to save my marriage! So this drove me to do all the wrong things, such as trying to talk my husband out of his demand of divorce. I apologized and apologized for everything, and then I begged him to reconsider. Obviously the wrong things to do – but how can you save your marriage otherwise, I thought.Unfortunately, all those things did was to make my husband even more fed up with me, and the marriage overall. But something changed the issue for me – and it led to eventually saving my marriage: I noticed that I was so desperate that I was totally unable to think correctly about how to save your marriage. I had let my emotions overwhelm me and they were guiding me to do the wrong things. I realized that I needed to stop this from happening – and I realized that I needed some outside advice.This is what changed everything for me! So, if you want to save your marriage, you must definitely ask for or seek some outside advice from a trusted source. Your own emotions are taking you nowhere.

How Do I Save My Marriage Right Now? Follow These 3 Easy Steps

No one said that marriage was going to be easy, and it isn’t. However, we somehow seem to think that it will be for us when we first get married. We can beat those odds of 1 out of every 2 marriages ending in divorce because we are in love, and we will live, “happily ever after.” Then we get married.After being married for awhile we realize that we really don’t know what we’re doing. The only models of marriage we had were our parents and those of our friends. Some of those marriages may have been happy, some were not, so we’re left with having to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you’re reading this to begin to answer the question, “How do I save my marriage,” then you know that most of the time we end up figuring out what DOESN’T work but still have no idea of what does work.So, I have 3 ways that WILL work to help you transform your marriage and will help you get your marriage back to that “happily ever after” situation you wanted in the first place.1.) The first is to realize that arguments are based on hurt and resentment.You need to realize that most of your arguments are coming from hurt and misunderstandings and those areas of hurt are what really need to be addressed to make some major changes in your marriage.So, for example, if you’re arguing about your love life being in a slump. One person says, “We never make love anymore.” Making love is not really the main issue. The main issue is that one spouse is hurt because they don’t feel attractive or loved anymore. So if you focus on making your partner feel more attractive and loved, you will probably find that this argument goes away pretty quickly.First of all the word “never” is never true. So to say, “We NEVER make love anymore,” probably isn’t true. They are really saying, “We don’t make love as much as we used to, and that’s making me feel unattractive or unloved.”If you can focus on making your partner feel more loved in other ways this argument will most likely go away. Remember, the real issue is that your partner is hurt because they feel like you don’t love them or they don’t turn you on anymore.If you understand that the disagreements in your marriage are coming from hurt and resentment, then you can focus on healing those hurts and fixing the real problems that plague your marriage.2.)The second key in answering the question, “How do I save my marriage,” is to not be who you think your spouse wants you to be. What? I can transform my marriage by not being the person my spouse wants me to be? No, what I’m saying is to not try to be the person you THINK your spouse wants you to be. So many times when a marriage is in trouble, one spouse tries to save it by doing all the things they think their spouse wants them to do Then sadly, they are shocked when they’ve made all these changes, and their spouse still hands them divorce papers.Now I’m not saying to not make some changes to who you are, but you need to make them for the right reason. You need to become more loving, caring, understanding, etc., because you want to be a better person, not to try to save your marriage. If your partner has complained to you over the years that you are thoughtless and insensitive because you do such and such, you should try to change those things about yourself in order to make yourself the best person you can be.If you only try to change because you hope it will save your marriage, your spouse will feel that and resent it because they will feel like they are being played. You need to make some changes that YOU don’t like about yourself to become a better person, with no other ulterior motive. Surprisingly, this is going to make you very attractive to your spouse. The transformation this can make is incredible.3.)The third key in saving your marriage is to love your partner in a way that “feels” like love to them. This is critical to answering the question, “How do I save my marriage?” Gary Chapman wrote a fantastic book in this area called, The Five Love Languages. In it he talks about how there are 5 different ways that people express and receive love.1. Affirming Words- this is basically saying sweet and loving things to your partner.2. Quality Time- this is loving your partner by spending time together.3. Gifts- this one’s kind of obvious, it’s loving someone by giving or receiving gifts.4. Acts Of Service- this is loving someone by doing nice things for them, like laundry, cooking meals, cleaning the house, etc.5. Touch- simply hugging, kissing, holding each other, making love, etc.Without going into depth on what’s covered in this book, the main point made in this book is that oftentimes, we are married to someone who speaks a different “love language” than we do. So, if you mainly see that loving your spouse is done by giving them gifts(Gift Giving), they may see love expressed by spending time together(Quality Time).So you bring home flowers and candy as a way of saying, “I love you,”  but it doesn’t really seem to change anything in your relationship. That’s because you are actually speaking different languages when it comes to love. If you try to learn which of the five love languages your spouse “speaks,” start learning to “speak” that love language. Transformation is almost inevitable.

How to Save My Marriage – 2 Great Tips That Helped Me to Stop My Divorce, and They Will Help You Too

If you wander around the house, asking yourself “how do I save my marriage”, then I consider you my friend, and I say I hear you, and I feel strongly for you. The reason I called you a friend is simple – I have been in your exact situation, going around the house in desperate footsteps, crying and trying to think of ways of how to save a marriage. So, I know how bad, how really really horrible the situation of seeing your spouse moving away from you every day. I know the pains of seeing your marriage, crumbling before your eyes.I wasn’t one to sit back and see my marriage end, so I tried to do a lot of things. I was devastated, but I still wanted to stop my divorce. So I thought of several “methods” to save my marriage. I thought: Well, I act good to him and this obviously doesn’t work. Then how about I do the opposite?” Things like that. I thought, there HAD to be something that I could do to save my marriage!Fast forward to today. Saying that I have saved my marriage would be a HUGE understatement! Now my marriage is much better than it was even in our honeymoon! Cheer up, because you can do this too, my friend, you CAN fix your troubled marriage. I made a website to share my experiences of how I saved my marriage, and how to save a marriage in general, but before I give you the link, let me give some hints to you.Stop Begging. This is rule number one. Do not beg, or cry in front of, your spouse. The reason for this is very simple. There is a fundamental law in human behavior: “everyone wants whatever they can’t access or get”. To ending marriages and relationships, this can be transcribed as: “if you are easy to get for somebody, that somebody will want you less”. And every time you cry in front of your spouse stresses that you are easy to get for him or her, making him or her want you less.Be Absent. Not that you should leave the house and not come for a week, of course, but do not be in front of your spouse for the whole day. If it is Sunday, for example, just get out somewhere, maybe with your friends, and don’t return until it is evening.Now, let me give you the link to my web site that I had told you that I made before: Advice for Troubled Marriage.I wrote my experiences of saving my marriage and stop my divorce in my site. My friend – I have been successful in keeping my marriage, and I want to help you to do it, too. Click here to see my site!

Ways to Make Your Husband Fall in Love Again – Build a Stronger Marriage With the Man You Love

Marriage isn’t always the easiest road to take. We head down the aisle with the best intentions, believing that our husband will love us always. Unfortunately, sometimes things change and his feelings can shift. Even if he once loved you more than anything, you may now wonder whether he cares for you at all. If you still deeply love him and you want to ensure your marriage doesn’t end in divorce, you need to take action. Once a woman understands how to trigger those feelings of love in her husband again, she can make certain he adores her more than he ever has before.One of the best ways to make your husband fall in love again with you is to show him that you’re still the woman he wanted all those years ago. Just as he has changed over the years, you have as well.  There were qualities about you that he found irresistible early in the relationship and you need to rediscover those now. Think back to what he loved most about you and work on bringing that back to the surface again. Once he sees glimpses of that woman he fell in love with, he’ll be captivated all over again.When we become mothers and our focus shifts from our husband to our children, the dynamic of the marriage relationship does change. Your husband may feel a bit of resentment and he may also feel displaced. Naturally your children need the bulk of your attention, but don’t neglect your man too. Make an effort to spend some alone time with your spouse each day. It may be something as simple as getting up earlier to eat breakfast with him or taking a walk with him in the evening. Just show him that you want and need time alone with him. Once he sees that he’s still incredibly important to you it will help make your husband fall in love again.

Can You Save Your Marriage After Adultery? Learn How Now!

You’ve had a hard day at work.  All you want is to go home to your loving family and relax.  You never dreamed you would be faced with wanting to learn how to save your marriage.Things are much quieter than normal at dinnertime, and you are starting to feel uneasy.  Did something happen today?  Is someone keeping a secret?After dinner, you get hit with it – your spouse has had an affair.  It’s all a bad dream – it HAS to be – you’ll wake up soon, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, this is no dream.  This is real.  With millions of emotions running through your mind, you are finding yourself sick and drained, and asking how could this happen to us? Many divorces are caused by affairs.  But your marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce – you can save your marriage.  You can work through this, and your marriage will be stronger than it’s ever been before!First, you both have to talk to each other.  Your partner was honest with you about the affair, now you have to be honest with your partner.  Tell them how you feel.  You may be feeling severe hurt and anger, maybe confusion. Find out WHY they felt like they had to stray.  Were they bored?  Was it because they felt like they were alone too much?  Did they feel like you weren’t paying them any attention?Even though you will likely never forget such a traumatic experience, you CAN learn to forgive them.  It was a mistake.  We all make mistakes, some worse than others, but mistakes do happen.  When you can forgive your spouse, and put this behind you, you will start to rebuild your marriage.When faced with infidelity, wanting to save your marriage is truly admirable.  When you know in your heart that the two of you belong together, you CAN work through this.

Save Your Marriage and Make it Take a U-Turn

In case your spouse has proceeded to start legal proceedings to end the marriage, there is very little you can do about it, but in case you still have time to make your marriage take a positive U-turn, you could still find ways to save your marriage, before it gets too late.As strange as it may sound, the starting point of salvaging the situation to save your marriage, is you. This is not the time to blame or point fingers at your spouse for all the misgivings and mistakes done. In stead, take a close look at your self and try to locate which are the areas which could have contributed to the break up. In other words, it is time to be a good listener and hear what your spouse has to say. Remember, to save your marriage, both of you have to be equally serious about the issue – it can never work one way.If you look closely, there have to be earlier situations where your spouse has often complained about your attitude or behavior. It is also a fact that you have not paid much attention to these complaints and you took your spouse for granted. Though this is a common mistake we all make, it still does not justify what we do. If only we were a bit more careful and sensitive about such complaints, perhaps a situation would not arise where you are desperate to save your marriage. In any case, it is now the time to revisit those times, remember your hurtful or insensitive behavior which upset your spouse and take conscious steps to correct them on a war footing. To save your marriage, making empty promises worsens matters and spoils every chance to recover what is lost. Remember the mind takes a severe beating in a marital break up and to save your marriage, you might have to walk a long distance before the whole situation gets back to normal.Changing any old habit is tough. But if your primary aim in life at this point in time is to save your marriage, then you have to give it all you have got to make things different. Of course, the process is slow and your spouse might not even notice your efforts initially. But if the feeling of love and bonding between the two of you is strong and sincere enough, with time, your spouse would surely notice a changed and improved you. so long as you do not harbor any negative feelings about your spouse and make sincere and positive changes in your attitude and behavior, chances are that you can make your marriage take a U-turn and ultimately save your marriage.Many may not agree, but marriage is more than physical attraction and excitement. To build a strong bond, it takes years and continuous effort from both the partners. Cracks in a marriage is inevitable but the sooner you notice them, the better are your chances to save your marriage.

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