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Win Back Your Husband’s Love – Tips For a Failing Marriage

You are bound to experience a strong mixture of emotions when you come to the realization that your husband is falling out of love. You will be greatly hurt if the man in your life, who you still love, no longer shares the great affection you used to enjoy in your marriage. It does not matter whether you have been married for ten weeks or ten years. Basically, you will have two options to choose from when things reach such a point. The first option is to resign yourself to the situation and let your marriage end up in a divorce. Alternatively, you can take decisive steps to fight for your marriage and win back your husband.In spite of the fact that divorce is pretty common nowadays, your marriage does not necessarily have to follow that direction. There are a number of things you can do to help you win back your husband. Here are some tips that will help you to save your failing marriage.Find out the reason behind his reactionIt is hardly probable that your husband will just wake up one day and suddenly lose interest in the marriage. There is always one kind of reason or another if your husband is falling out of love.The change is often gradual, and there may not really be one specific reason for it. However, you should take a look back at when your husband used to adore you. Try to remember how you used to associate with him then. Although you may not realize it, perhaps you have also changed over time.The responsibilities you have been taking may have worn out your patience. Are you as attentive as you used to be? Try to figure out what could have changed, and then make necessary adjustments.Consider your own feelingsIf you want to win back your husband, you should take your own feelings into consideration. People do change with time. It may be that your focus has shifted more towards the responsibilities of looking after the family as a whole, particularly children.It may as well be that you focus so much on yourself that your husband feels left out. If your focus is what you want to get from your marriage, you will hardly think of your own input in the relationship. This may leave your husband feeling that you have neglected him, and he may start getting distant.Shower him with attentionWhen you give your husband more attention and he notices that you understand him, you will be able to get his attention too. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. In order to win back your husband, you should adore him first of all.

Stop Being Abusive in Your Marriage and Be Assertive Instead

How can we stop being abusive with our spouse and be assertive instead? It’s easy once we learn a few simple communication techniques. When we are frustrated, disappointed, stressed, or angry what happens? We use our emotions in negative ways with our spouse. This causes a chain reaction and they become abusive back. But this kind of interaction between married couples does not resolve anything, but only makes things worse!The truth is we can control our emotions and the way we express ourselves-we really can! We can grow away from the habit of using our emotions destructively and start using them constructively. I always say that emotions are OK to have as long as couples don’t verbally abuse one another with angry words and fist. We have to get our feelings out somehow and so learning to be productive with our feelings is where to start.Productive Communication During an Argument1) Listen to what your spouse has to say, even if you disagree! Hold back from interrupting because quite frankly, it is very rude to interrupt people when they are trying to express themselves, even if they are expressing themselves in a negative way.2) If there is anything ambiguous that your spouse said to you then have them clear it up so you do understand. What’s the use in listening if you aren’t really hearing?2) Once they’re done talking its now you’re turn. Don’t fingerprint, blame, or accuse your spouse of any wrong doing, even if you think they are wrong! There is a special way you communicate your feelings without them becoming defensive and denying what you said about them.3) Keep an even tone as your speak. Don’t sound whiny, squeaky, naggy, or yell and scream at your spouse.4) Use sentences that start with “I feel”, “I wish” and “I think”. Don’t tell your spouse how they feel and don’t tell them what they should do or what they are. How do you know any of those things if you aren’t them? Let them tell you how they feel.5) If you are too angry to talk with an even tone then you need to leave the room. Too much anger will not resolve the issue and will only make it worse.6) Make sure you know your own feelings before telling your spouse your feelings. What are your needs? What do you need rectified from this argument? What do you want from your spouse? What are you going to do to help rectify the issue at hand?7) Don’t keep your feelings and needs inside. Bottled up feelings cause resentment. Resentment is a marriage destroyer. Resentment will also hurt your spiritual lives tremendously because it keeps us bitter inside and distant from God.8) Be assertive with how you feel and what you want. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings about issues in marriage. This is the number one problem why couples grow apart-it is because they DO grow apart-they don’t know one another anymore. If you don’t talk with your spouse about how you feel and what you need then how on earth can they oblige themselves to you?9) Realize you may or may not get every need or want met through your spouse. Some needs and wants are not the responsibility of your spouse. Your spouse can’t make you 100 percent happy all of the time that is just asking for too much. Find ways that you can make yourself happy through community, hobbies, and serving others-there is always happiness found there.10) Be sure to do the things you can to encourage, support, and show appreciation of the person you married. Don’t hold back your love. Learn to compromise, communicate, and to come up with solutions to the issues that are affecting your marriage.All of the above communication is being assertive and will improve your marriage immensely. Being assertive with your feelings and needs lets your spouse know the person they married. It allows them to either give in to those needs or at least talk to you about them so you can both come up with an amicable solution. Assertiveness frees you from holding in bottled up emotions and later getting resentful.Being assertive makes you happy, which in turn makes your spouse happy. Assertiveness is the way to productive communication. This is why I highly recommend that the reader of this article print it out and read it together with their spouse. Remember marriage is a partnership and it takes two to tango.

Repair a Broken Marriage – Use This Powerful "Trick" to Revitalize Your Marriage

Are you in a broken marriage that is on the rocks and in need of repair? I have a solution for you. In this article, I am going to show you how to save your broken marriage!How You Can Get Your Spouse Back Into Your Arms In a nutshell, there are techniques that you can use to “trick” your partner into falling back in love with you. Furthermore, these techniques work even better for people who have been in love with each other before! That would be you! You can learn to manipulate the conditions in your relationship so that your partner will fall completely in love with you! Head over heels in love! What does this mean for you? It means that no matter how bad your relationship is right now, it is possible for you to recover your broken marriage!The biology of love and what it can do for your marriage. Let’s learn a little bit about what love does to our brains. Basically, love is a special kind of chemistry. When we fall in love our brains are flooded with four chemicals. We feel a high that no other human emotion can create. Did you know that the effects of this high can last up to three years? You can get a lot of mileage out of that!More importantly, love is addictive. Powerfully addictive! The chemicals that we create when we fall in love have addictive qualities equal to drugs like cocaine. So that means, once you “trick” your partner into falling back in love with you, they won’t be able to get enough of you. This is powerful. You will have all kinds of opportunities to strengthen your marriage so that it will never break again.You’re thinking “Sign me up! How do I get started? How do I get my partner to fall in love with me again?First: It comes down to having been in love with each other before. This past experience gives you a huge advantage. Huge, I tell you! When you were first falling in love with your partner, your bodies used a combination of your five senses along with the chemicals produced by your brain to basically put each other through a series of tests. Without going into too much detail, these pop quizzes determined that you were a good match for one another. Your advantage is that you have already passed the test, you have been preapproved! You have good chemistry.Second: Another advantage for you is that you have been in a long term relationship (marriage!) so you and your partner have developed a bond. It might not feel like it right now while things are rocky, but it is true. Studies have shown that the shared history of a long-term relationship in combination with “good chemistry” create the perfect conditions to fall in love again.Third: There are simple techniques you can use to drive up the level of dopamine in your spouses brain to trigger feelings of romantic love! This is where the fun begins!Quick Recap: Okay, so now you know that love really comes down to a chemical addiction between two people. You know that because of your marriage, you and your spouse have developed a bond over time. This chemistry between the two of you along with the bond that you have established provide the perfect conditions for you to fall in love again. Now, you bring it all home by engaging in activities together that drive up the level of dopamine in the brain and thus will trigger feelings of romantic love. Simple.

Marriage Advice For Men – How to Prove to Your Wife That You Really Do Need Her in Your Life

Marriage advice for men is too commonly given as advice for both men and women at the same time. Men and women think very differently, so why is advice given NOT differently for men than it is for women?The decision to start or end marriage is an easy one. The decision to SAVE a marriage is difficult. Making that decision means that you are ready to work hard, and invest a lot of time into. Although my opinion may be different than yours, I think that your marriage IS worth saving. And I think that you do feel the same way, or else you wouldn’t be taking the time to read this right now. So, let’s get down to business, and get your marriage back on the right track!A marriage is a very special thing. It is a partnership of two different lives, joined as one. This means that, although you are two different people, you should try to live as one – you should be one the same wavelength, so to speak.Today’s marriages are faced with some very difficult situations. Money struggles and affairs are at the top of the list for reasons of divorce. Even if you are faced with these problems, you CAN save your marriage!Men were raised to hide their emotions, and women were raised to show them. Society somehow made this a rule. You do NOT have to hide your emotions – in fact, by doing so, you may very well be hurting your marriage!When you are feeling upset or sad, don’t be afraid to talk to your wife. She may me wondering why the problems aren’t troubling you – your actions may very well be showing her that you don’t care about the marriage. I know this isn’t how you FEEL, but it is what she is seeing. While it may be difficult to show her, you absolutely must open up to her. Just between the two of you. Let her know what you are feeling. Let her know how very much she really means to you. If you can’t tell her, then you are definitely going to have to work within yourself to find the strength. You DO have it in you!More than being told, women need to be SHOWN that they are loved, and appreciated. But how are you supposed to do that? Actually, it’s quite simple. Start small. Do something that you know needs done around the house. A simple thing like taking the garbage out will show your wife that you know she works hard, and you want to try to help her.When she does the dishes, don’t say anything – just go and help her. Dry them and put them away for her. By doing this, you are showing her – not telling her – that you really love her. While these things may not seem important to a man, they are extremely important to a woman. When a marriage is in trouble, words seldom get heard. Actions will show her that she means the world to you, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep her in your life.

How Can I Get My Wife to Love Me Again? – 3 Tips on How to Get Her to Love You Back

You are noticing that your wife is not the same way again. She has changed her endearing ways with you, and has no time to kiss and hug you at night. She is always not in the mood to mingle with you; instead, she prefer going out with her friends and neighbors.I know what will come into your mind. She has lost love for you; or worse, she is in love with another man. It is important not to judge your wife right away; instead work out the solution to this question: How can I get my wife to love me again?You are right; it is not an easy thing to do. Especially with the limited time you spend together as a couple because of work. So take it from there.1. Give more time to your wife, and talk longer each day. You have to know her deepest thoughts about your relationship as a couple.2. Do not accuse her right away if ever you have an instinct that she has another man. You have to give your full trust to her; in the first place, she is still your wife and the mother of your children. Remember this: Everybody commits mistakes and bound to be imperfect; important thing is acceptance and learning from all these.3. The liability must be in you. If you are guilty of not being a good husband to your wife, make a change now. A husband is not just a provider; he should be always a figure of affection. Court her again through giving her flowers, and saying a genuine and sincere ‘I love you’ to her as often as possible.

Save Marriage Tips and Save My Marriage Today Review

It is vital for spouses to learn about the recent techniques of saving their marriages because if they do not start to fix their problems as soon as they occur, they may never be able to fix them.Some traditional save marriage methods that are used more often than others are:Understanding How to Keep the Passion AliveTo keep the passion alive, spouses should keep doing what they used to do when they first met and started flirting like having dinner alone at a romantic restaurant or spending a weekend at a romantic beach motel.Maintaining CommunicationEffective communication between spouses is essential so both spouses should always try to communicate in an honest and sincere manner.Seeking Professional HelpThis can be very effective way of solving the problems in a marriage as long as both parties of the marriage willingly attend the sessions.Moving ForwardThis method of saving marriage may be really difficult for some people, however if they honestly wish for being together happily for years, they must forget about the bad experiences they had in their marriages.Although the traditional methods are useful in many cases, they generally do not work in the case of only one of the spouses is willing to fix to problems in the marriage. In those cases, the most effective method is using a well known modern save marriage method authored by a relationship expert.Save My Marriage Today eBook by Amy Waterman should be read by all married couples because it provides all the effective techniques to solve marriage problems. Indeed, Save My Marriage Today system provides all imaginable strategies to fix the problems spouses may encounter in their marriages. Any person can get effective results from the tips and tools included in the system regardless of their age, gender, the age of their relationship, and the type of problems they have in their marriages.Some key points of Save My Marriage Today are as follows:o Effective methods to save your marriageo Methods to increase passion in minuteso What to do after an affairo Personal assessment testo How to become a better communicatoro How to cooperate with your spouseo And much more….

Remarrying Your Ex Husband – Questions to Ask Before Your Re-Marriage

Are you thinking of remarrying your ex husband again? Before you decide to go ahead and marry him again, you need to ask yourself few questions about recommitting into this marriage and knowing the ways to keep this marriage going can prevent the same problems appearing in your re-marriage. No doubt that you are communicating better with your ex husband, it is still necessary to understand the importance to keep this marriage.- Have you solved the problems you had with him previously?Both of you got divorced for a reason. It is better to make sure that the problems have been ironed out. If you simply choose to ignore and hope that the same problem will not appear, it can hit your relationship for a second time again.- Have you been able to understand each other’s needs?Are you getting what you want from this relationship? If yes, how about understanding and giving your husband’s needs as well? Always remember, for a marriage to work out, both of you need to care and compromise.- What is the real reason of getting back together? I hope you want to remarry your ex husband because both of you love each other and want to be together again. If you think of getting back together just because of kids, it may not be a good idea to remarry.- Will you be to keep a clear and transparent communication with your ex husband?You have to keep things honest between the two of you. Share with each other about the dreams, hope and expectation. I am sure you do not want unexpected things to happen in between the relationship one more time, so keep the communication clear.- Are you able to let go of the past and focus on the future?If either of you is still dwelling on the past, quarrels may happen on the same mistakes. Learn to forgive and forget about the past mistakes and work on the future together can help to rebuild the happiness and trust lost.Remarrying your ex husband is not a joke, don’t rush into remarrying him if you are not ready. To make a marriage work after divorce will need a strong and serious commitment into the relationship. Take some time to understand how you can save your marriage after divorce will help you to win back your ex-husband successfully.

Can You Stop a Divorce in 4 Steps?

Marriage should be one of the happiest times in your lives. Your married life most likely started out wonderful, but as time went on your marriage experienced some conflict. These conflicts will either make your marriage stronger, or damage it beyond repair.If you still love your spouse then a divorce should be the last thing on your mind. Yes you can stop a divorce and here are 4 ways you can do it.1. The first step to save your marriage from divorce is to agree these problems exist. These problems will never be solved if you try to ignore them. Accept your marriage situation for what it is and prepare yourself for the challenges you will face.2. The next step is to find out the reason behind these problems, you should start conversations with your spouse and give them the opportunity to open up to you. If is important to keep your ears as well as your mind open during your conversation. You are not going to like everything your partner tells you and that’s the point of this dialogue. Once you know your partner’s true feelings and they know how you feel, you can begin putting the pieces together and start rebuilding your marriage.3. The third step is to regain your love for each other. You can accomplish this by taking your partner out on special dates, and being more affectionate with them. Try to remember the romantic times you two once shared and begin recreating them. If you can successfully bring back the passion and love in your marriage, then most of of your problems will be solved.4. The final and most important step is to seek advice from family, and friends. You should also get expert advice from counseling sessions or books, because you can learn a lot from them

How Can I Make My Husband Love Me Forever – Tips For Wives

Is it possible to make my husband love me forever? That’s one of the questions many married women wonder about. The day we get married we truly feel as though the connection we share with our man will stay the same throughout the coming years. Unfortunately, things like mortgages, children and career pressures take their toll and many couples find themselves feeling very disconnected from one another. If you worry about this and you want to ensure it doesn’t happen to you and your husband you need to take some steps now to strengthen the bond you two share.When I was thinking about how to make my husband love me forever I realized that I needed to remain the woman he fell in love with. Naturally we all change over time as we mature and gain more life experience but you want to ensure you always retain those qualities that your husband loves and admires most about you. Never lose your self confidence and always pursue your own interests. As much as your husband adores you for being a devoted wife and mother he also wants to admire you for being independent and focused on your own goals.You also have to stay committed to being his biggest supporter if you want to make your husband love you forever. It’s easy to lose sight of why you fell in love with your husband once you two become parents or he becomes more immersed in his work. We often become critical of those closest to us if life becomes overwhelming at times. This usually means we take out our frustrations on our husband. If  you have been guilty of doing this, you need to stop. Even if you don’t believe it’s impacting his feelings, it likely is. Many men are much more sensitive than we realize. Get yourself back to a place where you focus on the positives instead of the negatives. It will help forge a stronger bond between you two.

How to Tell Your Husband You Need More Romance in Your Marriage – From a Man’s Point of View

For some of the women reading this, you are about embark on a no holds bared, fact finding mission into your husband’s mind. Let’s get started with a few myths exposed and facts revealed.Fact . . . All those ‘share-your-agony / accomplish nothing’ websites where wives-in-misery commiserate by giving essentially worthless advice about what did not work for them will not help you encourage your husband to be more romantic.Myth . . . Your husband does not love you because he is not romantic. This false statement is mostly found in the ‘share-your-agony’ websites.Fact . . . Your husband is not more romantic for one or a combination of four main reasons:
Not comfortable with the emotional element of romance
Too much stress or not enough (perceived) time.
Not focused, not organized or may forget important dates.
Not aware of just how important romance is to you.
Myth . . . By showering your husband with romance, he will get the idea, seek out his hidden inner romantic child and create the romantic oasis you so desire and deserve.Fact . . . Your husband will become more romantic and your marriage more passionate for one of two primary reasons: (Or a combination of both.)
He wants please you, make you happy and improve the marriage because he is basically a really good guy.
Because it is in his best interest and he derives some benefit from changing the dynamics of the marriage.
There are three components to encouraging your husband to be more romantic. Do all three and you are almost guarantied of a romance filled marriage. Like a tricycle, having only two wheels on the ground (two components of the romance formula), you are not going to get very far. And if you do get anywhere, it is going to be a real struggle.Step One – The Goal – Without condemning, complaining or criticizing, tell your husband why it is important to you that your marriage have a greater element of romance. Explain that romance is like a key that opens a woman’s heart and fulfills her need for emotional intimacy. Describe what romance looks, feels, sounds and smells like. Give your husband a target, a challenge. Men want to pursue and enjoy reaching a goal.Step Two – The Reward – Share with your husband why it is in his interest to step up the level of romance in the marriage. The truth is that while you are thinking of romance as emotional intimacy, your husband is thinking of sensual pleasure. One viewpoint is not better than the other, but they are two sides to the same coin. Tell him how romance increases the emotional connection that you feel and that leads to greater confidence in the relationship – in him. You want to change – increase the amount of romance – the marriage because it will better fulfill a need that you have (and should have fulfilled). It is no different for your husband. He will change the relationship – increase the amount of romance – when it fulfills a need that he may have.Step Three – No plan, no action! Men are, by their very nature tool users. Some use computers, others use power saws, the rest something in between. While there is no scientific research to prove this, the reason men are tool users is because their brains leak. Ask your husband to bring home three things from the store and you are likely to get just about anything besides the items requested. Same goes for the romance, your husband is going to need a little assistance to keep him on track for the first few months. There are online marriage resources designed to give your husband romantic ideas, tips and suggestions. The full featured sites even provide a personalized reminder service so that he never forgets another anniversary, birthday or special occasion. If you do a Google or Bing search for “Romantic Outsourcing” you can see what is available to your husband.The challenging part to making a long overdue improvement in your relationship is getting the subject out and in to the open. Below is a letter format that you can use to get your husband’s attention. Feel free to copy, cut , edit and paste for your own personal use. Dear (My Romantically-Resistant Husband),I’m writing this letter to you because I feel that our marriage could use a positive change.I know that romance may not be your highest priority right now. But for me, it represents more than just flowers or a nice card. It is, for me, a way to feel emotionally connected to the man I love. For women, romance is like a key that opens a door to greater intimacy, more confidence in the relationship and, yes, more desire for sensual passion.To me, romance can be gestures of affection that remind me that I am special in your eyes and in your heart. Its not about getaways to secluded islands you see in movies. But rather, a personal message, a thought, a break from the routine, or flowers every once in a while. Please don’t let this rule out the romantic getaway, if that is what you had in mind :-) To explain it in another way, women have an ‘emotional bank account’ that needs regular little deposits. And you will be amazed how much interest builds up for you. Romance can lead to many things; a match that starts a passionate flame, the glue that unites a relationship, a door to greater sensual pleasure, the building blocks of a stronger marriage.Without a doubt, men and women are different in their needs and comfort zones. I recognize that and realize you may occasionally want a few ideas and reminders to get the romantic juices flowing. There are marriage/romance building websites for men, operated by men that may be useful to you. ________ is one website that is free to use or you can do a search for “Romantic Outsourcing”.I want you to know that I love you dearly and want our marriage to grow stronger every day. Romance is important to me. Share with me what is important to you.Your Loving Wife,XOXO One last suggestion, having only a verbal conversation is likely not to lead to lasting change. Remember your husband’s mind leaks. If he wasn’t fully invested in the change you need, want or deserve – romance will be pushed down on the list of day to day demands. The reason men respond well to a written letter is because it allows them to return to their cave, a psychological safe place, and have time to digest the issue. Your husband will take action sooner than you think. And if he doesn’t, take control of the situation, sign him up and enter the important anniversaries and dates.I have found that most men tend to initially rely heavily on a ‘Romantic Outsourcing’ website to encourage them to take action and, yes, overcome any initial hesitation. Remember, many men are, in the beginning, not comfortable expressing romance. Because, in the end, it is a display of emotional openness. It takes time to get good at being romantic and recognizing subtle emotional cues. The good news is that many of the most ‘romantically-resistant’ men go on to be regular contributors of romantic ideas – helping other husbands like yours improve their marriage. For a sports analogy, ‘Even the best athlete was, in the very beginning, way back when, a rookie player who walked out onto the field for the first time.’

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