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Do You Worry About Making the Marriage Work?

Look, we all know the statistics, well, maybe not literally, but we all have been told how often marriages fail. It’s talked about on your favorite talk show. There are numerous reality shows that start out with two loving couples and end up one serving the other divorce papers. In short, the stats aren’t good, and you’re smart to worry, but don’t let it interfere with what could be the wonderful experience of your life.Forget Worrying About Making the Marriage Work – Think about Why Marriages FailThere are numerous reasons marriages fail. You can never cover all your bases and plan against everything. Sometimes things just happen and two folks move in different directions. However, with that being said, the majority of failed marriages come from people that move too quickly and don’t take into consideration how to nurture a relationship for long lasting love – together.What Does It Take To Nurture a Relationship?It takes an understanding of who you’re in love with, and an understanding on how to fill the needs of your partner. And no, I’m not talking about the bedroom needs.Most people are very surprised when they hear how they can be in love with someone and not understand that person’s wants and needs – from a relationship (love and nurture) standpoint. Those that take the time to learn their partner are always the most successful in keeping that partner wildly in love with them, and vice versa.How Can You Keep Your Partner Crazy-in-Love with You Forever?

A Few Tips For a Happy Marriage

A lot of people seem to think that advice for a happy marriage is obvious. If this is true though, why are there so many unhappy marriages? When you are in a long term relationship, it can be difficult to look at the big picture. Because of this, it’s time to take a look at some tips that can help rejuvenate your marriage.First off, communicate with your partner! This is such an important tip. If your marriage does not have communication, then you are in big trouble. When I say communication, I don’t mean arguing or yelling at each other. I mean turning off the TV, sitting down together, and talking to each other like two adults.Second, if there are problems in your marriage, admit it! It can be easy to try and look past the fact there may be problems in your marriage. You may think that if you pretend everything is ok, then things will in fact turn out ok. This is not the way to handle problems in your marriage. You need to confront the problems in your marriage.Third, the more you put into your marriage, the more your partner will put into the marriage as well! If you do everything you can to make your partner happy, chances are they will return the favor and put extra effort into the marriage to make sure you are happy as well. So don’t be afraid to put a lot of effort into the marriage!Finally, fixing a marriage does not mean trying to fix your partner. If there is a problem in the marriage, it is a problem with both of you. You can not try to change your partner in hopes of fixing the marriage. A marriage is a team effort, therefore, you both need to work together to fix whatever problems you may be having in the marriage. Don’t just try to change your partner!Good luck!

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts is the Key to Finding Happiness

For a young couple just starting out together the thought of saving your marriage before it starts may be a difficult concept to grasp. Truly starting off on a firm foundation together is the key to finding happiness in your marriage.In our culture the hurdle to entry for marriage is set quite low. Most places require a simple document or license verifying the identities of both individuals. Rarely is there a guide, instruction or a simple road map to follow in order to create a lasting relationship.Saving your marriage before it starts is a decision to take your preparation to the next level. Early romantic love over time gives way to deeper more meaningful levels of love but the transitions aren’t always so smooth. The key to finding happiness in a marriage is learning the skills and creating the ability to communicate in order to persevere through the more difficult times together.Early on as two people come together so often they are caught up in the passionate nature of new love. During this time they feel as if their relationship is somehow different from everyone else’s. Their relationship is impenetrable to problems or conflict, the chosen partner is perfect for them and they could never be upset with them.Preparation is key to finding happiness in marriage. Understanding each others real needs and desires and more importantly how to respond to conflict are the earliest difficulties in most relationships.Misunderstandings in the early days may endure time and become the same conflicts that ultimately cause the demise of the marriage if not handled properly.Saving your marriage before it starts is the essence of preparation. Build a solid foundation with your partner first. It doesn’t require other people sitting down with you and lecturing on the potential pitfalls of marriage. It can however be accomplished intimately together with your partner in the comfort of your own home.

Married and Tired of the Same Routine at Home?

Are you married and tired of the same routine at home? Are you a person who is tired of this and perhaps seeking attention or the affection from other people to compensate for the lack of love and affection that you are receiving from home? This is a common thing in America now. We let our jobs and the constant survival for money over take us while we all just realize that the good things of life like family and our loved one seem to be just slipping away from us.Do we really want this to happen? Are we ready to fix and do something about the routine that seems to affect the relationship and sexual behavior of your partner? The routines of life can cause a family argument and fighting because there seem to be noting else to do to fit the occasion. We forget to go out and enjoy life because the boring routine sets in and breaks a relationship up. I tell you now that you can make your partner love and want you again if you only new the strategic techniques that are available to you.The surprising and safe psychological things that you can do to make him or her love you again and end the boring routine of life is possible. Are you ready to spark your relationship and rekindle that love that was once strong between the two of you? Yes, you know what I am talking about, right? The times during the beginning of your relationship where the love was mostly strong and evident between the two of you. This can return with the proper steps and guidance set forth. Are you ready to change you and your partner’s life for the better? I know you can!

How to Save the Marriage – How I Saved My Marriage, and What You Should Do to Stop Your Divorce

It’s sad for a marriage to end – marriages aren’t meant to end, they are meant to unify two people until eternity. It’s bad enough for a marriage to end – but it’s even worse when you’re the spouse who does not want it to end – the spouse trying to save the marriage.From the moment when my husband lost interest in me and said he wanted a divorce – I know that feeling perfectly. He lost interest in me and stopped caring about me completely. I cried, I cried a lot.Then, what should be done to save the marriage? In those situations, there are things you should definitely avoid from doing at all costs. Here it comes: Never try to make up methods on how to save the marriage by yourself. This is clear enough – your marriage is heading for the end, you are desperate – can you really come up with some really good methods on how to save the marriage?I didn’t realize that until much later, as a matter of fact. By that time I had thought of some so-called methods to save the marriage. What were they?
Let me cry and he will understand how I love him and how much I loved him!
Let me beg to him, so he will agree not to end the marriage out of pity!
Who actually thinks doing those can save the marriage? As I experienced, what you should do in that situation is to immediately stop acting according to your instincts and asking for outside help. Actually you’re doing that right now, so it’s a good sign that you will save your marriage! 

Having a Great Relationship Between Husband and Wife

The basis for spousal relationships is respect and love. Of course you probably already knew this. Most people realize that these things are very important within a good marriage. There are some other things that are important in your relationship as well if you want to keep it strong.Remember when you were just married? If you have only been married a bit, then think about those first dates. Remember how you treated each other then. No doubt you respected and loved them, but you were thoughtful and kind as well.Over time when we know someone a long time, we often start becoming more unkind over the years. You would think you would become kinder, but it often doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you take your partner for granted, thinking that they are a permanent fixture.When you went to the store or bank last, how did you speak to the people that you met? What words did you use and what kind of tone did you use with the people that you met? More than likely you were polite and kind. In fact, they probably really thought that you were a very kind person when you left.What about the tone you use and words you choose to say to your spouse from time to time. How do you sound when you are upset and angry with your spouse? Would you ever talk like that to anyone else? If you don’t think that you would, then you are taking advantage of your spouse and that needs to change.This is easy to do with others who are close to you, like family and friends. If your conversations were recorded and you heard them later, no doubt you would be upset at how you really sound. You’d be afraid and embarrassed to speak like that to a person that you did not even know.Relationships between spouses that are good should be kind. Sure, you will get angry sometimes. There may be times when you say things that you end up regretting later. You do work to keep this from happening all the time by thinking about how you would talk to others and whether you would speak to them in this way.Another important factor in great relationships between spouses is thoughtfulness. While you no doubt love your spouse, after some time, you may not be showing it as much. You should definitely be working to be very thoughtful when it comes to your spouse.When you first are married or you just start dating, you do thoughtful things like sending cards, buying flowers, or doing other thoughtful things. After awhile of being together, sometimes you stop doing these things. Surprising your spouse and taking time to be thoughtful can help you to make sure you have a great relationship with your spouse.Your marriage isn’t something that is concrete. Your spouse could be with someone else. You need to start bringing back the way you spoke and the thoughtful things you did in the past when you were trying to win over your spouse. It is important that you are both thoughtful and kind. Along with respect and love, you will be able to use this to build a relationship that is strong and long lasting.

Read These Marriage Do’s and Don’ts and Save Your Marriage

When it comes to marriage dos and don’ts quite a long list comes to mind. But there are some principles that are now essential and should be present in a marriage. In the following paragraphs I will mention some of them and talk about them briefly. One thing you should do is spend time together.The easiest way for a couple to grow apart is when they not spending time together. If you have no idea what’s happening in your partners life; you will become strangers to each other and before long all you will be saying is good morning and good evening to each other and eventually goodbye.Don’t let that be you. Constantly re-affirm your love and commitment to your partner. The three words your spouse will never get tired of hearing are ‘I love you’. Don’t assume your partner knows you love them and there is no need to say it. Also top of the list on marriage dos and don’ts is that don’t make assumptions about any situation.If you’ve heard or been told something about your partner don’t assume it’s true. Get your facts right. When you have an argument about something do not waste time trying to get your spouse to accept the blame. Rather show them your willingness to forgive and fix the situation.One of the most important things when it comes to marriage dos and don’ts… Do learn conflict resolution. Unresolved fights will always come up in future arguments. I would recommend that you get as much information as you can on marriage issues. Talk to people who are experts in the field.

Husbands, Appreciate Your Wife

Sixty five percent of all reported divorce cases is due to lack of appreciation from their partners. When a husband fails to see and acknowledge what his wife has done well, it will be brought open when they have little quarrels. In fact, it could even be the cause of their divorce.Naturally, women need appreciation from their husbands. It is in their nature to be acknowledged and they can take pride in it. Husbands who acknowledge their wives in front of the crowd are the kinds of husbands that women are looking for. It is because, mostly, wives stay at home; watch the kids and keep their haven clean while their husbands are out looking for means to make a living. Only a few husbands can see how tiring house chores are.At times when a wife cannot feel being appreciated, she may deliberately find ways to provoke attention. Some would reach out to their friends and neighbors where they can talk, applaud and be praised. Furthermore, others go to church more often to pray and seek comfort from God. These, somehow, are the so-called positive effects of lack of appreciation from husbands. In contrary, other wives find comfort from other men just to be appreciated. And this is the start of yet another broken family.What a husband should know is that his wife needs to hear how beautiful and attractive she is over and over again. Simple compliments about her figure, dress or hair can make her smile all day while doing the usual house works. This is true especially for a woman aged forty and above. She cannot just cease to think that her husband may be attracted to younger and more robust woman. But she just needs reassurance from her husband to clear away those thoughts that can make her sleepless all night long.One of the most important roles that husbands should not forget is to appreciate their wives and give them the love they deserve.

How Can I Save My Marriage

Counseling is usually the first suggestion people make when the question is asked “How Can I Save My Marriage?”. However, one or both of you may be very resistant to taking that step. If that is not a feasible solution (at least for right now) then there are three steps that can at least get you on the path towards saving your marriage:1. Sacrifice – Oftentimes when there are issues in a marriage you are thinking more about what is wrong about the other person and not looking in the mirror to see if there is anything to correct in the person looking back at you. It just might be your spouse that is the blame for most of the problems (just ask Jenny Sanford, the first lady of South Carolina) but sometimes people start getting selfish and just feels the world revolves around them (Jon or Kate – your pick). The problem is if that is your perspective then all hope is lost. Sometimes you both have to be able to make some sacrifice in order to make it work or else you will some be living apart instead of together.2. Open Up – Sometimes when people are stressed, there is a tendency to bottle things up instead of “letting it all out”. This isn’t healthy and eventually as the pressure builds and builds it becomes to much and eventually there is an explosion. The longer things stay bottled up, the bigger the explosion which will make it even harder for the both of you to talk and work out your problems. Communication is very key from the beginning.3. Simplify – We have a tendency as humans to complicate even the most simple things. Nothing ever seems to be black or white. There are a thousand shades of gray. We are all experts of making “mountains out of molehills” I personally have made so many mountains that people are building cabins on them! Now is the time to analyze what you really need from your spouse. Try to simplify it as much as possible. Are you being too picky about how they act or how they do (or don’t do) things? Are you expecting too much? Take that step back and consider that you may be making things more complicated than necessary. By simplifying you may just be able to save that marriage.If you ever find yourself asking “How Can I Save My Marriage?”, and I sincerely hope that day never comes, then try these 3 steps. All three steps involve communication and looking within yourself. These 3 steps on how can I save my marriage may not be the complete answer but it can get you moving forward together.

Your Husband and Sex – What to Do If He is No Longer Passionate With You

If you live in a sexless marriage, where your husband seems to have lost all interest in you, it can be very frustrating. Intimacy plays a very important role in strengthening the bond between a husband and wife. This means that when the intimacy dries up, your relationship as a whole will be adversely affected.If your husband does not want sex with you any more, you may be tempted to opt for a divorce. However, you do not have to throw in the towel. You can still save your marriage and re-establish the physical closeness between you and your husband. You can take steps to encourage your husband to be more intimate with you once again.Consider the emotional bond between you and your husbandSex is not entirely physical. In case your husband does not feel emotionally close to you, he may in turn lose interest in sex. If you are experiencing some difficult situations, an emotional distance may develop between the two of you.You need to determine the differences you have with your husband. One of the common areas of problems involves finances. Once you have figured out the source of friction, you will need to make some compromises. You need to find a suitable middle ground that will soften the rough edges.His personal appearanceWhile it is common knowledge that appearance is very important to women, men too are very conscious of how they look. If your husband does not enjoy his own appearance, he may even lose interest in having sex.Perhaps your husband did not take care of his body as much as he used to before marriage. As a result, he may have accumulated some extra pounds that make him feel rather uncomfortable. He may be so self-conscious that he will try to avoid the issue. However, you can take the initiative to help him out of his problem.You can start taking care of the problem without even talking about it. For example, you can resort to preparing a more wholesome diet.Thereafter, you can encourage him to take physical exercises together with you. In the process, you will not only lose weight but also strengthen the bond between you as you spend more time together.If your husband is not interested in having sex with you any more, it may create even more friction between you. If this condition lasts for some time, thoughts of divorce may begin to crop in. However, you don’t have to let your marriage fall apart.

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