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Spice Up Your Marriage – 10 Ways to Solve a Problematic Marriage

For as many who are faced with diverse problems in their homes, the following are the tested and proven solutions to marital instability. These are important issues which need to be attended to urgently:1. Do not blame your spouse for the situation of your marriage as that will only worsen the condition2. Constitute a heart to heart discussion with your spouse for it will strengthen your love. After dealing with yourself and your own inadequacies, you then need to discuss with your spouse, talk together in love but sincerely.3. Take a new decision on what to do. Decide what to do and stick to it, don’t think of divorce for it is not an option.4. Have a vision of what you want. Do not base this vision on marriage of others, but on the word of God and your joint expectations.5. Cultivate the habit of praying together; remember that couples that pray together do stay together, pray together about everything.6. Talk about things you use to do together and how you did enjoyed them, discuss about how to return into them and their benefits.7. Let God take over your home as you study His word together, give you home a new lease of life as you go through the scriptures.8. Create 2 hours per day to talk to each other, about your life, children, joy, fear, plan, vision, aspiration. Talk about anything; your experience in the day, your encounter with others, talk about just anything.9. Dedicate your attention to your spouse by making your spouse your best friend. Do everything you do with friends with him or her.10. Always give each other generous doses of hugs everyday; do not underestimate the power of hugging, it will bring joy back into your marriage, because it is only friends that hug, enemies don’t.With the application of the above ways, you can be sure of redeeming back your marriage from the pit of divorce. It is important to note that, the above ways needs to be carried out from day to day. That is, it must become part of our life style. I welcome you to the midst of happy people and a happy home.

Solid and Helpful Christian Marriage Advice Can Be Hard to Come By – But It’s Worth the Effort

Seeking help is not something everyone does well. When it involves something as private as your marriage, it can really be painful and uncomfortable to let a stranger in. Still, the truth is that all couples go through their ups and downs and Christian marriage advice is just as important as that sought in any other marriage or relationship.Seeking advice from a third party who specializes in counseling for couples is not the eye-raiser it once was. For one thing, counseling can come in all forms. Christian marriage advice can come from a pastor or therapist. You can even consider Bible studies for married couples to be a form of advice. Many churches have small groups that break up into what the needs of the parishioners are and there are groups within those that teach the Bible based on what the class structure is. A married couple will find out how to emphasize their strengths within the marriage and work on weaknesses; holding each other up and building a stronger foundation of love, intimacy and spirituality.There are therapists available who will let you know they are Christian. This has been helpful to people we know personally because they found assurances of confidentiality and a camaraderie with a professional who also knew and shared their faith. Christians, true Christians, realize that none of us are perfect and we all have problems. Christian therapists strive to help couples work through those problems with the help of the Word and modern forms of communication, thus finding a high success rate in helping to save Christian marriages.If your marriage has been strained by the recent economy, the seven year itch or some other reason, seeking Christian marriage advice is the first step to re-build on the foundation that first brought you together. Your love for each other, your commitment to your marriage and your faith can help you fight for what has gotten shaky and unnerved in these times.Do not hesitate to try counseling. That third person is there to see things from both your points of view and help you to understand each other’s perspectives. This professional can aid you in finding a middle ground that works for both of you so that the rebuilding of the marriage can begin.

The End of Your Marriage Can Be an Opportunity For Growth

Susan never imagined herself facing the challenges of a messy separation. When she and Greg married eight years ago she had thought it was to be forever. But that was before their lives became so complicated. Before the demands of his job kept Greg working long into the evening. Before the needs of the kids filled so much of her day. Before aging parents needed assistance. Before the stress of finances became a preoccupation. Before Greg had gotten involved with another woman. It was that final straw which caused Susan to pick up the phone. Susan wanted to contact the best Atlanta divorce lawyer she could find. She knew she needed to find just the right Atlanta divorce attorney. Susan was taking the all important first step to regain control of her life. She identified several key areas where she could take charge of the circumstances in which she found herself.The first thing Susan determined to do was to obtain top-rate legal counsel. Susan had heard many stories from girlfriends and acquaintances. She knew women who were out-represented by their spouses and who were virtually left with nothing. Susan wanted a legal representative who would boldly speak for her and make her wishes known. She knew that getting someone with her best interests at heart would be not only wise, but necessary. Susan and Greg’s separation was bound to be complicated, what with Greg’s unfaithfulness, custody issues involving their three children, and the division of their substantial financial assets. No matter the cost, she vowed to be prepared, focused, and if necessary, aggressive.The second thing Susan pursued was weekly meetings with a licensed therapist. While she and Greg had tried marriage counseling only as a last resort, Susan realized she could benefit from individual therapy. Susan had been deeply hurt by Greg’s infidelity and felt that she was struggling with trust issues. Additionally, Susan had battled depression in her teens and realized that without professional help, she was likely to face old demons yet again. Susan realized her goal of staying mentally healthy and balanced was not only important for her during the separation proceedings but important for parenting her children as well.The third and final thing Susan focused on was her physical fitness and well-being. Susan had felt the sting of unfaithfulness. She was tempted to judge herself as unattractive and unfit. However, despite many urges to indulge in comfort food and the escape of television, Susan made a priority out of daily work-outs. She began working with a personal trainer who helped develop the proper exercise regimen for her. She understood that keeping physically healthy would be crucial to her adjustment to single parenting. Additionally, she found the routine of the daily exercise brought order to her sometimes chaotic world.So while Susan’s romance did not turn out as she had planned, she vowed to take control of the stresses brought about by the dissolution of her marriage. She pro-actively took charge of her circumstances and began making decisions that would be of benefit to her. She made sure to surround herself with skilled professionals who could help her reach her goals. By identifying her ideals and her potential weaknesses, Susan was able to confidently approach her future.

Save Your Marriage From Divorce – What You Need to Know Right Now to Save Your Marriage

If you are trying to figure out why your marriage is not going the way you want it to, then now might be the time to start looking for a solution as quick as possible. Without a doubt saving a marriage from divorce is a difficult task once the wheels are in motion.Identify Core Issues Between You and Your SpouseThere are some basic initial steps that you need to take in order to make progress as quickly as possible. Right up front you need to identify the core issues surrounding the ongoing problem or problems between you and your spouse.A lot of the time our first instinct is to just to try and run from fire to fire trying to put out the problems that pop up, but what is not being addressed is the main source and that what you’ve got to get to.Right now, you may have found yourself in a situation that is troubling you, and below is some quick advise to help start to figuring things out.One of the first things that needs to be done is to decide where you first began to realize that you were starting to get on rocky ground with each other. Was there one specific event that can be identified? Is it a lack of overall communication? Are there family members that have come between you. Is it the most common issue of finances and money problems? See what I mean, these are core issues and have to be addressed.Reestablish Communication As Soon As PossibleIt’s really important to uncover these issues. Until these have been brought out in the open you should hold off on the divorce. Most every problem has a solution when it comes to issues of the heart. The beginning has to start with the willingness to want to do something about it. Putting things back on the right track is doable and ultimately can grow into a stronger bond between you and your spouse.Taking the time to sit down with your spouse without arguing and yelling will allow the two of you to express your feeling and thoughts about the way you feel about a particular situation, and the marriage as a whole. You have to sort this stuff out in order to find the solution.Sitting down in a calm neutral setting will let you open up the communication and diplomacy with each other. You made a commitment to yourselves to work through problems as they arise. Saving your marriage from divorce is hard and will take a commitment to do so, but in the end it will be worth it.

Sexless Marriage Advice – How to Talk to Your Spouse About Sex

Lack of sex in a marriage often leads to a lack of intimacy and trust as well. You don’t just lose the physical connection with your mate but the emotional one as well. The first thing that suffers is your communication. You want to talk about how your marriage has lost the passion it once had. You want to share your feelings. But, either you’re afraid to or you’ve tried before only to have your spouse shut you out.How then should you talk to your spouse about your sexless marriage in constructive way? Here are some tips:1. Don’t talk about your sex problems right after you’ve tried to have sex and failed. If you tried to get your spouse in the mood and failed, now is not a good time to address your sexual difficulties as a couple. This is a moment in which your spouse is likely seeking some other topic of discussion and doesn’t want to make an an embarrassing moment even harder.2. Don’t cast blame – It’s easy to feel that your spouse is doing something wrong or not doing enough of the right things. It doesn’t matter. As long as you want to make love to your spouse again, you can’t cast blame. If you don’t want them to shut you out, be sure to make this a relationship problem and not something which is only their problem.3. Don’t make this the only thing you talk about. Just raising this subject is stressful enough. You don’t want to make it any harder by turning it into some constant factor in your life. Even if you feel like you have to talk about it, you have to take time between conversations for your words to sink in.4. Above all, stress your love for your spouse. This is a scary topic and you want to be sure that your spouse is aware of your love and how much he or she means to you. It will also soften the harsh tone this conversation may take if you emphasize the depth of your feelings.Above all, keep the lines of communication open. It’s the key to a good marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage Before it Starts Getting Worse

Most new couples think their marriage will never end. They are convinced their marriage won’t end in divorce like some of the other couples they know. However, flaws in your marriage start to show themselves and before you know it your asking yourself where did it go wrong?It is important to know that whatever problems your marriage faces it can be fixed. As a matter of fact, you should take the necessary steps to fix your marriage before it starts getting worse.As time goes on your marriage will experience changes. The passion and commitment you two once shared for each other in the beginning might be non existent later on. You have to learn how to bring this passion and commitment back into your relationship.You and your spouse should seek professional help and open the doors of communication. This will allow you to find out what ‘s wrong about your marriage and the changes you need to make to fix it. Take the time to put everything into action and work it out with your spouse. Eventually your marriage will make a turn for the better.Some things you can begin doing is showing your spouse that you are sensitive to their needs, show them you are still attracted to them, and let them know you still admire them for who they are. You should not be afraid to show your spouse your emotions. Saving a marriage means taking action and you must act now before it reaches a point of no return.

Do You Worry About Making the Marriage Work?

Look, we all know the statistics, well, maybe not literally, but we all have been told how often marriages fail. It’s talked about on your favorite talk show. There are numerous reality shows that start out with two loving couples and end up one serving the other divorce papers. In short, the stats aren’t good, and you’re smart to worry, but don’t let it interfere with what could be the wonderful experience of your life.Forget Worrying About Making the Marriage Work – Think about Why Marriages FailThere are numerous reasons marriages fail. You can never cover all your bases and plan against everything. Sometimes things just happen and two folks move in different directions. However, with that being said, the majority of failed marriages come from people that move too quickly and don’t take into consideration how to nurture a relationship for long lasting love – together.What Does It Take To Nurture a Relationship?It takes an understanding of who you’re in love with, and an understanding on how to fill the needs of your partner. And no, I’m not talking about the bedroom needs.Most people are very surprised when they hear how they can be in love with someone and not understand that person’s wants and needs – from a relationship (love and nurture) standpoint. Those that take the time to learn their partner are always the most successful in keeping that partner wildly in love with them, and vice versa.How Can You Keep Your Partner Crazy-in-Love with You Forever?

To Save Your Marriage, Avoid Making These Mistakes

When a marriage develops cracks large enough to be visible, most people panic and end up doing all the wrong things in an attempt to save the relationship from falling apart. They want to stall the divorce decision and kiss and make up. But mostly things are not that simple in a marriage and the repair work takes a long time and great amount of patience. If you are trying to save your marriage, the first thing you need to know is what not to do, more than what to do to salvage the situation from further ruin. Here is a list of don’ts to save your marriage:1. Never make any promise that you cannot keep. Perhaps one of the most important things that your spouse needs is reassurance from you. With your efforts to save your marriage, make it abundantly clear that you have understood the mistakes in the past and you are going to take positive steps to rectify most if not all of them. Sound realistic about achieving your goals and do no end up over-promising and under-delivering.2. Never give false assurances. In stead, make your sincerity of efforts show. Recollect the factors which were responsible for both of you to fall for each other. Make your partner believe that nothing is lost yet and you can easily bring back those days, provided he or she also lends a helping hand. The genuineness of your intentions can go a long way to save your marriage.3. Stop telling your spouse repeatedly how strong your love is. This is not going to soften his or her hardened emotions. You need to show it in action more than words. Chances are that you might have to walk that extra mile to save your marriage, but at the end of the day, this is exactly what you want.4. Never get into a confrontational mode with your spouse if you want to save your marriage. No amount of rationalizing your decisions or arguments about why the break up happened in the first place is going to break the ice. It is possible that you might be accused wrongly; you might be humiliated in the process to save your marriage, but learn to take in your stride. After all, it is all for a good cause. The more you tell your spouse about his or her own follies the farther they go from you making your task to save your marriage even tougher.5. In case your spouse hints at a possible divorce, never try to convince him or her otherwise. Never plead with your spouse regarding the injustice that is being done to you, issues related to children, finance, etc. Remember in life, no one is indispensable – and life moves on. In stead, try to show the brighter side of continuing to live with you. To save your marriage, send out gentle reminders of the lovely time both of you once had, the things he or she liked about you and vice versa. In short, make your spouse think positive about you and the home environment. To save your marriage, it becomes doubly difficult when the environment is charged with negative energy.Hopefully, these simple don’ts would be of help to save your marriage and make you a better manager of relationships.

How to Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied So That He Does Not Look For It Elsewhere

In a marriage, as a wife, it could be one of your primary responsibilities to keep your husband sexually satisfied since sex is one of the proven ways to communicate love and affection for each other. In fact, sex, fortunately or unfortunately, happens to one of the most important driving factors that keep a marriage going. Even marriages gone sour can survive if both the partners have satisfying sex. But then why not, if this can bring you close to your husband, fulfill one of his basic needs and therefore guarantee peace and harmony in the relationship?The importance of sex in a marriage should never be underestimated, especially when we hear and read about hundreds of situations where the husband has strayed simply because he could not enjoy sex with his wife anymore! Therefore, to keep your marriage going on a happy note, it is imperative that you keep your husband sexually satisfied, over and above the other small and big efforts that you take to keep him happy. But how do you keep your husband sexually satisfied? Is there any specific tip that is applicable? Well, it is a combination of tips and techniques which can help you keep your husband sexually satisfied:o Over and above appearing sexually attractive to your husband be impulsive, unpredictable and flirtatious in your sexual advances. Sex need not be restricted to night and that also on your bed only. With him you need not be formal – in stead, caress him, touch and kiss him when he least expects it. If you find him gradually losing interest in sex, why not watch some blue films together? Wear the negligee he likes, dim the lights, sip your favorite wine and cuddle up to him. This ought to arouse him sexually; and after the foreplay you can surely keep your husband sexually satisfied. Remember every man, including your husband needs a bit of chasing once in a while, so that they feel wanted and desirable.o Words never lose its importance to keep a relationship going on a satisfying note. Never stop telling him how much you appreciate his way of making love; how a scene from a movie reminded you of the last time he made love to you, and so on. Make unexpected calls while he is at work and fix up a schedule for the night when you can be together. Contrary to popular belief, planned sex can also be equally interesting and satisfying. Put a ‘post-it’ on his lunch box to remind him of the date he has with you tonight; pamper him when he is moving round the house – in other words, make your sexual intentions very clear to your husband, so that he too feels equally charged. To keep your husband sexually satisfied should never be viewed as a chore – in stead, you should look forward to making love to a man who you love and care for.o To keep your husband sexually satisfied, do not always wait for him to take the initiative. He may be tired, stressed or simply has too many things on his mind. As a wife, be understanding and try to soothe his frayed nerves by words and action. Giving him a warm foot bath or massaging his back could be great turn-on for your husband. Try them and watch the results.

How to Save Your Marriage, Even When All Hope Seems Lost

How to save your marriage – You feel as if your marriage is ending, but you don’t know how to save it.  This article will point out a few reasons for marital problems, and will give you a few tips on how to deal with them, and fix them.All marriages, at one point or another, have problems.  Some are small, others are big.  The bigger problems may include affairs, money, drugs and / or alcohol abuse, and fertility problems.When your marriage is in trouble, you have to find out WHY.  Talk to your spouse, and find out what they think is wrong.  You may find that what they think is different than what you think.If you can’t talk to your spouse, then try to see it from their perspective.  Make a list of what may be wrong in your marriage.  Only by finding out what the problems are, will you be able to start fixing them.There are many different ways to solve problems.  You have to work at it, and probably try a few different things to find something that works in your relationship. All stable marriages have two important factors – trust and communication.  When you learn how to effectively communicate with your spouse, you will find peace within your marriage, and happiness.  This may not be easy, but is the best way to save your marriage, and make it last a lifetime.  As your communication skills get better, your marital bond strengthens, and you will be able to work through life’s biggest problems together – without worrying about divorce.When problems arise, remember the good times in your marriage.  This will help you to fight the negative feelings, which will lead to resentment and anger, making it almost impossible to find solutions to the problems. Your marriage is not doomed!  You CAN save it, when you are willing to put some effort into it.  It won’t be easy, but nothing in life that is worth having IS easy. 

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