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Saving a Marriage – You Decide Are These the Best Three Reasons For Saving a Marriage?

If you’ve found that you and your partner have started to grow apart recently then you should carefully consider if what’s happening could result in a divorce if things aren’t dealt with right away. Lots of couples have bumps in the road during the course of their marriage, so it OK to want to make sure that you catch issues early before they become out of control. There are lots of reasons to stay married, here’s what I think are the main ones. You were both in love with each other at one point. You took vowels for better or worse. The kids are a real consideration if things don’t work out. Below lets look at these in a little more detail.Remember You Were In Love!Too many people get married and then become complacent in their lives after the fact. The daily routine and everyday life stuff start to take over and you forget the reasons why you got married in the first place. You fell in love with your spouse and wanted them to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions with you, and be there when you need them. They feel the same way. Be sure to share feelings and emotions, dreams, and talk about the future, good and bad. It creates a bonding that goes beyond just everyday mundane stuff.For Better or Worse Until….No one wants to think about possible bad times when you first get married, but they are inevitable. As great as good times are, bad times are equally challenging at the other end of the spectrum. It’s when things are tough that you need to re-affirm your commitment to your spouse that you will be there with them, and have there back regardless of circumstances.What About The Children?One of the most powerful reasons for saving a marriage is and always will be the children, if you have them. It is a difficult decision to make whether staying together is good or not good for the kids. Ultimately if you can work out your differences and live together as civil adults it is better for the children, rather than fighting all the time. Kids are affected by the divorcing parents regardless of how civil you are to each other though. This is an important factor and should be weighed seriously.

Formalities of Marriage

Marriage is an important step in life for many people. A festive spirit prevails among the guests and the bride and groom. But beyond the festival, specific rules govern the validity of a marriage.The Formality of MarriageSince June 2002, the legislature has entrusted to notaries in Quebec the opportunity to solemnize civil marriages. Who better than the notary to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony and this, in an official and legal manor?Before the marriage, certain formalities must be completed by the notary to ensure the validity of marriage. It ensures the ability of future couples to marry. The legal age for marriage is 16 years. For the bride and groom under 18 years, the notary must obtain the written consent of their parents. The notary must also determine if the bride and groom have or have never been married, their previous marriage must be ended by divorce or death.Another essential condition of marriage is that it be made public. To do this, the notary must give at least 20 days notice before the celebration, a notice stating that there will be marriage between the bride and groom by specifying their names and date of birth respectively. This notice must be displayed at the courthouse nearest you. This review is also commonly known under the name “banns.”The preparation of this review should be done with the notary and a witness with knowledge of both spouses. At this meeting, it may be advisable to choose a matrimonial regime and if appropriate, to a marriage contract notarized.The Place of MarriageThe notary can perform a marriage every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. He must do so between 9 am and 10 pm.The marriage can take place in the location of your choice, provided that the proposed location complies with the solemnity of the ceremony. The bride and groom are free to choose their place of marriage. Just mention to the notary place proposed to determine if it meets the requirements of the law.The Celebration of MarriageSince marriage has legal effects, the notary is required to comply with a protocol of celebration, so he/she must read specific articles of the Civil Code of Quebec to the bride and groom in the presence of two witnesses. These articles deal with the effects of marriage such as respect, loyalty, the obligation to live together, managing the family etc..The notary will sign a declaration of marriage to their spouses and witnesses before signing it and forwarding it to the Director of Civil Status of Quebec.It is important to discuss your expectations with the notary before the ceremony. Certain situations may alter the legal requirements for your ceremony and customize this event to make it a perfect day.

Advice For Marriage – The Ceremony and Nothing Else

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air. Plans have been in the works for months and today it is all coming together.This one has all the trimmings. The beautiful church, the large reception hall decorated to perfection. Maids of honor, groomsmen, ring bearers, musicians photographers and a wedding cake that is so huge they started building it a year before the actual wedding. Let’s face it this wedding required more strategy and coordination than the Berlin Airlift.And why not? It’s a once in a lifetime affair for the two participants as well as the family. No one can blame them for wanting to go all out. Make it something that people in attendance will talk about for years to come.But as Cindy La Ferle at The Desert News observes, that is sort of the problem: “Sadly, we’re not giving young couples the tools they really need — relationship guidance and basic life skills — to construct a durable marriage. Faithful consumers that we are, we assume that endowing newlyweds with stuff from an upscale bridal registry will ensure a happy union.”It’s estimated that fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. There are of course a whole host of reasons for this but not being prepared for the journey ahead is arguably a major part of it.Even if years of coaching and preparation were in place it would not stop people from getting divorce. Life intrudes and sometimes quite forcibly and nasty. The best laid plans are no match for the curves reality can throw at you sometimes. So it’s important to remember a few things.1. The BeginningThere is a tendency to treat the wedding ceremony as the crown jewel of the marriage. That’s when everything is more or less close to perfect and the feelings of love and happiness are intense. But in all honesty the wedding no matter how wonderful is just the pregame warm up. Once the ceremony and subsequent honeymoon are over then the real game starts.2. For Better Or WorseThis tag line may be included in most wedding vows, yet when things go south; it’s the one that most people forget. Or more specifically they remember the first part and skip the second.Things get rough, whether within the marriage or outside forces which exert a major impact on the relationship. Therefore understand better or worse is not some throwaway phrase. It’s a signal to stay alert and stay strong which leads to…3. Against The WorldYou both are in it together. That means sometimes you may be battling forces that will do everything to pull the two of you apart. Temptation and money problems are just two of them. Then there are forces which are more subtle. Family and friends that for there own reasons would be more than happy to see your marriage crumble. Just remember your spouse is the closest family member and best friend you have. Treat them as such.4. The Never Ending Work ZoneWhen do you reach that point of total nirvana in your marriage? You don’t. Five months or fifty years there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t have to work at the relationship. When you think you have the other person figured out and can coast a little bit that’s the time you get thrown for a loop. Try to treat everyday with your spouse like the first time you two started dating. Easier said then done to be sure. Not doing so however can slide the relationship into the danger area of complacency.Enjoy the wedding with all your might. Accept the love and support that is coming from everyone in attendance. Do everything you can to make it one of the best times of your life and cherish the memory for all it’s worth. Then be thankful that you understand there is a long journey ahead with many twist and terms. Be more thankful that you chose the right person to travel with.

Save Your Marriage From Divorce – 5 Keys to Saving Your Marriage

Step 1-Schedule time togetherThis time must be regular, like at least once a week, and there should be no excuses for failing to make it. Work, guys nights out, girls nights out, sports and all these other things have an important place to play in both your lives.But if you want to fix a broken relationship, then you will need to work at it..and with sufficient commitment that when you commit to quiet time between just the two of you that you both fulfill the agreement.Step 2-Go on DatesOrganise regular dates, just like the old days, with some time apart before the date to create a frisson of excitement like the old days.Step 3-PrioritizeIf you want to fix a broken relationship you will both need to recognize the problem and commit to finding a solution..no matter how busy work is or any other distraction. You need to see putting your relationship back on track as the number 1 priority in your lives for now. Because if you don’t the pattern of behaviour which has led to the fracture will become habit and reinforced and become even more difficult to change.Step 4-ForgiveYou will need to forgive your partner’s failings when he/she is prepared to recognize them and commits to rectifying the situation. Carrying a grudge is a lonely job and will not help your relationship. This is not a one way street and hopefully your partner will take the same attitude and recognize that “hey I am not perfect, but I am sorry”.Step 5-Recognize the differences between men and women and celebrate them..don’t let them be a barrier to a loving relationship with someone who was your best friend not so many years ago.

How Do I Save My Marriage? Read This and Let’s Save Your Marriage and Stop Your Divorce Now!

Are you asking yourself, “How Do I Save My Marriage?” Then I call you my friend. This is because of two reasons: I have been in that exact situation once and I know what you are going through, and the second reason is that I congratulate you in trying the hard thing to do, and not easily saying “okay, it doesn’t work, let’s get divorced”.Marriages are holy things. They are sacred bonds that are meant to bind two people together until eternity. Unfortunately most of the marriages end up in divorces, and it saddens me. If there were more people like you and me, who asked “how do I save my marriage” when they had relationship problems instead of just accepting the divorce, our society would be a lot more united and together.That being said, I wanted to save my marriage and in the end I did it. Not only that, but what I did made my husband love me even more than he ever did, and we are now so happy together. I want the same thing to happen to you.The foremost advice for troubled marriages is that you stop asking the important question of “how do I save my marriage” to yourself, and instead seek its answers from outside sources. Like this article, for example, on the Internet. The desperation and sadness of an ending marriage, unfortunately, makes you do pointless things that can damage your marriage even further (like begging and crying to your spouse). It is the best thing not to think up some methods by yourself but asking for proven methods from outside sources, such as the Internet.

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