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Help My Marriage! You Must Do This One Thing Right at This Moment If You Want to Save Your Marriage!

I know it feels utterly heartbreaking to be in an ending marriage – because I have lived it.I wanted to do something to help my marriage for some time, because I had noticed that my spouse wasn’t paying enough attention to me any longer. Even though I had seen it coming, when my husband made it clear to me that he wanted a divorce, it was still devastating. What could I do to help save my marriage?Desperate to save my marriage, I tried to think of ways that would help my marriage. But I was so devastated by everything that was happening that I wasn’t able to really think much and all I could think of was to apologize for everything and beg my husband. Which are all dangerous things to do that not only won’t do anything as help for marriage; but will hurt it even further. But I couldn’t help it, because I was so desperate and I thought “I have to DO something! I can’t sit and wait!”Yes, it is correct to feel that you have to take action to help save a marriage; but that action must be something CORRECT! But the problem is that, in that desperate state of mind, it’s impossible to think correctly.So this is why I’m telling you that the foremost thing that will help a marriage is that you quit being desperate and calm down.I have stopped a divorce from happening and so can you – but you must first calm down. This will give both of you some very valuable time to process everything, and it will enable you to a wider perspective from which you can see the fundamental problems and ways of fixing it. This is what helped my marriage a lot!

Do You Want Any Help For Your Troubled Marriage?

If your marriage is shaky and crumbling, you are, no doubt, seeking help for troubled marriage. It is not unusual for couples to encounter roadblocks in the course of their marriage but unfortunately some of them just go through the motions with an indifferent approach which leads to separation and eventually divorcing. If you both are currently stressed with issues and don’t like things to go out of hand to the point of splitting apart, you need to take right steps at right time.The first pieces of advice for couples seeking help for troubled marriage is that they begin by working out the major issues you two are struggling with. Often, the reasons for marriages to run into problems are petty issues that escalate into serious troubles over time. Actually, this is the natural consequence when none of the partners are willing to compromise leading the relationship to take its own course.Help for Troubled MarriageHelp for troubled marriage is not hard to find and there are lots of them built into your relationship itself but the trouble with warring couples is that they are selectively blind to constructive steps. The best step forward in these cases is to decide not to argue and fight from the next incidence onwards and keeping mum even in the face of shouting spouse. Your silence doesn’t mean defeat to you but highlights your patience as long as you can begin to think with a positive and unbiased state of mind.I have seen many couples turning to Christian marriage counseling and returning successful, thanks to the counselors’ unbiased viewpoint and honest assistance to get along together.The warring couples must realize that, it will be possible for them to keep their dreams alive only in a happy marriage. They can make better use of the time and money spent in the divorce courts. If marriages are not in trouble, couples will be able to provide a safe and proper upbringing to their children. The trauma the children suffer from divorce of parents often leaves them groping to gain back confidence. It is specifically this set of reasons why marriage counselors highlight when you seek help for troubled marriage.Surely, failed marriages have left thousands of families wrecked both financially and mentally particularly if the trouble starts after 8-10 years of marriage because that is when the couples are usually have lots of financial commitments. The real help for troubled marriage starts only when one of the partners takes the initiative to save it without being egoistic.Let me ask a question – If there was help for trouble marriage definitely available, would you consider it.

Unacceptability in Marriage

Husband and wife can’t live together in love and harmony without accepting each other. Where acceptance is absent, there will be war, disagreement, disunity and constant complaints in the family.Check your present complaints about your spouse and you will discover that, it is closely related to what you once admired in your spouse. The difference between then and now is that you accept him or her then but this you fail to do now. This article will open your eyes to the things that occurs at home when the couples fail to accept each other.1. Constant complain: When you accept your spouse, you will not only love the strong points but you will embrace his or her weak points as well but in a situation where you fail to accept your spouse, you will have too many things to complain about in your.2. Comparison: This is a killer of oneness and intimacy in marriages; it can destroy any home where enough room is given to it. If you are fond of comparing your spouse with others people, you are causing more danger to your marriage. This simply means you have not accepted him or her.3. Condemning: When you are fond of condemning your spouse in words and through your actions, it shows that you’ve not accepted your spouse. Condemnation leads to judgment and outright rejection, therefore stop condemning.4. Lack of Togetherness: There is no way you can enjoy the company of someone you do not accept. If you enjoy the company of other people more than your spouse or you have his or her company. It is a pointer to the fact that you have not accepted him or her.5. Lack of Commitment: It simply means to be devoted or dedicated to an obligation or to a person. Commitment makes one to stick to what he or she loves. If you find it difficult to be devoted to your spouse, there is a need for you to work on yourself and improve your level of commitment.6. Lack of Homeliness: Being at home with somebody you don’t accept is not likely to be your best time. If you don’t always want to spend quality time at home, then you need to check your acceptability level between you your spouse.7. Desire to change your Spouse: If you always desire that your spouse should change in almost everything he or she does, it is a good sign that you are yet to accept him or her.Understand this fact of life, that there is a need for you to accept your spouse the way he or she is for free flow of love and for deeper intimate relationship. There must be total acceptance in your union or marriage before you can enjoy your marriage.

Help Save Your Marriage – 4 Easy Solutions to Stop a Divorce

If you are in a marriage that is slowly deteriorating and you think you may be headed for a divorce, there are some easy tactics you can use to help save your marriage. Most couples that are in trouble either try and ignore what is going on and hope things will get better or they give up entirely.Please do not give up. There are some simple techniques that can be used and if you would just give them a try, it may save you from impending disaster. Marriage can be heaven, but when things go wrong, it can be hell. Living with another person can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The following tips can help save your marriage and get you back in each other’s arm in no time!Go On A DateNo, not with someone else, with your spouse! Remember when you first met, the feeling you would get when your spouse asked you out on a date? Think of the butterflies that jittered in your stomach. Want that feeling again? Do something new. Stop the same old routine and go out and do something fun and exciting. Surprise your spouse the same way you did when the two of you first met.Love Your SpouseThis may seem like a no brainer, but do you actually ever love your spouse? Love isn’t all about sex. It’s about caring and doing things to please the other person. Do you hold the door open for them? Do you offer to stop at the store so they don’t have to? Do you ever write a small note of appreciation? Stop and think about really loving your spouse and you’d be surprised at what you could do to make things better.Don’t ArgueThis may sound hard, but with a little practice you can learn to stop making mountains out of molehills and let the little things go. How many times do you argue over the stupidest stuff? Is it really that important that they hang the towel a certain way? So what if the milk is on a different shelf. Do you really care that the top isn’t on the toothpaste? If you want to help save your marriage, then stop argueing and start putting your energy into what really counts.Get PhysicalA great marriage isn’t all about sex, but physical affection wouldn’t hurt a bit. Sometimes we let our day to day routines get in the way and we forget all about keeping that physical contact with our spouses. Stop and kiss your spouse. Give them a hug now and then. If your spouse is made to feel important and loved throughout the day, and you are working on making your marriage better, your sex life will improve all on it’s own.

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