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A Marriage in Crisis

A marriage in crisis may or may not have obvious signals that you may or may not pick up on. Too many variables make this a difficult situation to diagnose. On the surface, your marriage may seem stable, albeit a little stale, but that staleness can turn into irreparable damage before you know and squarely put your marriage in crisis.Notice all the signals and nuances of your marriage. While it is not the be-all and end-all of a marriage, the first area of consideration should be how your sex life progresses. A healthy marriage will involve sex that satisfies the both of you. If one or the other partner is not happy with your sex life, this may go unnoticed by the other partner and will eventually lead to an erosion in your communication, which is a sure path to ending up with a marriage in crisis.The sexual interaction of a marriage is a tell-tale point for the health of a relationship. How often you have sex, how personally fulfilled each partner feels, and timing are all important details. Are you having sex at all? These things will tell you whether or not yours is a marriage in crisis.The lives of busy people sometimes precludes spontaneity. This might lead to a need for scheduling sex in the relationship. While this is better than no sex at all, it is far from being as satisfying as the unscheduled, surprise moments when sex is spontaneous.Spontaneous sex cannot exactly be scheduled. Couple that with a hectic family life and no wonder sex becomes the first victim of a marriage in crisis. Children make finding time to have sex even more difficult, and tends to lead to scheduling alone time. As mentioned, it is better than nothing, but “arranging” for spontaneous sex would be a great way to revive yourselves if a marriage in crisis is something you really want to avoid.By arranging spontaneity, we mean making time available, not necessarily for sex, but for some quality alone time. Sex may or may not happen, but the intimacy that does happen is a great tonic for ailing relationships. In a marriage in crisis, spontaneity always takes a back seat to other needs, which leads to unfulfilled partners, unmet needs and dismal unhappiness.Partners who show little signs of affection throughout the day will revive the relationship and prevent the formation of the marriage in crisis. Touching, hugging, a little kiss on the cheek, saying, “I love you” out of the blue-these are spontaneous acts, albeit short ones, that will remind the partner that you are still there and that your marriage is still intact. In this way, the candle of love is not extinguished as it is in a marriage in crisis.These little things are easy enough to do, and may go a long ways towards preventing trouble in the marriage. Being reminded of your partner’s affection towards you (and vice-versa!) is good for the marriage. Good feelings lead to a desire to find more time together, and may help resuscitate a lethargic sex life, as well.Not acknowledging the partner is tantamount to telling them they no longer matter to you and will surely kill the marriage. Just being polite, using “please” and “thank you,” is normal for you to use with other people, why not with your spouse? If you find yourself saying these things to strangers and people outside your relationship, then you have a marriage in crisis. Don’t ever take your partner for granted.By recognizing the red flags of diminished intimacy, sex and time spent alone together, you can easily prevent having a marriage in crisis. What you do about it will determine success in reviving your marriage. Don’t make a big deal of it, just quietly go about the business of adding thoughtful gestures to your days and your partner will pick up on them.Be polite, be thoughtful and considerate and let your partner know you genuinely enjoy being with them, even in a crowd of screaming kids. Find ways to make love that are energizing for you both. If yours is a marriage in crisis, these are the things that will put you both back on the right path to happiness.

Avoid Infidelity – You Can Save Your Marriage From Cheating!

Avoid infidelity – a common reason for divorce is infidelity. There ARE things that you can do in your marriage to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.If you work outside of the home, keep your coworkers from becoming close friends. Getting too personal with your coworkers allows the possibility of infidelity, even though it may be unintentional.Very personal issues should only be talked about with your own family. By your opening up to someone outside of your family, you won’t be able to avoid infidelity as well.Keep physical contact at bay. Don’t hug your friends all of the time, this may cause a spark between the two of you one day. If you haven’t seen a friend in a long time, a hug is fine. Do your very best to save your kisses and hugs for where it is really needed, and appreciated – for your spouse, and you children, if you have them.You have to be able to talk to your partner, or spouse. Your lines of communication must always be open, and you have to be able to talk to each other openly, about anything.If you can’t talk to your spouse, you will be led to talk about your problems with someone else, and that will open the doors to infidelity. Cheating isn’t purely physical – a lot of times, cheating is emotional.It is done when one spouse feels like they can’t talk to the other, without being ridiculed. They HAVE to talk to someone, so they choose a friend instead. The best way to avoid infidelity in your relationship is to let your spouse know that they can talk to you, about anything.

How to Save My Marriage – Three Amazing Tips That Made Me Stop My Divorce! Do Not Miss This at All!

First of all, if you are asking for ways on how to save your marriage, then I say I feel for you. I have been in your shoes and know it too well how it feels to see your spouse getting further away from you every day. I know the devastation that comes with a crumbling marriage.Because of my desperation, I had tried lots of different “methods” to save my marriage. I first apologized to my husband and begged to him for our marriage; and when that didn’t work, I thought “then the opposite of that will work!” and acted like I didn’t care at all. But none of those helped my save my marriage.But today, my husband is back to me, we’re living a second honeymoon for maybe one year! Everything is going so well, that I think that “I saved my marriage” would be a huge understatement!! I prepared a blog about my experiences and my tips on how to save your marriage. But before I give you the link to my web page, here are some very crucial tips:1. Stop Begging Immediately: Make this your top priority! I know that you feel like apologizing for your mistakes and begging all the time, but it is very damaging to your marriage. Trust me on this one – it will only make your spouse more fed up with you.2. Be Absent for Some Time: Do not forget that your spouse is fed up with you and the marriage. It is painful, but it is the fact. So a great idea to fix this situation and save your marriage is to not be in front of his or her eyes the whole day. Just go out with your friends and do not return until the evening – either consciously or subconsciously this will make your spouse somehow miss you.3. Leave Your Spouse Alone: This doesn’t mean “move out of your home”, but it goes with the first tip I have (do not beg). Allow your spouse some very precious time to reconsider everything instead of applying pressure and making him or her more fed up with you. Moreover, when you leave your spouse alone, this will make you more “inaccessible” and more attractive.

Saving a Marriage – What You Should Do Right Now to Save Your Marriage and Get Your Spouse Back

When a spouse feels that the marriage is ending, he or she invariably wants to attempt to quickly fix everything in the marriage. This attempt is usually a knee-jerk reaction to the expectation of the end of the marriage – and it’s usually in the form of begging to the other spouse for forgiveness without even understanding the real problems which lay behind the marriage.The quickest thing that will repair a marriage is to get out of that desperate mood, lay back and try to look at the marriage from a wider perspective to really grasp what the problems are. Whatever the fundamental problems are, it’s likely that they haven’t appeared overnight, they have grown up from nothing to marriage-threatening. This means that they won’t disappear overnight like you are promising your spouse. Such apologies (“Those won’t happen again, I promise!”) do nothing but to ruin your credibility in the eyes of your spouse, and make you look desperate and pathetic.For saving a marriage, the first thing you should do is to give both your spouse and yourself some spare time. This doesn’t mean that one of you should move out, but you should simply not be in front of your spouse all the time. This will serve two very important purposes:1. By being away from each other, both of you will have time to think clearly. In your spouse’s case this might mean a reconsideration of the divorce, and in your case this means “laying back, and looking at everything from a wider perspective”. Both will help in saving a marriage.2. People want what they can’t have. So if you are away from the eyes of your spouse (like, for example in Sundays you go out with friends in the morning and don’t come back until it’s evening) this will suddenly work for your advantage in that it will make you less connected to your spouse; and will make you a lot more attractive in his or her eyes.So allowing both of you some alone time can work great in saving a marriage. I know this from experience – I have saved a marriage with this.

Make Your Husband Fall in Love With You Again

A lot of married women have a common overriding concern – how do they make their husbands fall in love with them again? After years of being married the romance can dry out and sometimes that can spell trouble. When feelings change, it opens the marriage to all sorts of insecurities and worries… Will he leave me for someone else? Does he not find me attractive anymore? Why can’t we have fun the way we used to? How can we rekindle the romance? These are some concerns that give many women sleepless nights.It’s not a good feeling when you realize that your husband’s feelings towards you might’ve changed. And you wonder if you should leave things as they are and watch your marriage move towards a slow and painful death or is there something you can do to save it? Well, the good news is, you can make your husband fall in love with you again and put your marriage back on solid ground. Here are some effective tips to make your man sit up and take notice of you:o Don’t make the mistake of focusing on figuring out what exactly went wrong and why? Instead of worrying or concentrating on the negatives, focus on positive solutions.o If you continue to focus on what could’ve made your husband fall out of love with you, you’ll be filled with regret. As of today, regard this as the beginning of a new and satisfying phase of your marriage. Wake up everyday with this positive attitude.o Your husband is bound to notice a change in your behavior and might get inspired by it! When you reach out to him and show him how much you love him and value his being an integral part of your life, his attitude will also change.o Don’t forget to be the best you can be. When you look in the mirror concentrate on the good features of your face, don’t look at your acne or crooked nose or whatever! Do good and feel good. Work on yourself within and without. Look after your appearance. These things should make your husband fall in love with you again.o Cultivate and follow your dreams. Do things you’ve always wanted to, but didn’t or couldn’t for whatever reason. A spouse with their own set of interests makes for an attractive and confident partner, someone who has new aspects to talk about and share.o Learn to have fun again as a couple. Don’t get over serious about life – the kids, bills to pay, money to earn. Sure, you need to do all of that and they are extremely important, but don’t let them take over your life completely. Have moments of spontaneous fun! Do it consciously and you both will feel good! Go for an ice cream in the middle of the night. Go shake a leg or two at a night club!o In order for someone to love you, you need to love yourself. When you love yourself, you have more to give. And when you treat yourself well, your husband will remember how lucky he is to have you in his life.Try out these highly effective tips and notice the positive changes they bring about in your marriage and partner. This is how you make your husband fall in love with you again! All the best!

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