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Ways to Save a Marriage – Top 10 Ways to Save a Marriage From Going Down in Flames

If you you’ve found yourself in a situation where your marriage is on a roller coaster ride then you need to understand what the underlying causes of the situation are. Sure we all want that perfect fairytale where we meet the person of our dreams and then live happily ever after. At least it feel that way on the wedding day. Unfortunately, the honeymoon ends sooner than expected, and the trials of life begin to take there toll. Below I have outlined the top ways and reason that marriages fail and what step you should take in order to save it.10. Pay Attention to Detail – Taking care of the little thing that make your partner happy. Whether its rubbing the back after a long day or washing the car, or cleaning the kitchen.9. Getting Upset over Small Items – It’s truly amazing at how we have become so obsessed over small mistakes and items that are not significant. Don’t belittle your partner, they are on your side and working as a team is part of the union of marriage.8. Not Spending Enough Time Together – If going out with the friends is your main priority, then you should reconsider that behavior. Either figure out a way to include your spouse or plan on doing it seldom. Being married means doing things as a couple.7. Always Picking and Commenting About One Thing or Another – This grates on a person after a while. It’s funny because if you don’t like the way something is, then why not either do it yourself, or save comments to yourself. Why pick at another person.6. Keeping Yourself in Shape and Looking Attractive – A good number of people tend to think that once your married that staying attractive and in shape is optional. This is not true. Keeping yourself looking good for your partner will give them more reason to want to spend more time with you and be proud of who they are with.5. Pretending that You Don’t Have Responsibility To The Situation – Acting is if the only person at fault in your relationship is the other partner. “They did this”, or “They said that” is playing like you are a victim and have not been apart of a failing relationship. You have to take some responsibility.4. Going Overboard During Disagreements – One essential aspect of managing disagreements / arguments is avoiding getting personal. Demeaning some else just to prove you point is very counter productive and accomplishes nothing, other than just trying to hurt the other person. This type of behavior is very destructive to the foundation of a relationship. Don’t do it ever.3. Confiding in Your Partner Only – As a couple you share everything. If you have conversations that include thoughts about others including friends and or family members you need to keep that information to yourselves. Sharing things that are between the two of you are for your ears only. Don’t drag family members into your business.2. Making Purchase Decisions Alone – In today’s environment of scaling back and watching the dollars that come through the household, spending money on extravagant items without consulting your partner can put a lot of strain on a relationship. Set a maximum amount of what you can spend before having to talk about it together, and this will solve this problem.1. Lack of Intimacy – Not spending time in the bedroom with your spouse is a sure sign that there is serious problem. If you are not able to make love with each other in a passionate way, then there are underlying problems that need to be addressed soon or this will ultimately push the two of you into splitting up. Remember no sex = no marriage, for most, it’s really that simple.It’s a challenging task to take on when you are feeling depressed about your situation to try and implement or act on some of the items mentioned above. The time to act is now however, before the situation becomes unmanageable, and you are left with little options on the choices you will be able to make.

Saving a Marriage – Some Steps You Must Definitely Take to Save a Marriage and End Your Divorce

Saving a marriage is not easy if your spouse has made up his or her mind  for it. Abandoning the holy bond of marriage and everything that comes with it is a difficult choice to make – and once that choice is made, it’s not easy to turn him or her back.Luckily, it is not impossible and actually, as I have experienced, it’s the small but powerful actions you have to take, that is going to make a difference. When I looked for ways of saving my marriage I always tried to think up big ways to get my husband back to me, but those big and flashy actions in fact only serve to get your spouse further away from you – he or she is probably fed up with you already and doesn’t want flashy things.A step you must definitely take for saving a marriage is to straighten up. Get out of your crying and begging mood. This will serve two very important purposes: First, by stopping to beg and cry to your spouse makes you more attractive in his or her eyes. Why? It’s the most important law in life: If you can have something easily, it’s going to be less attractive you. If you are in the stage of crying now, know that this makes you less attractive in your spouse’s eyes.Second, straightening yourself up will make the clouds in your mind vanish, and will clear the blurriness out of you. This will make you able to think more healthily as to what you should do for saving your marriage.

The Top 4 Challenges of Women Breadwinners

More and more women are joining the rat race and taking over the formerly male-dominated role of breadwinner. This has both positive and negative effects on the family, marriage and relationship.I’m highlighting below the negatives or challenges faced by women as they wade through this once unfamiliar territory of being breadwinners and taking over their husband’s responsibilities.1. Respect vs. ResentmentRespect is definitely the first casualty in this instance because when a man fails to provide, it takes off from his qualities and he might seem less of a man to his wife. She might begin to resent him for taking a backseat and leaving her to take up his duties. This might also be made worse by what the man feels about himself and his wife. His self esteem might take a plunge as he feels jealousy of his wife’s achievements. Instead of supporting her, he ends up fighting her and trying to pull her down to a position where he can still exercise control. This action goes counter the loving and cherishing that he is supposed to do and so has a ripple negative effect on the respect that he continues to lose.2. Who has the final say?Since the man is supposed to be the head of the family and chief provider, he is supposed to have the last say after taking into consideration the input of the wife. However, when he is not the breadwinner, this position is also diminished as usually the breadwinner wants to have the final say. This has been the biggest challenge in my marriage since I really feel that I should be in charge of my finances. This brings a lot of complications and can grossly affect the relationship. As more and more women join the workplace and become earners, they are beginning to take control of their finances and want to be part of the decision making process and a very significant part if they happen to be the main breadwinners.3. How it affects the childrenI have noticed that my children approach me for most if not all their material needs. In the ideal world we should all be going to my husband as the main provider. This is so tricky and it creates a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation but they know very well that I am the breadwinner. Maybe, I have managed to dominate and have taken-over my husband’s headship but because he still wants to exercise headship, we end up having a lot of friction. It is also true that in such situations where women have taken-over, the father loses his children’s respect and honour.4. Balancing reality with ExpectationsIt therefore follows that we need to balance our expectations as women with the reality on the ground. If a woman expects the husband to be the provider and he fails to do so, what is she supposed to do? I really believe that in order to avoid unnecessary friction, both husband and wife need to adjust in order to strike a balance. A lot of things can happens in life that affect the husband’s ability to provide for his family, such as illnesses, retrenchments in the current global economic environments or just inability or lack of qualifications for gainful employment. Failure to adjust and re-arrange the duties and responsibilities cause a lot of the tension that is created in the home.What is the ideal situation?I can testify to the effects of having a woman as the breadwinner in a marital setting because I have been one for the past 21years. It is a different issue if one is single or a single parent as there is no alternative that we can consider and compare with. I believe that God created the marriage institution in a specific and complex way and any attempt to twist or turn it will have some adverse effects. The husband is the head of the family and main provider ( Ephesians 5v29), he is also the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church (Ephesians 5v23. This is supported by biblical scriptures in that the woman was created as a helper (Genesis 2v18).It therefore follows that the husband should provide for his wife as Christ provides for the church. He needs to do this in order to maintain his position of headship and respect. The Bible also commands women to respect and submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5v33) and I believe this is fully achievable when he is taking responsibility to love his wife as himself, nourishing, and protecting her.

How to Save a Marriage – What I Did to Stop My Divorce and Get My Spouse Back For Life

You want to learn how to save a marriage. That is great – and there are two reasons for this: 1. That you haven’t gone the easy way and just accepted the divorce, 2.  You are looking for outside advice on how to save a marriage. This, by itself, makes the odds of you saving your marriage much higher.I learned this the hard way – until I came across to an online guide about saving marriages, I actually tried to think of ways to save my marriage by myself – and that landed me only somewhere between begging and trying to talk to my husband.I love my husband more than anything in the world – that’s why when he first said that he wanted to divorce I was so desperate, and so devastated. I said: “Please George, I love you! I love you so much, I am completely aware of all the wrong things I did, I promise you they will never happen again! George, don’t do this to us!”I begged. And what did that bring me? Nothing. So I begged more, and I cried. But all it did was to push him even farther away from me. I was incredibly desperate.That’s when I began to look for outside advice – and when I began to look for outside advice is when my marriage suddenly got begger, and I got my husband back to me – he absolutely loves me more than he ever did now. What a great feeling this is!So, the best advice I can give you to save your marriage is to “go against your instincts”. An ending marriage makes a person desperate, and then your instincts and emotions act all against you. Never act according to your instincts, and suppress your emotions so that they don’t guide you.

What to Do When Your Husband No Longer Gives You the Love and Attention You Crave

It takes two to make a marriage work. If one of you isn’t putting in the effort, the other one has too much weight on their shoulders and there is a good chance of problems surfacing. Men and women often seem to deal with relationship problems differently. It’s wrong to generalize, but whilst a lot of women will attempt to sit down and discuss how they are feeling about the current situation, a lot of men will bury their head in the sand and not face up to things.Once a man has decided he is not going to face up to the issues plaguing the marriage – it can feel like you are all alone. Your husband may spend more time with his friends, more time pursuing his hobbies and interests. The more time you spend apart, the less chance there is of you reaching resolution and making your marriage great. If you are a wife and mother, the weight on your shoulders can be too much to bear.How can you go about getting through to your husband? How can you regain the love and attention he once gave you when things were good? How can you make your marriage better than ever? You can do all this by taking some action. Counselling is expensive, and if your husband is unreceptive then the chances are he will reject this as a course of action. For now you need to think of a way you can get some valuable advice and info for yourself. This is going to put you in a much better head space for eventually going to your husband and laying things out on the table.

Will My Wife Ever Love Me Again?

Will my wife ever love me again if I try to woo her like before? You will not know the answer until you try. A marriage is just like a sunflower, it needs constant care and attention to make it grow healthy. The same logic should also be applied to your marriage. It needs your care and attention too. So, what should you do to make your wife love you again? Here are some of the relationships tips to make her fall in love with you.- Be a strong manNo woman will like their husband to show out their emotions all the time. Be a strong man and never show out the vulnerable side of yours. Your wife will not like you to beg and cry when it comes to any problem. Show her that you are a strong man that can handle any challenges or problems.- Deal your problem in a calm and cool mannerIf you want to make your wife love you again, then learn to deal the problem in a mature way. At least your wife will feel ease when you are reacting in a calm manner and this can compel your wife to start communicating with you again.- Give her space and timeIf she still feels very upset and emotional, give her some space and time alone. Take a break from each other for a while. This can also be a time for you to analyse the situation from a different perspective. Take some time to see what can be improved in the marriage as well.- Turn yourself into a desirable manSitting around and be depressed over the problems will not help you to win her heart back. Go out and reconnect with your friends and family. Their presence will help to heal your emotions faster. Get a grip on yourself and bring back your confidence. Inject yourself with vibrant inside out. Learn to love yourself so that you will know how to love her more as well. The fact is most people like to mix around with positive people. Likewise, she will also feel the same, so let her feel your positive energy.- Rebuild Trust And LoveRebuild the trust and love lost. Your wife will slowly regain her confidence in you again when trust and love is build again. Be patient and do not attempt to move in so aggressively back into her life. Start everything all over again like friends. Date her for a movie, chill at the coffee lounge, etc.Fulfilling and understanding her needs can help to find back your wife’s lost love. There are many ways to make your wife love you again. You just need a little trick to Win Her Heart completely.

How to Save My Marriage – Three Amazing Tips That Made Me Stop My Divorce! Do Not Miss This at All!

First of all, if you are asking for ways on how to save your marriage, then I say I feel for you. I have been in your shoes and know it too well how it feels to see your spouse getting further away from you every day. I know the devastation that comes with a crumbling marriage.Because of my desperation, I had tried lots of different “methods” to save my marriage. I first apologized to my husband and begged to him for our marriage; and when that didn’t work, I thought “then the opposite of that will work!” and acted like I didn’t care at all. But none of those helped my save my marriage.But today, my husband is back to me, we’re living a second honeymoon for maybe one year! Everything is going so well, that I think that “I saved my marriage” would be a huge understatement!! I prepared a blog about my experiences and my tips on how to save your marriage. But before I give you the link to my web page, here are some very crucial tips:1. Stop Begging Immediately: Make this your top priority! I know that you feel like apologizing for your mistakes and begging all the time, but it is very damaging to your marriage. Trust me on this one – it will only make your spouse more fed up with you.2. Be Absent for Some Time: Do not forget that your spouse is fed up with you and the marriage. It is painful, but it is the fact. So a great idea to fix this situation and save your marriage is to not be in front of his or her eyes the whole day. Just go out with your friends and do not return until the evening – either consciously or subconsciously this will make your spouse somehow miss you.3. Leave Your Spouse Alone: This doesn’t mean “move out of your home”, but it goes with the first tip I have (do not beg). Allow your spouse some very precious time to reconsider everything instead of applying pressure and making him or her more fed up with you. Moreover, when you leave your spouse alone, this will make you more “inaccessible” and more attractive.

Dating Can Spice Up Your Marriage

In this busy and fast paced world, it cannot be denied that married couples sometimes forget about doing things that can inspire each other. This is a reality especially for couples who both work or run a business. But a husband and wife should know that danger is lurking if they continue to be in this situation.Too much focus on work can really have a negative effect on any marital relationship. It can make a person dull and your marriage boring. This has been a common complaint among couples in the past years but know that there’s always a way to liven up your situation.Both parties need to take the extra effort to spice up their relationship no matter how preoccupied they are with their professional and business careers. But while this is so, society normally looks at the wives to be responsible for keeping the marriage intact.Sometimes, the basics tend to be ignored. Simple things such as smelling and looking good for your husband, keeping the house especially your bedroom neat and clean, sending romantic text messages or saying “I love you” every morning or before you go to sleep can actually make a big difference.And perhaps one important thing that should never be forgotten is to take time to go on a date. Remember the time when you first met? Isn’t it that you started to get to know each other through dating? Isn’t it that you enjoyed your dates back then?The feeling of being in love should be kept alive even after marriage. And dating is one effective way of nurturing your marital relationship. Just because you’re already married does not mean that what you used to do can no longer be done now. Marriage therapists, in fact, strongly recommend going on date nights as a way to share an intimate time with each other without your work or children getting in the way.A date is a time for a couple to talk about their plans for their family, their future endeavors and dreams. This can be a bit of a challenge notably if it’s been a long time since the two of you last went out on a date.Make sure to schedule your date nights with your spouse. Encourage your partner to set aside a specific time for an exclusive date. If you have kids, ask your parent, sibling or an in-law to look after them while you go on a date.Go some place quiet where you can relax together. If you prefer a late afternoon date, going on a picnic at an area with a wonderful view of nature would be a great idea.If you’d like to go out during night time, a romantic dinner at a quiet restaurant near the bay would be fantastic. Or if you live in a coastal area, dining out at the beach under the moonlight would be a romantic idea. But of course, you can think of other exciting ways to date. Be creative.Remember that spending quality time as a husband and wife is a must. It wouldn’t take much to spare a few hours each week to be with your partner and share a quiet moment together.

Save Your Marriage – I Changed My Marriage’s Fate, and Got My Spouse Back to Me by Following This

It is bad enough to see a marriage ending. But if the marriage in question is yours – it is much worse, it’s just devastating; and even more so if you are the spouse who wants to save the marriage and stop the divorce.I feel strongly for you if you are in this condition, because I have had the same desperate problem a while ago. I had no idea of what I should do to save my marriage and the ways that I could think of weren’t anything else than that “beg your spouse, and apologize really honestly”, “cry in front of him or her so that he or she will come back to you in pity”. Not surprisingly none of that worked.But let’s fast forward to today, a happier day! I have saved my marriage and my husband is now in love with me so much that I don’t think he (or me for that matter) could consider ending this marriage for maybe another ten years. It’s like we have just married and living our honeymoon – our relationship is that good!Let me say this to you confidently – now when I look back and see the mistakes I have been making to “save my marriage”, I let out a bitter smile. I can say that, if you do the RIGHT things, you can absolutely save your marriage – and you should save your marriage because they are the building blocks of a better world.So how did I save my marriage? Each way of saving a marriage has something to do with “playing the inaccessible”. Let me explain that. The basic law of human behavior and desire is this: “you want something more if you can’t access it or have it”. So if you are less accessible to your spouse, that will HUGELY impact his or her desires towards you in a very positive manner.

Save Your Marriage Now! How You Can Save a Marriage Like I Did and Get Your Spouse Back Forever

What do you think the failure rate of all marriages are? Maybe you guessed that it’s higher than 50%, but did you know that it is exactly 87%? Why do you think it’s that high? I think you know the answer. Marriage requires sacrifice, it requires commitment, it gives you lots of responsibilities. In this era of selfishness and “individuality”, no one tries, as you do to save your marriage. They always take the easy way out: Hey, this doesn’t work, let’s get divorced!For the likes of us who want to save their marriages, things aren’t so easy. Marriage counseling only works if both sides really want to maintain the marriage. This makes you alone in trying to save your marriage. And this is always dangerous.Why?I know the pains associated with seeing your marriage crumble. I personally lived through it, and thought my world was ending. I loved my husband and could do nothing to hold him in my arms. It is a devastating feeling to see your marriage ending – you have sacrificed so much for it, and built your life around it, and now you can only watch it end. This makes you desperate – so desperate that it clouds your mind and judgment. It makes you unable to think creatively for ways on how to save a marriage.This is why trying to save a marriage by yourself is dangerous, and in most cases it will have you begging your spouse; which will end up in only them being more fed up with you.I am going to tell you what you are doing correctly now. You are looking for ways of stopping a divorce on the Internet – it’s why you are reading this article. This is the correct thing to do – looking for outside advice. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. But when I DID learn it, I began to follow outside advice, and it made me save my marriage in the end.

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