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Unhappy Marriage – Turn Your Pain Into Joy Starting Today

There are fewer lonely places than being in a problematic marriage. The communication between you and your partner has broken down, you don’t want to burden friends and family and you’re generally at a loss about what to do next. Too many people concentrate on the divorce statistics these days. These statistics alone are making it easier for people to give up and abandon their marriage – a marriage they might have put years of effort and love into. How often do you hear about the success stories? Those that turned the corner, took action and ensured their once unhappy marriage was not only fixed – but better than ever. Take the media – when was the last time you read about a resolution between an A-List celebrity couple? You could probably easily think of the last time you read about a divorce or pending divorce though.You’ve put your time and effort into this relationship – so why should you wave goodbye to a once special love you shared? What if you could not only reignite that flame, but make it burn brighter than ever? If you want it, it can happen. If you both want it, it WILL happen. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about how you can end the pain you are experiencing by walking away, and time to start thinking about how you can end it by facing your issues head on – together. Don’t waste another second, decide right now that you are going to make that positive change.

Save Your Marriage – How I Changed the Fate of My Ending Marriage and Got My Spouse Back to Me

Seeing a marriage crumble before your eyes is sad. If that marriage is YOUR marriage, it is plain devastating – especially so if you’re the side who doesn’t want the marriage to end.If you are in such a situation, I feel for you, as I had been in the same situation some time ago. My husband was not interested in me any more and I did not know what to do to save my marriage. After some time I had tried a lot of different things but none worked. So I felt like I could never stop my divorce and save my marriage.But now, I did save my marriage and not only that, but my marriage is even better than it used to be when we were in our honeymoon! And I can confidently say this to you now  – every marriage can be saved. And every marriage should be saved – because marriages are sacred and without them a nation cannot continue.The method I used to save my marriage is called “playing the inaccessible”. I think that speaks for itself – you play the “inaccessible” person to your spouse, which suddenly makes you a lot more attractive than the “please don’t leave me! I don’t want to divorce!” spouse.I know that it sounds easy and is easier said than done. But trust me – you can do it. The laws of the universe aren’t going to change anytime soon. Which law am I referring to? Why, “People Want What They Can’t Have” law, of course! This is not ever going to change and you need to use it to your advantage rather than to your disadvantage. This law works to your disadvantage at the moment. If you manage to turn the tables and make it work to your ADVANTAGE, then you will save your marriage!

Tips to Save Your Marriage From Falling Apart

There are two ways you can look at an unhappy marriage. The pessimistic way to look at it is to believe that the situation is beyond redemption and irretrievable. Any attempt to save your marriage would only be a self-defeating exercise. This is not only a fatalistic point of view but also demeaning to your own morale while continuing with the pain till the bubble bursts. However, there is a slightly more positive way to look at the situation when you believe that there could still be light at the end of the tunnel. After all your spouse is still physically present and possibly both of you are still on talking terms, whatever little the duration of communication may be. The fact is that you both have not yet got divorced and legally separated; this means that you still have several opportunities to work on to repair the cracks and save your marriage.If you have been trying to save your marriage for some time now, chances are that you have heard or read many tips and techniques to start and go about the process. If you are fatalistic, none of these otherwise proven tips are going to work – since primarily in your subconscious mind you have already accepted defeat. However, if you still believe in yourself and your love for your spouse, you could fine-tune the tips given below, depending on your own specific situation. Remember no tip to save your marriage can be 100% foolproof because only a couple knows how to work on their specific issues, and there is no ‘universal formula’ that works well with every human mind.Tip #1: Depending on the communication ability of your spouse, it might be a good idea to get him or her into a joint discussion about issues that are affecting the marriage. In stead of shooting arrows in the dark, such frank and open communication would also give you enough information about how the other mind is working. To save your marriage, the intention has to be equally strong on both sides. Or else, it would turn into a one actor drama where one person simply sits back and enjoys the show.Tip #2: If you have got even a vague idea of what has caused your spouse to turn against the marriage, focus on correcting that particular aspect of your action or behavior. It could be something to do with your lifestyle, habits, friends, etc. While you are attempting to save your marriage, never think that you are making great sacrifices and you are paving the way to martyrdom. Many changes are perhaps necessary not just to save your marriage but also for your own good.Tip #3: Try and involve more people in your family. At these times the company of humorous and well-meaning friends help as the crowd somehow diffuses the situation. Of course make sure that you involve people who are liked by your spouse. Depending on the age of your children and whether they are willing to help out in the situation by lightening the charged environment, you could ask them to join in also, to save your marriageEssentially, to save your marriage is not an easy task. It does not matter whether it is a marriage which is only a few years old or a few decades. There are positively good enough issues in the marriage which is unbearable for one of the partners and that is the time when things start to get sour. But if both of you feel true love and respect for each other, you can make some sincere efforts to save your marriage, which would yield the desired results sooner than later.

Why Husbands Get Bored With Wives After Marriage

Whether it is a man or woman, human beings get bored doing or eating the same thing every day. When you started dating with your husband, you cannot wait to meet him up or do something with him together. As time goes on, both of you will lose the spontaneity to put in more effort to shower surprises and soon it appears that there is nothing new and you will wonder why husbands get bored with wife after marriage when he show signs of boredom. The fact is both of you are starting to take things for granted and that is when boredom sets in.- Man is a hunterMan always want to be challenged and because when he knows everything inside out about you, there is nothing more that he wants to discover further and in the end, he gets bored.- Woman start to neglectMany women after marriage start to neglect a lot of things about themselves. They pay lesser attention to those details how they attracted the men in the past. They neglect their figure and image, they do the same old routine for the family every day, they become more nagging, putting the priorities of the household, children and taking care of themselves and the feminism as secondary.Many women will start to question why husbands get bored with wife after marriage when they have always been trying to be a good wife in the marriage. The answer is a woman will continue to attract and capture the heart of their husband only when they act like a good mother, a housewife, a confident woman and not forgetting to be a seductive woman in the bedroom. Most women tend to forget the last two points when they are married for too long.- Respect and CommunicationMutual respect in a marriage is important and hence the same goes to your communication with your husband. For example, your husband shares with you an achievement that he made at work today, instead of praising him, you just reply him very casually, showing him that you are not very interested. Praise him if he has done something great every time. Both of you will understand each other needs better when communication is going on well smoothly.Fulfilling and understanding your husband’s needs can restore back his energy and love into this marriage. There are many ways to make your husband fall back in love with you again. You just need a little trick to Win His Heart completely.

My Wife Fell in Love With Another Man – Can the Marriage Still Be Saved?

Can the marriage still be saved when my wife fell in love with another man? You do not want this marriage to fall apart and you want to try winning her heart back again. The problem is she has lost her love for you. How can you get your wife to love you again?The thought of losing your wife can be very devastating. However, you should learn to get off from questioning yourself, “why my wife fell in love with another man?” It will only get your mind confused what you should do to win her heart back. It will only give you heartache and sadness when you start to wonder why. For worse, you may show out your emotions without realizing that you are looking desperate especially when you try to beg her not to leave you.You have to live your mind that you can be strong even without her. It is only when you overcome this fear of losing her, you will know how to save this marriage confidently. One thing for sure, your wife will definitely still have feelings for you because your love with her is built over the years and it is not something that can be destroyed over the days or months. This is also one of the biggest assets to penetrate into her heart and save the marriage again.Be mature and let her see the positive changes in you. Do some soul searching, are you still the same man that she fell in love with initially? Emotional attachment is one important aspect that most women will see. Try hard to bring back the communication into your marriage, let her know that you are not only a good husband but also a good listener and advisor. Make her feel love so that your wife can feel that she is important to this family.”my wife fell in love with another man” is also not a sudden thing that will appear over the night. It is obvious that something is lacking in the marriage and probably this affair can give her what she wants. So, do not start pushing the blames around saying that it is because of this or that to have this problem. Never try to make her jealous by getting another woman to spite her, this will only push her further away. No pathetic behavior to make her feel guilty towards you as well.There is no magic way to win your wife back without putting in any effort. However, there are proven tips that can tell you how to save this marriage back. In the next page, you will find these step by step proven marriage tips to win back your wife from another man. Visit: http://tosaveamarriage.blogspot.com/

How to Save My Marriage – Know the Answers Here

If you are asking the question how to save my marriage then it is a good thing that you have decided to click on this article and read it. This article does not promise to know all the answers about failing marriages but it will offer some methods that have already been proven effective in salvaging relationships by countless couples. The truth is, saving a marriage is not at all complicated and difficult. Most of the time, the answer to marital problems are right under the noses of the couples themselves. Sometimes, they just have to be reminded of the solution and that is what this article will try to do.  This article hopes to save as a reminder for couples out there who are having some troubles in their marriages. If there is one thing that this article wishes that you will get from it, it is hope.  Do you still love your spouse? If your answer is not a resounding YES to this question then you probably shouldn’t be exerting effort in trying to save your relationship and marriage. What you should be doing is letting each other go and moving on with your lives. If you want to save your marriage, then love should be the ultimate reason. If the reason is not love, then that is not a worthy reason, no matter what it is.  Some couples who successfully saved their marriages with reasons other than love are bound to have problems later on. So if love is not the reason for saving your marriage, then don’t even bother.  Asking how to save a marriage is a good thing because it means that you are acknowledging that there is a problem in your relationship. Unfortunately, some couples never get pass the denial stage. They portray themselves as happy couples but deep inside their relationship is rotting away. Then when their relationship collapses one day, they will be the first ones to be surprised. Do not live your lives like this, If there is a problem then admit it, seek a solution and then implement the solution. That is the natural process to solve marital problems.  What this article suggest to couples undergoing marital problems is to ask the question how to save my marriage. When we ask for help that is the time that solutions to our problems appears. Pat yourself on the back for taking the first step in rescuing your marriage from disaster. 

Why Are You Getting Married?

The good news is the divorce rate has declined. As per The Enrichment Journal the actual number for people getting married for the first time stands at roughly forty one percent.That is a nine point drop from the fifty percent figure often cited. Still it is not too much of a reason to celebrate considering that second and third marriage divorce rates remain high; sixty percent and seventy three percent respectively.There is also much speculation that this recession is having a dampening affect on the divorce statistics. Couples who may have been thought about annulling their marriage are finding it difficult in a tough economy to divorce simply because of the economic straits they and many others find themselves in.Recession or not the question remains why do so many marriages fail? Obviously there is no definitive blanket answer that applies to every couple past and present but you can pretty much figure that a lot of couples said “I do” for the wrong reasons.1. Love at First SightYou meet someone for the first time and fall head over heels for them. Many couples have experienced this and gotten married not too long afterwards. Many of these same couples not too long afterwards found themselves in divorce court.It’s not that a happy marriage cannot come out of love at first sight; the problem is it is still no substitute for getting to know someone. And that can be a long drawn out process which does not appeal to our romantic nature.True going that route is no guarantee of a successful marriage. But love at first sight followed by a rush toward the altar increases the chances that you are going to discover a lot more surprises (many of them unpleasant) once the honeymoon is over.2. The SexYou first met that special someone and the sex was terrific maybe the best the two of you have ever experienced. Will it carry you through the marriage? No. And some couples fool themselves into believing it will.Sex is an important and fun part of a successful marriage but it cannot be the only thing or even take precedent over all the other necessary components of marriage. Sex is also a wonderful way to show love but it is not the total package of love. More than a few couples have confused the two.3. Falling In Love With LoveJust the whole thought of the wedding and the ideal of romance has your head spinning. It feels like you are going to be on cloud nine forever.Except that you won’t. Sure you want the romance to continue throughout the marriage but to make sure it does requires hard relentless and often times very unromantic work. This reality has caused many a marriage to go downhill; and quick.Yes the forty one percent divorce rates for first time marriages is a depressing number. Even among the fifty eight percent that stayed married you know there are a lot of unhappy relationships on that side of the ledger. Unfortunately life offers no promises of eternal love and bliss.It has a way of testing and often times breaking couples apart. That’s the way it goes. So the best thing you can do is to not give it the ammunition by getting married for the wrong reasons.

Marriage is For Life

It is not a temporary remedy for a situation you are facing. It is not an opportunity for you to get what you do not have, but a chance to share all that you are and have. Marriage should focus on a life time not ‘as long as it is convenient for me’. Selfish men and women cannot make a marriage. A happy marriage is where a husband and wife compete in out-giving each other through out their lives. For marriages that last for a life time, no spouse entertains a feeling or an idea of the existence of any other better partner than the present one.Any married man or woman worthy some respect must be fully committed to his or her spouse without conditions. Sacrifice is one of the keys towards a life long happy marriage. Every man and every woman must make a deliberate decision to live harmoniously with his or her spouse. Respect and value for each other makes each spouse feel appreciated.A marriage relationship is like a garden. You can not prepare your garden then expect to harvest anything if you have not planted. Neither can you plant your garden and then disappear expecting to come back one day and harvest some fruits or vegetables. The same applies to any marriage. You must put in a lot of effort, time, and commitment to achieve any joy, happiness, security, fulfillment and peace from it. One of the problems in marriages today is lack of a lifetime focus. Many married men and women can not be sure to say how long they will live with their current partners. Please decide now that you are married for life. Let your marriage not be a means to an end but make it an end in itself.

Ten Simple Steps to a More Affectionate Marriage

“They do not love who do not show their love”. – William ShakespeareWould you like to have a more satisfying, more gracious, more affectionate marriage? Of course, who wouldn’t? Here are ten simple steps to allowing that into your relationship with your spouse. Married couples are reluctant to share their feelings with each other, and it’s not just men holding back. Women, too, have a high threshold of trust, and in either case, couples are skeptical about opening up, believing that they don’t need it, or that their comfort level has been attained, and they don’t want to be bothered.But here are ten steps for increasing the level of satisfaction in your marriage. Pick and choose as you wish. The first thing you’ll notice is that some of the steps are so simple as to be almost silly. Anything memorable is what people take away.1) Be nice to each other. Simple enough? With all the disruption, uncertainty and busyness today it’s far too easy to bring outside stuff into the home. We find ourselves easily annoyed, irritable, wanting nothing more than to be left alone. One thing to remember is that everything is a choice. Next time you come in the house, make a conscious effort to imagine your spouse the day you married them. Shut your eyes, go back five, ten, twenty years before, and picture them with you as you recited your vows together. Could you be angry or upset with them that day? No? See, it is a choice. Okay, open your eyes, smile, greet your mate as if you’d just said “I Do.”2) Simplicity. See above. The world is crazy busy. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in all the electronic, urban, job and urgent detail cacophony. The computer. Television. Radio, Wii, DVD, NetFlix, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, you name it, it’s a time suck, and a major source of distraction. Have you considered a meditation spot, or a serenity room? They’re the perfect antidote to all the above, and taking your spouse there may be the very thing you both need to turn all that noise off. Find a room you don’t use much, an oversize closet will do, and furnish the space with utter simplicity–candles, soft lighting, softer music, maybe a water source like an indoor fountain. Go there after work, or after the kids are in bed, and just enjoy each other.3) Speaking of kids, the little darlings are another major source of distraction, and they often come between the two of you. They won’t appreciate it if you two treat each other harshly, or allow a tense atmosphere to persist. So for everyone’s good, make a point of spending time alone, and keep the kids at arms length. Not easy, but necessary.4) Be openly affectionate. This, too, is a choice, and one that seems fraught with difficulty for a lot of people. Men too often equate tactile overtures–even something as simple as a brush against an arm–as a sign that sex is the intent. Women on the other hand would prefer just the affectionate hug or embrace, without expectation of anything more. The dilemma grows as men expect too much and pursue sex, then their spouses withhold even the simple touch, so men can eventually get their only tactile feedback in sex, and the problem grows. Women need to be more open about their needs, and men need to learn to listen better, especially to what their mates are not saying. Often, affection is the need, not sex.5) Laugh more often. Even if you have to go to the joke of the day on the internet to find a real dog of a joke, do it every day, or find some reason to make your mate smile.6) Whisper. Nothing gets someone’s attention like a soft, sexy whisper. If all you want is attention, fine. See number 4.7) Take care of yourself. No kidding, carrying too much weight is not only unhealthy, it’s likely unattractive to your mate. Too many people disregard their physical appearance once they’re married. This may be the biggest cause of disenchantment and divorce. If your love life has suffered in the past few years, your weight may be the reason. We did say simple steps, and losing weight isn’t simple. But it may be the best thing you can do for your relationship.8) Meet for lunch. This ritual seems to have gone away. Too bad. There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting together in the middle of the day to reconnect. There’s another benefit to this, too. Being seen together in public gets noticed. That’s a good thing.9) The old fashioned total body rubdown is hard to beat. Soft music, warm lotion, long, lingering massage can be the one thing your mate has needed for a long time. Try it tonight.10) Sex. Okay, our romantic notions are never complete without physical contact in the bedroom. Here’s an idea, though. Never be afraid to experiment. Read a book. Go on line and look for something new. Be careful not to invite viral dangers into your computer. Stick to tasteful, mature sites that cater to adults. They’re out there, just tough to find. Or make it up yourself. They say the brain is the sexiest organ there is. It could be that the key to great romance is taking more time than you ever thought you would.Your marriage is the most important aspect of your life. Having real affection for each other pays off in so many ways it’s hard to list them all. You feel better, your friends notice and they feel better, your kids are happier, you’ll be healthier, you’ll enjoy each other more and perhaps the best part of all is, that people will wonder what you’ve been up to.

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