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When Your Husband Ignores You is it Your Fault?

As women when we get married we all have this vision of what the perfect man we would like to marry is like. We want someone to wine and dine us, make us feel loved, and cherish us till death do us part. Many times society has made men into the bad guys because they are not always able to do this and as women we cannot understand why our husband cannot change. The problem is he is hardwired to be the way he is and many times we just cannot change these things.Now that I have given you a reality check, there is still hope for your marriage. I’m sure your husband didn’t always ignore you, so I’d like you to think back to a time before your husband went into his shell.Did you nag your husband a lot because you didn’t think he did something correctly? Nagging is never a good thing and can spiral out of control as time goes on and your husband ducks back into his shell more and more. You see, the nagging is probably a reason that your husband started to ignore you, which caused you to nag even more. Each time you nag your husband you take away a piece of his feeling of respect that he desperately needs, even if you don’t think he deserves it. Try to stop the nagging and there is a good chance that he will open up to you as time goes on.Before your husband starting ignoring you, did you make comments about all of the new clothes that someone at work was buying? This may have been construed by your husband that he’s not a good bread winner and he needs to work more. He may have acted on this impression and started working more which upset you because now he’s always at work. In his mind, he just can’t win, so now he’s ignoring you.These are just two examples of specific situations which may have caused your husband to ignore you. Each case is different and it may take some real soul searching to find that one specific thing that has caused him to tune you out. Once you find it, you will have to make sure your husband understands what you meant by it or take steps to turn the damage that has been done around.

How to Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied So That He Does Not Look For It Elsewhere

In a marriage, as a wife, it could be one of your primary responsibilities to keep your husband sexually satisfied since sex is one of the proven ways to communicate love and affection for each other. In fact, sex, fortunately or unfortunately, happens to one of the most important driving factors that keep a marriage going. Even marriages gone sour can survive if both the partners have satisfying sex. But then why not, if this can bring you close to your husband, fulfill one of his basic needs and therefore guarantee peace and harmony in the relationship?The importance of sex in a marriage should never be underestimated, especially when we hear and read about hundreds of situations where the husband has strayed simply because he could not enjoy sex with his wife anymore! Therefore, to keep your marriage going on a happy note, it is imperative that you keep your husband sexually satisfied, over and above the other small and big efforts that you take to keep him happy. But how do you keep your husband sexually satisfied? Is there any specific tip that is applicable? Well, it is a combination of tips and techniques which can help you keep your husband sexually satisfied:o Over and above appearing sexually attractive to your husband be impulsive, unpredictable and flirtatious in your sexual advances. Sex need not be restricted to night and that also on your bed only. With him you need not be formal – in stead, caress him, touch and kiss him when he least expects it. If you find him gradually losing interest in sex, why not watch some blue films together? Wear the negligee he likes, dim the lights, sip your favorite wine and cuddle up to him. This ought to arouse him sexually; and after the foreplay you can surely keep your husband sexually satisfied. Remember every man, including your husband needs a bit of chasing once in a while, so that they feel wanted and desirable.o Words never lose its importance to keep a relationship going on a satisfying note. Never stop telling him how much you appreciate his way of making love; how a scene from a movie reminded you of the last time he made love to you, and so on. Make unexpected calls while he is at work and fix up a schedule for the night when you can be together. Contrary to popular belief, planned sex can also be equally interesting and satisfying. Put a ‘post-it’ on his lunch box to remind him of the date he has with you tonight; pamper him when he is moving round the house – in other words, make your sexual intentions very clear to your husband, so that he too feels equally charged. To keep your husband sexually satisfied should never be viewed as a chore – in stead, you should look forward to making love to a man who you love and care for.o To keep your husband sexually satisfied, do not always wait for him to take the initiative. He may be tired, stressed or simply has too many things on his mind. As a wife, be understanding and try to soothe his frayed nerves by words and action. Giving him a warm foot bath or massaging his back could be great turn-on for your husband. Try them and watch the results.

Help For a Troubled Relationship – 3 Simple Steps

If you are going through a really rough patch in your relationship and need help for a troubled relationship, here is some advice which may help you to overcome this and to build a more solid, trouble-free relationship for the future.The big question mark in your mind should be about whether and WHY you want to save this relationship. Is it worth saving? It may seem a silly question but you would be surprised at how we cling on for dear life even when we know that we are suffering and there seems to be no way out.If you can answer that question honestly and the answer is positive, let us move on to the next step.If you have been the one to shoulder all the responsibility in this relationship, think carefully about your role. You may have been carrying all the baggage in the relationship but a key question now is to ask your partner to share the load. This has got to be a two way affair from now on and your partner will have to reach out to you. You cannot go it alone as it makes a nonsense of an equable, sharing and loving relationship. Unless you have that assurance from your partner that he or she will meet you halfway, then you should rethink the first question I put to you.When you seek help for a troubled relationship and start to fix it, you may be tempted to condemn or criticize but these create such negative feelings and emotions that they will destroy any attempt at reconciliation and compromise. You may have to break down the barriers which have caused resentment up to now and that is going to mean open and honest communication about your feelings, emotions and where you are going and your objectives. Not everybody can talk or communicate easily so you may need counseling to help you or your partner overcome this particular obstacle.We all make mistakes but the key to help for troubled relationships is the ability of both partners to admit where they went wrong and if you do that, you can prevent the build up of resentment. Why not offer an olive branch in the form of an apology? This will certainly be appreciated and accepted in the spirit it was given.If you follow these three simple steps, you will be much more successful in getting the help for a troubled relationship you so badly need. It needs both partners working together so that you can have a strong, loving relationship which will last the test of time.

Weight Increases After Marriage – Why?

Weight increase after marriage is a fact!Marriage is a beautiful thing and which everyone looks forward to. Months and sometimes years of preparations are invested for this special day. Finally, when the day arrives, everything seems to go by so fast. After the reception is over, the newlyweds leave to their special honeymoon place. As newly weds, everything is sweet, beautiful and very romantic. Life styles drastically change, adopting a new sense of urgency and priorities, the newlyweds typically change their goals and unconsciously, their physical appearance.As researchers have been able to prove with multiple studies, married people have at least a 63% of becoming fat during the first 3 years of marriage. Why do we get fat in the first years?   Multiple studies have been able to pinpoint changes in life styles to the main reason of married people gaining weight.During a study performed at the University of North Carolina (UNC) a total of 6,936 married individuals admitted to a lack of use on their gym membership just months after getting married. The same individuals admitted to have gained at least 15 lbs. during the first 2 years of marriage.As priorities change after marriage, sitting at the family table for breakfast and dinner is a MUST, leaving very little time for physical/extracurricular activities outside of the house. Also other studies demonstrate a slight weight-loss for newlyweds that decide to become parents in the early years of the marriage. The physical activities associated with raising a child can very much be the cause of a weight decline.How dangerous is weight increase in a relationship?   This is a taboo question since marriage supposed to be a commitment for the good and bad. However, in a recent study by Obesity it is very clear that weight can cause a serious dent to a stable relationship.The top three problems that come out of weight increase during marriage are;   #1 – Infidelity As one of the partners in a relationship begins to swell up, the other partner becomes aware of the physical changes taking place. Buying bigger size cloths, spending more money in food are just some of the new tactics obese individuals might utilize to satisfy their needs.When one of the partners reaches the obese tag, the other begins to have their doubts and can easily become attracted to someone else with a better physical appearance.Obese men, may be more likely to have marital problems because their wives may be pressuring them to lose weight; such pressure may lead to hostility and conflict  #2 – Money Gaining weight usually comes after spending more money at the market, or eating out. And when newlyweds become more comfortable with each other, it’s really hard to focus or spend time on something as enduring as going to the gym. It’s easier to go to the local Ice Cream store and eat a banana split together then go back home to bed.Weight increase can also cause a health insurance to increase premiums due to frequency of utilization. During the first two years of marriages, husbands and wives tend to exercise less and eat more but only husbands gained weight#3 – Health Weight increase is a recipe for disaster in the human body. There is nothing good that comes out of packing extra pounds. Higher cholesterol might indicate a stroke, diabetes, anemia, etc. All of this potential health issue can very well be related to weight and partners may suffer the frustration of suffering any of these symptoms and perhaps pressure from the other partner to shed some pounds.   In conclusion, marriage is a beautiful thing and weight should NOT be the reason to think twice about committing. However, these studies provide information to individuals getting ready for the big jump on how to approach life after marriage to avoid becoming another FAT static when it comes to weight increase before and after marriage.

Best Tips For Saving Your Marriage – You Can Save Your Marriage With the Right Information

Does it seem like you’re arguing with your spouse every minute of the day? Are you questioning what happened to the love you shared when you originally got married? Do you feel that divorcement is the only alternative for your family? This article will give you some facts you can use and a source for the greatest way to save your marriage starting today.Since the beginning of time, man and woman have had marriage difficulties, and throughout the centuries those couples have managed to weather those troubles; you can do it too, given the right information and strategy.You are probably struggling with some very general issues and are in need of some uncomplicated solutions, if your marriage has not been doing well as of late.If a couple has a son or daughter, parenting issues can be a problem among married couples. One parent might believe that they are taking care of the child all by their self and the other parent isn’t adding anything at all.Having insubstantial quality time with demanding schedules.One half of the married couple needs to make the decision to fight for their marriage, in order to move frontward and change things. You will find that the other side of the duo will begin to make an effort at helping you turn your marriage around, which is quite amazing.Therefore, even when your spouse does not look committed or attentive to the marriage, you could still be a role model and begin learning the skills and knowledge other couples have to rescue their marriage; with any luck, you will find your partner involved in the marriage once more.Just be sure that you never surrender. The love you had when you got married could even be there, and with a little work the love of your life can return.

Killers of Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy is an important issue in marriage; when it is in place, there will be love, affection and bonding. As good as it is to marriage, it can be killed. In most cases, people find it difficult to identify those things that can kill intimacy in marriage.1. Busy Schedule: A lot of spouses are too busy to be together with their mates. Learn how to talk, play, and pray together. Do not be too busy for your spouse, it can destroy any home.2. Lack of Focus: Most couples don’t make each other their major priority. Most men takes their work first and to most women, their children comes first.3. Lack of Communication: Communication is the key to intimacy, you can never be intimate with a closed mouth. communication foster the love and togetherness in a marriage.4. Television: The only time some couples spend together at home is spent watching television. They find it difficult to spend time to talk; no wonder many marriages are damaged like our television remote control.5. Failure to Pray Together:The inability of couples praying together will definitely destroy their spiritual and physical intimacy. Couples that want to stay together must pray together.6. Act of Unforgiving: Couples that refuses to forgive each other can never be intimate. Learn how to forgive your spouse it will help your marriage to get back its beauty.7. Lack of Privacy: Intimacy is always difficult where couples are not staying alone in their room. Children should be allowed to sleep in their own rooms. Couples should be in their own personal room together on the same bed.8. Poor Leadership: Where the man is a dictator and lording over the woman, intimacy will be difficult.9. Bad Company: In any marriage where the woman is stubborn, difficult, quarrelsome, disrespectful, there will be a loss of intimacy. This could be as a result of keeping bad friends or company.10. Third Party Interference: Where a third party is allowed to drive the affair at home, it will set the couple apart. Third party could be in form of the in-laws, friends or relatives who interfere with the family issues11. Infidelity: Lack of trust and infidelity is another killer of intimacy.12. Distance: Couples that stays in different cities, house or bedroom do find intimacy difficult. Distance stands as a threat to the unity and togetherness in marriage.13. Absence of Romance: Lack of romance, jokes, playfulness and togetherness in any marriage is an enemy of intimacy.14. Absence of Intimate Sex: If couples is fond of fighting it out anytime they want to have sex together, it will affect intimacy. therefore allow sex to take its natural way in your marriage

Prenuptial Agreements – The Real Deal

Anyone who’s ever gone through a nasty, litigious divorce has probably thought to himself or herself: “I wish I had signed a prenup.” You’ve probably heard the term thrown around in gossip magazines and entertainment shows, but may be wondering what a prenuptial agreement is and what it does.A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into prior to marriage by both spouses, which specifies how property will be divided and spousal support will be allotted should the marriage end in divorce. Basically, it sets the terms that would normally be drafted after the marriage ends. So rather than have a court decide who gets the china and what alimony should be, the two people getting married decide what would happen in the eventuality of a divorce, removed from the anger and acrimony of en ending marriage.In the US, all 50 states and Washington, D.C., recognize prenuptial agreements, as long as those agreements conform to the following standards:
The agreement must be in writing.

The agreement must have been voluntarily signed by both parties and cannot be the result of duress.

The agreement must not be unconscionable (that is, it cannot be patently unfair to one party).

It must have been signed by both parties in front of a notary.

It must have been written with full disclosure to both parties.
AdvantagesObviously, the main advantage of the prenuptial agreement is that it provides a template for property division and alimony in case the marriage ends. It is a rather pragmatic solution to the problems inherent in marriage. They can severely limit a spouse’s claims to alimony and property rights, assuming the prenuptial agreement was executed correctly. It can be very difficult to invalidate such a document.DisadvantagesWhen you get right down to it, it’s the pragmatism of the agreement that can make the prenuptial agreement rather unattractive. It can be seen as a sign of bad-faith when one spouse suggests a prenup, as it can be seen as suggesting a lack of faith in the other spouse. Additionally, prenuptial agreements, should they not conform to the already stated standards, don’t hold much water. A court can dismiss the statements of an improperly drafted prenuptial agreement. For this reason, it is beneficial to have a lawyer draft the document.For more information about prenuptial agreements, visit http://www.kleinattorneys.com.

Invest in Essential Massage Oils As "Marriage Insurance"

I invest in essential massage oils as “marriage insurance.” A rich, fragrant man-friendly essential massage oil must number among the best investments a woman can make. Not that I recommend abandoning your annuities, Roth IRA’s, and corn futures, but I strongly recommend diversifying into essential oils. At the end of your fiscal year, when you calculate your gross marginal return on investment, you should find some quotient well in excess of 100%. Or, examining the question from another prudent angle, how much would you pay to safeguard your marriage against extra-curricular activities? Somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty American dollars does not seem extortionate, does it?I have studied my essential massage oil spreadsheets and forecasts. More importantly, however, I have examined life from my husband’s perspective-wonderful to relate as the ancient Homer poem once said. Of course, my man enjoys sex; he does, after all, lug around a ponderous y-chromosome. But he enjoys the meaning and symbolism in the sex just as much as he enjoys the hydraulics and relief. For a man, an orgasm has the tranquilizing effect of two valium, but it has the symbolic impact of a major parade culminating in presentation of a ginormous trophy. Honestly, my husband’s ego derives more pleasure and satisfaction from sex than his “throbbing manhood” ever could. Therefore, forecasting my return on investment, I calculate the value of the essential massage oil as a self-esteem lubricant.Still looking at marriage and family life from my husband’s decidedly all-male perspective, I see a picture much different from mine. I have taught my husband to acknowledge it is all about me, but I frequently go more than a few extra miles to make him feel as though it is all about him. I do not believe I trick or tease him; I genuinely believe he deserve that kind of treatment. The massage is not nearly so essential as the recognition.Although I generally work like the mule of the domestic world, I get more than my share of “intrinsic rewards,” and the kids have learned the more profusely they acknowledge my contributions to their lives, the more I will do and sacrifice for them-seven volcano projects, each better than the one before, for example. My husband, however, slaves away at a job that does not exactly thrill him, and for his drudgery and tolerance, he collects a paycheck. He never sees his paycheck, but he collects one. Meanwhile, he watches his hairline recede, his paunch expand, and his teen-appeal evaporate. A profound sense of manly duty drives him day after day; what inspires him beyond confidence he is doing the right thing? From his perspective, I clearly can see how liberal applications of aromatherapy massage oils might alloy the motivation.Yes, naturally the equipment responds well to liberal applications of massage oil. But to emphasize the affair thing for just a moment; men do not acquiesce in affairs for the equipment’s sake; instead, they seek affirmation, relief, reassurance they still got it. Appreciative shoulder massage replete with compliments about strong muscles and acknowledgement that I feel how hard he has been working yields at least as much mileage as going straight for the joystick. Long and languorous massage of my husband’s tired biceps and forearms-still replete with effusive praise of their power and strength-very clearly makes him feel like the alpha male among the masters of the universe.I have heard men tell their lovers how they “ache” for them. I understand, however, mature men just generally ache. Their hearts ache even worse than their tired muscles and weary joints, and they yearn for the miracle of combined youthful virility with mature wisdom. A little skilled application of essential oil and soothing suggestive talk makes all the body’s aches disappear, and they render the aching heart just a vague memory. It comes down simply to this: The more I assure my man of his vital manhood, the less he will seek the comfort of another woman. All that and a little essential massage oil liberally applied to my own lithe self and we got us a deal.

Marital Advice For Men – Discover How to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Marital advice for men – whether you are looking to save your marriage from divorce, or just want a few tips on how to make your wife happier, here are some ways to improve your marriage.In many marriages, men are ‘king of the castle’. When the wife has a problem, her husband comes to her rescue. The husband’s role is to go to work every day to earn enough money to support his wife and kids. Providing food, shelter, and clothing for his family.After a hard day’s work, your day is over. You are free to go home and watch TV, or go to the bar for a few hours and hang out with the guys. A quick call to your wife doesn’t even enter your mind, because you know she is busy making dinner, and tending to the children. This is how life should be.Make room for romance in your life with the love of your life. Break up your routine and be more spontaneous. Do something thoughtful for your wife everyday, or at least often.Or is it?Has your marriage always been this way? Or was it different in the beginning?Your wife nags and complains about things, but isn’t that what wives do? You help around the house, but are you there for her emotionally?Have you thought about talking to your wife, just to see if she’s still happy? Strong, lasting marriages are built, among other things, upon communication. Talk to your wife, and see life through her eyes. She should see things from your perspective, also. This helps many couples realize that maybe there is a little change that can be made, to make both husband and wife happy.Make a commitment to yourself that you will make your marriage better. Show your wife how much you really do love her.Remembering your anniversary and your wife’s birthday are two very important ways to show her you love her. They may seem small things to you, but they are very important to her.Write a note telling her that you love her, and tuck it in her car or purse, so she will find it later. The element of surprise goes a LONG way, when your marriage just isn’t up to par.When your wife does dishes, go and help her. This is a great time to talk about your day, and to build the lines of communication between the two of you.You chose your wife as the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Show her that you appreciate her, and that you love her. The gestures will be appreciated, and returned. The more you do this, the stronger your marriage will become.

Do I Want to Save My Marriage? 2 Reasons Why You Should

Marriage problems along with stress from everyday life will put a strain on a marriage. There is only so much a marriage can take and as time goes on you feel like the two of you are growing apart. At this point you begin to ask yourself these questions “Do I want to save my marriage”, “Is it worth the effort to save my marriage”?This is up to you to decide, because only you know the answer to these questions. However, it is important for you to know that if you save your marriage, you will save your family as well. A divorce will lead to serious long term changes in your family. Are you ready for these changes?1. Changes In Your Extended FamilyYou probably grew close with your partner’s family and friends during your marriage. If you end your marriage these close ties with your partner’s family will be broken. If you believe the marriage troubles you go through do not effect the people around you, think again. Saving your marriage will display to the people around you that you cherish their friendship.2. Changes In Your Kids LivesIt is well known that a divorce will dramatically change your kids’ lives. Get used to scheduled visits because the two of you will no longer live together, and your child may not see one of their parents for weeks at a time. This kind of change in a child’s life will have critical effects on their emotional well being. The worst part about this whole ordeal is that your kids may go through life feeling guilty and responsible for the divorce.However, you can quickly reverse these changes by saving your marriage and showing your kinds that keeping the family together is your number one priority.

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